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Company Overview

DigitalSuits is an innovative software development company that blends creativity and technology to craft seamless digital experiences and software solutions that drive business growth.

About the company

The story of the company foundation goes back to 2015. We, Artem and Yurii, were Ukrainian international students at Lumière University, Lyon, France. Right after graduation, we chose our own paths.

Artem started his tech career as a project manager in the IT-sphere. He worked for a few software development companies in Ukraine. During that time he gained valuable and in-depth experience in software delivery processes, as he worked with clients from all around the globe. Thus, he has achieved the reputation of a highly qualified specialist.

At the same time, Yurii tried himself as a software engineer in a Ukrainian outsource software development company. He took the most of it and gained sufficient experience in Ukraine, then moved to France to continue his software engineering career. He joined a travel startup as a lead software engineer. It was in that company that he acquired his first startup experience. After that, he joined a major French Fintech startup that provided its product for European markets, such as Italy, Spain, and France.

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That is how we became experts in different dimensions of IT business. This is the core of our superpower.

Shortly afterwards, we discovered that we were eager to go into business by ourselves. We had a feeling that as entrepreneurs we could accomplish more tasks and challenges. That was a tipping point. We decided to face the music and to take the risk.

We quickly came up with an idea for the company name and started looking for projects on a popular freelance platform. In the next two months, we signed two contracts and started working on them when we had some free time. It was a tough and really hard-working period as we worked non-stop seven days a week without breaking for weekends and holidays.

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Time passed, and after 6 months we signed a contract with a new client. That client appreciated our startup mindset and dedication to work, which served as an impetus for the subsequent development of the company. The two of us took over the company at C-level positions. Artem and Yurii became CEO and CTO accordingly.

Over the last 5 years, we have been growing and developing our business. We have managed to increase our staff from 3 to 50+ specialists, and we keep growing. We face business challenges, but we learn lessons, do self-improving, and always move forward. We work as hard as it is needed for our clients’ success and for the people who work with us in the team.

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Startup experience

The company was founded by two of us. By that moment, we had already gained deep experience in startup development and our own product development.

In 2015, we launched a startup. The main objective was the automation of game server processes. The idea was to make a game server that would enable users to create their own server for playing games online with friends. It demanded just two clicks and a minimum budget. Web and mobile applications were developed, as well as the server system managed by these apps. That product went to production and was tested by real clients.

The next startup experience came into play when the DigitalSuits company had already been founded. There was one experiment that we wanted to implement in real life. To keep it short: at that time, Cloud technologies started to boom and engineers faced various issues regarding Cloud application setup.

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We came up with a bright idea to develop a product that would help engineers and enable them to handle all issues and manage a complex deployment process from one place. At that moment, we identified two significant problems: the necessity of handling sensitive data for deployment in real-time and issues with the setup of a few applications and usage of different clusters for flexibility and scalability.All in all, we made the right decisions and our product successfully solved all these issues.

That startup experience gave us a unique vision of the business. It broadened our competencies and made us mindful. We understand the pain points and needs of our clients better than most. We are one blood and like-minded people with you. That’s why we resolve issues, find a win-win strategy faster than others, and deliver a successful product in the most effective way.

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Our major principles


We do our best to ensure the success of clients’ project and deliver solutions on time. We are a young fast-developing team, and building a good reputation is our top priority.card image


We value strong long-term business cooperation and partnership with our clients and employees. We respect everyone and are always open to all ideas and suggestions.card image

Positive mind

We are all humans with feelings, issues, goals, and responsibilities. We are used to working with open-minded and positive thinking, as we want to create an amiable atmosphere.card image


We value honesty at all levels of communication and encourage open communication across all levels. We have implemented transparency in our company culture at all levels and we are proud of it.card image


We live in a fast-changing world. New ideas and new visions are things that enable the company’s growth. We strive to provide our clients with new technology solutions or features that suit their business needs.card image


Innovation is the heartbeat of our company. We constantly seek creative solutions and embrace cutting-edge technologies to propel our clients and ourselves into the future.card image
Our offices
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271, Akademika Pavlova St, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61054
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Kaupmehe 7-120, 10114 Tallinn
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78 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33130
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