E-commerce Web Development Services

E-commerce Web Development Services

We offer a spectrum of e-commerce web development services: from one-time storefront development to full-cycle software development and ongoing maintenance.

DigitalSuits is your one-stop-shop for e-commerce software development

We’re an award-winning e-commerce software development company that provides a full range of services and consultations to jumpstart your e-commerce business. Whether you’re building an e-commerce store from scratch, launching with a ready-made platform, or looking for a complete upgrade, we’ll handle e-commerce website design and development for you. Check our full-cycle e-commerce website solutions: design and development, responsive websites that work on any device and screen size, custom Shopify and BigCommerce online stores with shopping carts and payment gateways, and more. Talk to our consultants to find the most workable technology solutions for your e-commerce business.

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What e-commerce website development services we provide

E-commerce website development technologies we work with

What makes our e-commerce web design agency stand out

Skillful team

DigitalSuits isn’t your average e-commerce web development company. Using diverse domain expertise, technical skills, and business mindset, we create software products that change lives.

Business-first approach

Creating value for our clients and their customers is our top priority. Thus, we never start a project without thoroughly eliciting business requirements and understanding a final value and business goal.

E-commerce development expertise

We're a company with deep roots in custom e-commerce web development as well as platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. With our long track record in e-commerce development for B2B and B2C segments, your business will benefit more.

Versatile partnerships

E-commerce industry is rapidly evolving. So, we constantly seek out new partnerships, e-commerce website development companies, and networks to enrich our clients' projects with unique expertise and tangible benefits that save them time and money.

Helping B2B and B2C e-commerce businesses succeed

Jumpstarting B2B e-commerce businesses

We help businesses with an existing B2B e-commerce business and those looking to boost their growth while launching. We offer full-service B2B e-commerce website design and development, as well as e-commerce platform development, on time and on budget.

Helping B2C companies reach out to their audience

The B2C e-commerce segment, whether a marketplace or an online store, has unique challenges like building solid relationships with its customers. Our e-commerce web development company helps B2C businesses overcome those challenges with robust solutions like aesthetic, responsive websites.

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Our approach to retail software development and consulting

Keeping your customers happy is the key to success in the digital retail space. At DigitalSuits, we understand how important it is to provide an exceptional customer experience. To meet new digital demands and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience, we provide retail software development services that help you turn traffic into sales, manage your stock, track sales, improve customer experience, and ultimately generate revenues.

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How e-commerce software solution development at DigitalSuits looks like

Project kick-off

It’s the initial yet critical stage that ensures the further project success. We elicit information about the project and customers to better understand your final goal.

This stage includes:

  • Interview with stakeholders
  • Communication plan
  • Roadmap

Project discovery

Next we research your product from different angles to come up with viable and resource-friendly technology solutions to ensure a quick time-to-market.

This stage includes:

  • Product research
  • User stories
  • Defined scope of work

UI/UX design

At this stage, we turn your functional and system requirements to user journeys and seamless experiences that help you achieve your business goals.

This stage includes:

  • Wireframes
  • High-fidelity prototypes
  • Final implemented design

Software development

Depending on a technology stack, we either work with ready-made platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, or create e-commerce products from scratch.

This stage includes:

  • MVP development
  • PoC development
  • Automation testing

QA testing and validation

At this stage, we make sure the software product works as expected, has no bugs, and passes all the automated tests.

This stage includes:

  • Manual, automated, and and end-to-end tests to ensure the stable work

Maintenance and support

Finally, we help you with further new features development, regular upgrades, and maintenance to ensure stable work even during sudden traffic spikes.

This stage includes:

  • Periodic upgrades
  • Further changes and new features development

Overcome these e-commerce development challenges with DigitalSuits

Building a relevant product

Imagine building a hit product, but it's not selling as expected, you can't get people to rave about it, and you're stuck. It's a common issue in the e-commerce business. To prevent any failures with a new e-commerce business, you can consult with our experts, who have contributed to successful launches.

Selecting the right technology

We build our solutions around the unique needs of your business. As a result, we can help you make informed decisions about the right technologies, software architecture, platforms, and integrations for your e-commerce site development that is optimal in terms of time, money, and human resources.

Meeting security standards

We help you build trustful relationships with your customers through secure and vulnerability-proof software. Our workflow includes such software development practices as continuous integration and delivery, automated testing, and code reviews to achieve uncompromised code quality and security.

Creating omnichannel experiences

Modern savvy shoppers demand seamless purchasing experiences, whether it's a web, mobile, wearable, or in-store environment. That's when you can reap the most benefit from custom e-commerce website development with our team and implement your omnichannel strategy.

Generating a loyal user base

If you're struggling with generating a steady flow of customers, turning them into recurring clients, or increasing your average bills, it's time to analyze and tweak your digital strategy. Our e-commerce consultants provide workable tools to convert your prospects into customers and increase repeat purchases.

Improving customer experience

The success of an e-commerce business heavily depends on loyal clients that come back for more and spread the word about your business. We build our e-commerce website design and development solutions with customers in the cornerstone. It's a winning strategy for a positive customer experience.

Frequently asked questions

Factors that affect the cost of e-commerce website development include the complexity of your website (features you need to implement), team size, platforms or tools you'll use, etc. For example, ready-made platforms come in handy if you sell a few products and have simple payment methods. In that case, you can launch an e-commerce store relatively fast and on budget-friendly terms. On the other hand, if you have multiple items to sell and want to implement complex features like multiple payment options and inventory management or implement unique designs, you'll need a custom-built website. It, in turn, takes more time and resources for implementation and further maintenance.

When choosing the best CMS for e-commerce web development, you must outline your goals, meaning what you need to achieve with your CMS. Do you exponentially grow and need a CMS that'll endure sudden traffic spikes and heavy traffic load? Or do you need to expand your e-commerce store with new features that your current CMS lacks? Understanding your goals will help you make an informed decision while choosing the CMS for your e-commerce store. Also, consider several factors: ease of use (so you and your time can quickly get on board and use it to the fullest), ease of installation and integration with your current tools, available features, and security, and scalability (so you can grow your business and not worry about any technical restrictions). Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all CMS: your needs and goals always need to be considered.

To build a website and estimate an exact timeframe, you have to consider complexity of your project, i.e. functionality you need to implement, number of features, integrations with third-party services, and so on. Also, there are factors that may influence your project length like available human resources, expertise with tools and platforms, and so on. All in all, an average project might take from 2 to 4 months to build.

To build a custom e-commerce website, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Gather requirements and understand your goals to build a desired product that’ll meet user needs.
  2. Conduct market research to determine your competitors, their value proposition, and customer demand.
  3. Create prototypes of your e-commerce website to test it among real users and demonstrate it to stakeholders and potential investors.
  4. Implement an e-commerce website through custom coding or a ready-made platform like Shopify and BigCommerce.
  5. Keep on updating the website with new features for better customer experience.

What our clients say

Michael Lewis



,Claim Technology
“The DigitalSuits team fully devoted themselves to producing a quality final product.”
Their team was responsible for the IT architecture, front- and backend web development work for the platform components, and API implementations. The main app is programmed using Ruby on Rails, and the frontend was developed using React.js. They delivered superior services, assigning only highly-experienced professionals to the project.

David Olkovetsky



,Artisan Revere
"They're extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards."
We hired DigitalSuits to develop our website in conjunction with our designer. Our goals were to get the site pixel-perfect compared to our designs. DigitalSuits team was able to meet all of the expectations for the project. The company appreciated how well the team took their feedback and was always eager to fix any issues.