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Why is this approach beneficial? It provides you with:

Enhanced customization options

Trying to customize a Shopify theme created by some third party is a complex endeavor. Its condensed code is hard to make sense of and change. The headless architecture includes a custom frontend that you can alter and improve how you like. With headless platforms, developers can build a user experience from scratch that fit individual business needs.

More flexibility

The headless approach allows you to reuse the blocks from the existing pages on the new ones. Creating custom website components becomes much quicker and easier than trying to edit existing Shopify or BigCommerce themes. That gives more control over the look and feel of your commerce platform. In addition, you get control over the user experience for both your customer and your admin users.

Omnichannel content management

A headless content management system (CMS) allows you to use the same content for multiple platforms: a website, a mobile app, a blog. No need to create a complex system with a separate data source for each channel. A headless content management system will deliver your products, product videos, or blog posts to any channel that you need.

Long-term cost savings

At a first glance, it may seem that headless commerce development will be more expensive when compared to traditional commerce. But if you look a bit at the future perspectives, you may discover what benefits will bring new and unique digital sales channels. Even if front-end development costs will likely increase, you should consider that these unique tools will bring both customer acquisition and retention. More opportunities and customization options added to your front-end of e-commerce platforms, save money on sales and marketing campaigns.

Faster websites

Headless solutions are built with the peculiarities of your particular business in mind. Therefore, they are often faster than the one-size-fits-all templates e-commerce platforms provide. As the content and products are housed centrally and delivered via API, developers focus on building front-end experiences on different devices and touchpoints, so a headless approach facilitates faster time to market and adopting new channels, entering new regions, and so forth.

Improved SEO

The ready-made themes from the e-commerce platforms are not very SEO-friendly, providing only basic SEO optimization. Using the headless approach, you create a solution tailored to your SEO requirements from the start and easy to fine-tune. A headless content management system will deliver your products, product videos, or blog posts to any channel that you need. By using a Content Delivery Network, like Netlify or Cloudflare, you will host and distribute your website content from the server which is closest to the visitor to reduce load time.

Which businesses is the headless approach good for?


While ready-made templates cover most small businesses’ needs, larger market players may feel constrained by their limits. In the long run, instead of trying to adjust third-party themes, it is more feasible to build your own unique solution.

Dynamic marketing

Large-scale businesses need to add new pages to their e-commerce websites quite often. Using previously created components from other pages will save them a lot of time and effort.

Managing content on various channels

As businesses become larger, they tend to employ more platforms for content distribution (design mobile apps, for instance). With a headless CMS, content management becomes much easier.

What are our headless e-commerce solutions made of?

Shopify Plus

Shopify is one of the most popular and renowned e-commerce platforms. We have significant expertise in working with it, so we often choose this platform as the basis for our e-commerce solutions. We provide Shopify Development services that help businesses gain the results they aim at.

Shopify offers various packages, but not all of them are equally good for a headless solution. Shopify Plus is a more flexible solution that supports more options and permissions to your store’s code. It will be an excellent choice for businesses with high potential for growth. With Shopify Plus, merchants can use the management tools in the Shopify organization admin such as Users, Store, and Shopify Flow. Moreover, customers get advanced apps that help high-growth businesses and Shopify Plus supports additional application programming interface (API) calls that lets to integrate with custom apps. Merchant Success Program, the Shopify Plus Partner Program, Shopify POS Pro, and a Shopify Plus Community on Facebook help and support merchants to get higher revenue and increase sales.

The custom front-end we create for you will send requests to Shopify API to get the necessary information. The number of such requests per time period is capped by rate limits. Shopify Plus has the highest rate limit. Therefore, we use it as a basis for a large and complex e-commerce solution, generating a significant flow of requests.


Shopify and Bigcommerce are among the most popular and renowned e-commerce platforms.

When businesses need improved functionality they go headless with BigCommerce. By delivering API-driven experiences through a CMS, DXP, application, device, or custom frontend, they meet businesses’ needs, increase their efficiencies and reduce bottlenecks.

BigCommerce made discovering, testing, and onboarding headless solutions easy with the help of the Channels Toolkit. Using it, you can detect and manage headless storefronts right from the platform’s control panel.

Almost all the functionality of a BigCommerce store is available via APIs. The platform offers public APIs for new features even before the release of native features that will employ it. Thus, new functionality is open to the development community as soon as possible.

Headless CMS

E-commerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce offer built-in content management systems. However, with their help, you can only edit the content for a particular theme. Some additional tools will be required if you also have a mobile app or a blog.

With the headless approach, you can use one content management system for all distribution platforms. Thus, you can alter the content once to update it everywhere via APIs linked to different platforms, saving time and effort.

Highly customized React.js or angular sites to a CMS give developers the possibility to integrate even the most complex commerce requirements. So, brands can adopt content for any digital. Agile headless e-commerce empowers teams easily repurposed or edited, empowering brand consistency and customer experience.

For our headless e-commerce projects, we prefer using the Strapi CMS. Our team also works with Contentstack, DatoCMS, and Contentful. Nonetheless, we can employ any CMS to create a headless solution for you.

Static or Dynamic Site Generation

There are different ways to generate the ‘picture’ a user sees when entering your website. For example, you can create its HTML version, save it on a server and retrieve it when requested. That is called static site generation.

The alternative is dynamic site generation or server-side rendering. In this case, a back-end compiles data from a database or a third-party API on the server to create an updated site version page each time it is requested.

Each approach has its merits. Static site generation can be faster to implement and provides better loading speed. However, using server-side rendering is crucial if you want to give the users some up-to-date information (the availability of a product, for instance). We can provide you with the option that suits most of your marketing and SEO needs.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

A DXP is a type of software that provides companies the possibility to digitize business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable customer insight. It is possible to combine DXP with a headless CMS solution to build an extremely customer-oriented foundation.
Clients get great value from the flexible, API-driven content and its capability to integrate with other services. In addition to this, developers and marketers get room for additions and edits without interfering with the project flow. However, some companies, which particularly had content management systems using experience, may want to start segmenting audiences in order to target personalized offers. In that case, your platform will have operational and marketing capabilities, and be able to start with the operational transformation process without going through partnering with another headless commerce development company.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

By using Progressive web apps (PWA) you get a chance to deliver a native app-like experience to users. These web applications use the latest web capabilities but can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile apps. Combining the capabilities of websites and mobile software, they are eager to create an immersive user experience that will lead to higher conversion rates and more time spent on site. Brands can leverage PWAs in headless e-commerce development to enable mobile-first e-commerce transformation in the most convenient and quickest way and at the lowest cost.

The key characteristics of PWAs are: ‍Reliable - Uncertain network conditions don’t influence loads. ‍High-speed - Quickly responds to user interactions without uneven scrolling. ‍Engaging - An immersive user experience that can thrill and delight users.

Services we offer

Headless commerce development

Our headless solutions will help you move beyond the standard functionality of e-commerce platforms. You will get more flexibility as well as efficient content management. Headless commerce development

Custom Shopify/BigCommerce development

Our experts know all the ins and outs of the Shopify and BigCommerce e-commerce platforms. We can enhance your online store with additional functionality and build any app you need.Custom Shopify/BigCommerce development

Headless corporate development

E-commerce isn’t the only sphere where we can use headless development. We can bring your corporate systems to a whole new level in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Headless corporate development


We can help you move your online store from any e-commerce platform to Shopify or BigCommerce. Our team knows how to do it reliably and quickly. Migration

Third-party integration

Our team will enhance the functionality of your headless solution by linking it to the external service providers. As a result, all integrations will smoothly blend into your online shop. Third-party integration

Site speed optimization

Using the headless approach, we can make your online store highly responsive. You can expect a Google page speed desktop boost — up to 98% and a page speed mobile boost — up to 95%.Site speed optimization

Subscription implementation

We will help you leverage the full power of the subscription service model. Our team is an official partner of Recharge Payments and cooperates with Bold Commerce. Subscription implementation

UI/UX design

Our experts will ensure the smooth performance of your online store to keep users satisfied. We know how to make engaging and attractive UIs as well as provide frictionless UX.UI/UX design

Ongoing support and consulting

We can not only keep your headless solution up and running but adjust it the way your business requires. With us, you will reap the full benefits of its customization capabilities. Ongoing support and consulting

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Customer reviews

We believe in high-quality work that speaks of itself. Here is what our customers say about us.
David Olkovetsky
"We were 100% aligned that DigitalSuits was the best agency for us. Their team is extremely responsive and always tries to help."
We hired DigitalSuits to develop our website in conjunction with our designer. Our goals were to get the site pixel-perfect compared to our designs. We also needed some help ensuring that our site logic was correct for a variety of things like add-on products, variants. The site needed to be responsive for mobile and flexible in a variety of ways. Our store was built in Shopify. DigitalSuits are a pleasure to work with. Leadership is involved in every step of the process. They're also extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards. They'll keep making changes until you're satisfied.

Frequently asked questions

In comparison to template-based e-shops, a headless online store is more customizable. It has a higher loading speed and is more flexible regarding SEO and adding new pages. However, a headless solution takes more time and money to build. Still, if the benefits mentioned earlier are critical in your case, using this approach is more feasible in the long run.

In a headless content management system, the content repository is separated from the presentation part. You can use one headless CMS across several front-ends. Thus, you may employ omnichannel strategies, integrating content into any software or website by calling the APIs that serve as flexible links.

The answer depends on the size and complexity of your business. The e-commerce platforms cover most small organizations’ needs. But the operations of mid-size and large companies may be constrained by the limitations of ready-made solutions. In this case, investing in a headless store with a custom front-end is more feasible than trying to customize a third-party template.

Yes. The headless development provides you with more room for customizing SEO parameters. Your solution is built and fine-tuned to suit the particular requirements of your business. That is better than relying on generic SEO from templates or trying to customize it.

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