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Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Turn visits into sales by optimizing your Shopify store conversion rates. Rely on the Shopify CRO agency expertise to build your strategy based on user behavior and best UX practices.

About the service

We start optimizing your store’s conversions by identifying bottlenecks to smooth buying journeys. Our ecommerce CRO agency knows every Shopify and Shopify Plus feature and how they are connected to merchants’ satisfaction. Based on this knowledge and user behavior analysis, we build data-driven strategies tailored to your store’s unique needs. This way we ensure your Shopify conversion rate optimization at each internal touchpoint.

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

What is Conversion Rate Optimization for Shopify?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is increasing the percentage of users that take a particular action on your website. Even though your final goal is driving more sales, you may also focus on in-between objectives that eventually contribute to your grand aim. As an example, you may work on increasing your add-to-cart conversions or reducing abandonment cart rates.

In the Shopify dashboard, you can monitor your conversion statistics. However, to get in more details about your user behavior you need additional tools. Our ecommerce CRO services include tracking conversions through Shopify integration with third-party analytics tools.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization for Shopify

Signs that you need Shopify CRO services

  • You get a lot of traffic but it doesn't convert into sales

  • Sign-up and add-to-cart conversions are below industry benchmarks

  • You have high bounce rates at some touchpoints

  • Cart abandonment rates are above the industry average

  • Your customers give negative feedback about the buying process

  • People are spending less than a minute on your website

You need Shopify CRO services

Start with these pages to boost conversions


The main page drives the most traffic to your website and communicates your brand’s key message. We implement the best UX practices to ensure your homepage is catchy and easy to navigate.card image

Product page

Many first-time visitors also arrive at a product page when searching for a desired item. We make it simple for your customers to preview the product, ensure fast page load, and add upsell and cross-sell options.card image

Checkout page

The final step of a buyer’s journey is checkout. Our team minimizes bounces here by eliminating unnecessary elements, adding extra payment options, and including upsell features to increase order amount.card image

What is a good conversion rate?

Shopify's average conversion rate is around 1.4%, while the most successful Shopify stores get above 3.3%.

Are you struggling to get your conversion rate to the average? Conduct a CRO audit to identify issues preventing users from taking targeted actions and implement Shopify conversion rate optimization tactics.

Are your current conversion rates equal to or above average? Check if you can get more out of your store by keeping up with the market changes and implementing best UX practices.

What is a good conversion rate

See what you might lose without a conversion rate optimization agency


Improved conversion rates

With a Shopify CRO agency, you boost conversions step-by-step by building a smooth buyer journey at each key point, which eventually leads to turning more website traffic into sales and long-term business success.


Enhanced user experience

While aiming to optimize conversions, you inevitably improve user experience and website performance. This also impacts user loyalty and satisfaction, turning your customers into your brand advocates.


Customer insights

CRO is about knowing what customers prefer, from home page design to checkout page options. You learn how your audience behaves by conducting tests, which is also a basis for improving marketing campaigns.


Increased customer retention

The more comfortable your customers are with your services, the longer they stay with you. Since CRO strives to create personalized user experiences, you’re more likely to build lasting relationships and improve your ROI.



Instead of raising user acquisition costs, you focus more on converting your existing visitors effectively and maximizing average order value. Once this purpose is achieved, you’re ready to attract additional traffic to scale your business.


Continuous improvements

CRO implies continuous testing and optimization of your website navigation, buying processes, and more. It’s an adaptive approach to building smart marketing strategies and sales funnels based on customer preferences.

Shopify CRO experts who care about your success

  • CRO specialist is a Shopify CRO expert responsible for the overall CRO process.

  • UX researcher explores user behavior, conducts A/B testing, and delivers data-based insights.

  • Shopify developers implement changes into your store’s backend and frontend.

  • UX/UI designer creates and implements designs that align with user preferences.

  • QA specialist tests implementations to ensure their functionality and eliminate issues.

Shopify CRO experts who care about your success

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