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Crossing Minds

Developing a public Shopify smart recommendation app to increase sales

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Design and development from scratch of the Shopify app to boost sales


San Francisco, CA

Cooperation model

Time and Material


Artificial intelligence/E-commerce

Partnership period

September 2021 – April 2023

Improvements plan

Requirements and Estimation analysis, Prototyping and MVP, Product Release, Support and Improvements

Team size

CTO, PM, QA, DevOps, UI/UX designer, 4 Fullstack Devs


AWS, Serverless Framework, DynamoDB, React Admin, NodeJS, Shopify Admin API

About the client

Crossing Minds is a platform that fuels the smartest recommender system for e-commerce, marketplaces, streaming services, and cinema, which enables businesses to drive online discovery.

By using this transparent, GDPR-compliant, and cookie-free solution, each user's website interaction is analyzed within a couple of clicks without losing personal data. With AI technology, Crossing Minds provides behavior-based recommendations and engagement without infringing on or jeopardizing customer privacy.

use shoppers' behaviour to personalise their experience

About the product

Crossing Minds AI recommender system easily integrates with your software products and increases sales by instantly delivering precise, tailored recommendations to customers based on the history of their behavior.

To create a great online user experience, you can use the tailored sections of the platform to be integrated into both their websites and emails. Businesses can take advantage of next-gen AI and ML technologies customized to their unique business needs without costly API and software updates.

Track KPIs that matter most

Challenges overview

The client needed a Shopify app development to customize product recommendations based on shoppers' experience and navigate them to the right product.

We started with discovering essential information like data storage and management architecture to support multiple shops, security issues, the interaction between Shopify and AI, recommendation carousel customization for each store, and development of additional features to customize interaction.

Our task was to launch a Shopify app that would allow our client to:


Collect customer interactions with a Shopify store like clicks, purchases, and add-to-cart events.


Synchronize all shop data, such as product listings, orders, and customers, with a customer management platform for AI system training.


Develop a widget for personalized AI recommendations. The recommended content is unique to every user, depending on their past shopping experiences or their interactions with the website.

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Our solution

From the app idea to launching the personalized recommendation Shopify app, we needed to study the documentation, analyze, and make a presentation of the future app. After idea approval, we arranged the complex process of verification at Shopify and attached all the necessary instructions.

So, to provide the Shopify app development, we went through the following stages:


Collected all the necessary data including orders, products, and customers from a store, and sent it to the client API so that the AI recommender system backed by Shopify could start learning the historical data.


Sent the data back to Shopify to display recommendations. We needed to track all the data 24/7, including new orders, and all the changes for the products and customers to update webhooks that send changes to the client API.


Developed recommendation carousel management depending on the Shopify version 1.0 or 2.0, the carousel changed dynamically. Furthermore, the clients can configure users’ custom interactions like clicks to improve their machine learning tool.


DigitalSuits helped Crossing Minds to develop the app which connects the content recommendation platform with Shopify stores and provides an advanced algorithm that makes smart and accurate recommendations based on on-site actions alone.
As a result, our team successfully deployed the first version of the app in 5 months to the Shopify App store. The app passed the verification process and became available for Shopify Plus clients.card image
Today there are six clients who use the app and win more customers by making the buying process as simple as possible by providing the tools, knowledge, and guidance buyers need.card image
Now our team is working on custom improvements that will help settle customers' issues remotely without access to the store. We are proud to become a partner with the company, which won MarTech Best e-Commerce Web Platform Award in 2022.card image

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