Replatforming to headless commerce

Replatforming to headless commerce

If you're looking for unmatched flexibility, a customized CMS, lightning-fast speeds, and the ability to handle complex tasks effortlessly, we can help you switch to headless e-commerce solutions using Shopify.

When we recommend replatforming to headless commerce

Replatforming to a headless architecture offers numerous benefits, such as website performance improvements and unmatched flexibility for real-time updates. At first glance, transitioning to a headless approach may seem obvious. However, headless migration may still need to be fully understood.

To help you begin, here are some common traits of an ecommerce company that are well-suited for headless:

  • Your business is content-focused and prioritizes mobile experiences
  • Creating immersive digital experiences is essential for your brand's success
  • An omnichannel approach is essential to achieving your objectives

With DigitalSuits replatforming services, migrating your ecommerce setup will never be challenging. As a result, it improves site speed, enhances digital experiences, and boosts ROI. Choose an ecommerce journey filled with dynamic and rewarding experiences through innovative tools, seamless transactions, and better security to ensure success and growth.

When we recommend replatforming to headless commerce

Why choose headless ecommerce development services for your business?

Scalable performance

Expanding businesses understand the challenges of optimizing store code, speed, and functionality for peak-season traffic or new product launches. Headless migration turns this challenge into an advantage, ensuring peak performance during high-traffic periods, and enables continuous expansion of store features and product offerings.

Enhanced security

Migration to headless CMS offers control over your website's security setup. The additional API abstraction layer between frontends and backend systems reduces cyberattack vulnerability. In case of a breach, only one layer is impacted, enabling background fixes without disrupting order processing. order processing for your customers.

Microservices architecture

A flexible API allows seamless connections between storefronts, UI components, and third-party systems. Easily integrate CMS, DXP, mobile apps, devices, or custom frontends, leveraging robust ecommerce platforms like Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, or Salesforce to drive the commerce engine.

Unique customer interactions

Respond to evolving consumer preferences with personalized shopping journeys. Headless CMS migration empowers you to swiftly experiment with and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies like cart and checkout enhancements, diverse shipping options, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and more into your current commerce setup.

Our technical expertise in the best ecommerce headless platforms

BigCommerce headless

Craft exceptional and unmatched customer experiences using the most extensive array of BigCommerce headless integrations on the back-end commerce platform, ensuring you never need to re-platform again.BigCommerce headless

Leverage content as data that's scalable throughout your business with Sanity. io. It enables content delivery anywhere, and provides complete composability with a fully decoupled, real-time content backend, and customizable content


Create superior content experiences quickly and without constraints with Storyblok. Simplify personalisation and boost performance with a CMS specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with your preferred tech stack.Storyblok


Effectively manage your content from anywhere using the premier open-source Strapi headless CMS, which is entirely built on JavaScript and TypeScript. Enjoy complete customization options tailored to your needs.Strapi


With Contentstack, you can overcome traditional CMS issues while also get a comprehensive suite of features for an improved digital experience. Benefit from a built-in marketplace, full-stack automation, and integrated front-end hosting. Contentstack


You can get a robust app network and framework for effortless platform expansion with Contentful. Connect your favorite tools and platforms effortlessly, streamline operations, and maximize digital content's potential.Contentful

Instant commerce

Sell more, grow faster, and compete by using democratized Instant headless commerce technology. The storefront builder for headless commerce enables brands to build and deliver best-in-class online shopping experiences in a fast and intuitive manner.Instant commerce


DatoCMS is the most complete and user-friendly headless CMS. It's perfect for handling complex use cases and easily expanding into new channels and markets. Don’t think of limitations; get a reliable solution that can grow with your business.DatoCMS

Custom headless CMS

A custom headless CMS is the best way to achieve flexibility, scalability, and smooth content delivery. With our solutions, you will get a centralized hub for easy content management and distribution, with support for personalization, localization, and third-party integrations.Custom headless CMS

Shopify headless

Turn any digital screen or device into a sales channel with the speed, power, and scalability of Shopify's headless approach. Leading brands worldwide choose Shopify Plus and leverage Shopify Hydrogen & Oxygen for innovative headless commerce solutions.Shopify headless

Selecting the best commerce platform during migration to headless

Evaluate flexibility

Consider the platform's ability to support a headless architecture and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, technologies and scale with your business growth.

Customization options

Look for a platform offering robust customization capabilities to tailor the user experience and meet your business requirements.

Performance and speed

Check the platform's performance metrics, such as page load times and response rate, to ensure fast and efficient operations.

Security features

Prioritize platforms with robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Choose a platform that provides comprehensive developer tools, documentation, and support to streamline development and integration processes.

Total cost of ownership

Consider the platform's pricing structure, including any additional fees for integrations, updates, and ongoing support, to determine the overall cost-effectiveness.

Why choose DigitalSuits for headless migration

Expert ecommerce developers

Our expertise lies in the ecommerce sector. Client-focused, creating strategic digital shopping solutions that deliver tangible business results, DigitalSuits’ dedicated ecommerce developers help brands create customer-centric, engaging experiences.

Headless gurus

Whether you need your project built, code review, or problems solved, our vetted headless experts can assist you. Migrate to headless commerce with an experienced team. Whatever your needs are, find the headless help you require quickly and efficiently.

Results-driven strategy

We highly regard your resources, including time and finances. Thus, we provide our clients with practical tech solutions that align with their business objectives and streamline the development process.

Certified experts

Our software development team consists of professional and certified software engineers. We consistently enhance our expertise and skills to effectively tackle any technological challenges that arise.

Headless migration process


In this initial phase, we'll thoroughly assess your current architecture, delve into your business objectives, and understand your migration goals in detail.


Strategic planning

With all the information gathered, we'll craft a comprehensive migration plan that outlines timelines, resource allocation, and the expected deliverables at each stage of the process.

Strategic planning


Once the plan is in place, we'll proceed with the migration process, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations and a seamless transition to the new environment.


Ongoing optimization

After the migration, we'll continue to monitor and optimize your Headless setup, ensuring that it continues to meet your evolving needs and delivers maximum performance.

Ongoing optimization

Choose a type of architecture for smooth replatforming to headless

API-driven e-commerce platform

An API-driven ecommerce platform provides flexible UI design and standard business logic, with pre-built ecommerce features to save backend development costs.

Key ecommerce features include:

  • Product catalog and online merchandising
  • Product pricing management
  • Product content management
  • Online payment and checkout functionality
  • Entry-level order management
  • Sales performance management

API-driven CMS

Craft a website with engaging content or seamlessly blend ecommerce into your CMS-driven site. This option is your go-to solution for both scenarios.

Key content management features include:

  • Configurable content templates
  • Digital asset management
  • Multi-channel content publishing
  • Built-in SEO tools

Built on microservices architecture

This option is ideal if you are designing multiple scenarios of user journeys and complex underlying business workflows for your ecommerce solution.

Key features of microservices include:

  • Built around specific business capabilities
  • Developed and deployed independently from each other
  • Rapid design, testing, and deployment
  • Interconnected through API calls
  • Managed by autonomous development teams

Transition to headless with our proficient tech stack