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Vit Health

Shopify store development for American vitamins and supplements manufacturer with a focus on effective UI/UX design

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Vit Health is a small private American vitamins and supplements manufacturer. They have recently started their way, so they needed a powerful website to introduce new products to customers, improve visibility and brand awareness, and deliver an industry-leading digital experience. We developed and designed the UI/UX for a brand-new Shopify store from the ground up to meet their business goals.

Business needs

The client needed to create a rich brand experience and design a store with high-quality images to support the brand line. The overall Shopify store development took 2.5 months to finish, the UI/UX design stage took a month.

Vit Health needed a subscription service to strengthen customer relationships with extra touchpoints and marketing opportunities. We advised implementing Recharge Subscriptions as it’s a powerful tool that helps businesses engage with customers, build loyalty, and, ultimately, improve sales. It was a workable solution for the client, as it helped achieve business goals and took little time to set up.

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UI/UX design became a cornerstone of this project. We offered a bold UI with minimalism aesthetics to attract a target audience that appreciates simple navigation, quick access to online products, and an appealing UI.

Next, we implemented Recharge, a tool for recurring orders, billing, and payment management to maintain the revenue stream through customers' subscription management.


Returning customers make the most profits. We helped Vit Health achieve high returning rates with a sleek UI/UX design that increases brand visibility, encourages users to spend more time on the website and become loyal clients that return for more. In addition, with the new subscription service, the company can give shoppers more shopping options. Now Vit Health reaps the benefits of a revamped website and has successfully and timely launched a new brand line.

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