Cloud migration services

Cloud Migration Services

Our company offers advanced Сloud migration services for public, hybrid, and private Cloud infrastructures. With us, you can be secure, as we provide smooth transitions while supporting our clients at all stages of the process.

Reliable Сloud migration services

No matter the scale or complexity, our team ensures your workloads migrate effortlessly to the Cloud. We're masters of application virtualization, public Cloud redeployment, hybrid solutions, and even crafting private Clouds from scratch.

We supercharge efficiency with automation and cutting-edge CI/CD practices. But it doesn't stop there - our continuous infrastructure support and savvy cost optimization turbocharge your Cloud benefits. Our Сloud migration services company is ready to empower your strategy for a silky-smooth transition.

Our team accelerates your migration and modernization, delivering a secure, cost-effective, and fabulously agile Cloud-First future. You don’t have any disruption, as with our proven frameworks, and expertise, we enable cost-efficient Сloud application migration to achieve business goals.

Reliable Сloud migration services

Our Сloud migration partners that accelerate your transition

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Cloud-native development

Empower your projects with our Cloud-Native Development Services. We assist you in achieving seamless integration, optimal performance, and scalability, enabling your business to flourish within the Cloud-native ecosystem.

Migration to Cloud

Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable support, maintenance, and seamless Сloud migration services. Our Сloud migration experts will organize smooth operations, longevity, and expert assistance, letting you focus on your core business.

Support and maintenance

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of your solutions. We provide proactive assistance, timely updates, and problem-solving expertise, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the technical aspects with precision.

DevOps services

We enhance your software delivery pipeline through seamless integration, efficient collaboration, and streamlined workflows. Our expert team knows how to make your projects run smoothly, allowing you to innovate and deliver high-quality solutions with agility.

Cloud migration strategy

Confidently navigates Сloud migration with our expert strategy and planning. Tailored approaches ensure a seamless transition, considering your unique needs, existing systems, and future goals. We pave the way for a successful migration, minimizing disruptions and maximizing Cloud benefits.

Cloud security

We know how to strengthen your Cloud environment with advanced security measures. Our dedicated Cloud migration solutions secure your data, applications, and infrastructure from potential threats. This confidence empowers you to fully embrace cloud benefits, fortified by advanced security.

Cloud migration consulting

With our Cloud migration consulting services, including strategies, insights, and solutions, you can smoothly navigate the intricate landscape of Cloud technology. We empower you to make informed decisions for the effective achievement of your Cloud objectives, whether you're choosing the ideal solutions or enhancing your infrastructure.

Cloud integration

Seamless harmony among your diverse systems and applications is achieved through our dedicated team's efforts in the Cloud environment. We fine-tune data flows, elevate collaboration, and optimize operations, allowing your business to fully harness the capabilities of Cloud technology.

Reach Cloud Native success via our wide range of technologies
Docker Swarm
Docker Swarm
Cloud migration: Grafana
AWS Cloud Formation
AWS Cloud Formation
Azure Pipelines
Azure Pipelines
Bitbucket pipelines
Bitbucket pipelines
Github Actions
Github Actions
Gitlab CI
Gitlab CI
Configuration management
IT Automation
Cloud migration: Bash

The role of Cloud migration in your business's success

Augment operational efficiency

We are a proficient Cloud migration service provider that specializes in developing and optimizing cost-effective software infrastructure. Through Cloud migration solutions, we deliver your core services with improved reliability and availability.Augment operational efficiency

Enhance collaborative efficiency

In today's global business landscape, geographical diversity is the norm. DigitalSuits' Cloud migration service ensures seamless workflow maintenance with colleagues, partners, and stakeholders worldwide, enabling real-time collaboration.Enhance collaborative efficiency

Flexibly integrate your infrastructure

Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the optimal blend of Cloud resources for your unique needs. We'll seamlessly integrate your existing tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Flow, with the suitable Cloud solution.Flexibly integrate your infrastructure

Flawless Cloud migration for all business scenarios

Experience seamless on-premise migration to Cloud

Leverage our consultation for on-premises to Cloud migration, offering you:

  • Seamlessly shift infrastructure and workloads from on-premise data centers to any Cloud
  • Harness Cloud advantages: scalability, elasticity, and flexibility
  • Enhance secure communication and interoperability between on-premises and public Clouds
  • Elevate resource utilization efficiency and cost optimization
  • Assure security and compliance

Optimize with Cloud to Cloud migration

Make the most of our Cloud to Cloud migration consultation:

  • Seamlessly shift existing infrastructure and workloads to a new Cloud
  • Minimize downtime and associated Cloud expenses
  • Alleviate or diminish risks associated with vendor lock-in
  • Transition between or from Cloud-native services
  • Perform comparisons and ensure compliance during the migration to Cloud services

Insurtech Marketplace for Claim Technology

Business need: Imagine a grand stage set for insurance company Claim Technology, where digital transformation takes the spotlight. Our company steps onto this stage with ambitions:

  • To provide seamless interactions between clients and insurers, a perfect engagement like never before.
  • To turn data processing into a swift symphony, cutting through the noise and amplifying efficiency.
  • To reduce expenses, leaving behind a lean operation, with administrative costs bowing out.

Result: A rock-solid claim-as-a-service platform crowned with a wildcard domain. This ingenious solution unfurls a world of possibilities, granting registered companies their very own domain. It seamlessly ties together apps for data wizardry and opens the gates to APIs, perfectly harmonizing with existing IT infrastructure.

Cloud migration: Insurtech Marketplace for Claim Technology

Cloud RPA Solution for a Modern Law Firm Laurus

Business need: We aimed to boost client Laurus operational efficiency and elevate legal support Previous manual methods of work were ineffective, leading to delays and high operational costs. Operational smoothness was hindered by delayed data collection. So, we digitized. With a new app, we linked branches seamlessly, slashing delays and costs.

Result: We've provided a dynamic Cloud-based platform that eliminates challenges the company faced before. That improves productivity and fosters collaboration. Our solution successfully automates interactions, fortifies data security, and trims costs. Transactions speed up, paperwork dwindles, and savings soar with our dashboard. With a user-centric system, Laurus now has effortless access, adaptable document management, and harmonious collaboration.

Cloud migration: Cloud RPA Solution for a Modern Law Firm Laurus

Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA

Business need: OURA possessed a conventional Shopify website that no longer aligned with evolving business demands. The primary necessity included effective content management for intricate product descriptions, encompassing video and image content. We wielded a powerful SEO strategy to enhance website visibility across search engines. Our UI/UX redesign was a pivotal addition to the To achieve a comprehensive transformation, a redesign was imperative.

Result: We created an up-to-date website, adorned with indispensable features, all while adhering to the designated timeline and budget. The client's satisfaction was palpable, as they found themselves armed with enhanced opportunities for website promotion and increased sales. Our meticulous integration of SEO prerequisites not only elevated the OURA website's standing on Search Engines but also ushered in a steady surge of traffic. A staggering influx of 1,000 new users daily and an upward trajectory told a tale of success in the making.

Cloud migration: Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA

Core values driving DigitalSuis' Cloud migration solutions

Reliability thirst

Our core value revolves around supporting your achievement of current and long-term business objectives. We utilize battle-tested Cloud migration processes to ensure seamless service and unwavering quality. With stringent quality control measures, including a range of KPIs, we monitor delivery efficiency and maintain exceptional standards.

Transparent approach

We embrace transparency in all aspects of Cloud application migration services. We provide regular updates and reporting across management levels for continuous visibility. Billing is clear, predictable, and consistent, with comprehensive expenditure reports. Choose from tools like Jira, Confluence, or Azure DevOps for project management and clear project flow tracking.

Personalized value

Our partnership is more than tasks; we strive to deliver real value. We're experts at creating custom solutions that bring real benefits to our clients. Through a constructive brainstorming process, we get fresh ideas for the perfect solutions tailored just for you. Our collaboration is a continuous journey of refining services and boosting performance, guaranteeing the best Cloud migration engineering services.

Expertise in transformation

With years of Cloud innovation experience, our team revitalizes businesses through Cloud transformation. Investing in scalable, agile, secure, and future-proof infrastructure is crucial, and the solution is in the Cloud. We have experience with various migration to Cloud services like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Our experts provide seamless on-premises to Cloud migration and optimize resource utilization.

Guiding the Cloud migration process

Collaborative Cloud assessment

Our Cloud engineers provide Cloud migration consulting to identify requirements and expectations, outline a migration strategy, and manage potential data loss and service disruption risks.

This stage includes:

  • In-depth analysis of your existing infrastructure and dependencies
  • Choosing the right tech stack and designing infrastructure
  • Creating a concise migration strategy with a detailed plan

Smooth Cloud transition

In this phase, we execute a comprehensive Cloud migration aligned with the assessment's requirements, strategy, and plan.

This stage includes:

  • Building essential Cloud infrastructure and redesigning
  • Rigorous testing of the new infrastructure based on agreed KPIs
  • Gradual Cloud transition, cutover, and domain switch

Continuous assistance

Our post-migration support involves ongoing efforts to ensure the new infrastructure aligns with your expectations while delivering optimal performance and cost efficiency.

This stage includes:

  • Monitoring and optimizing costs
  • Utilizing advanced cloud performance analytics
  • Providing maintenance and ongoing support

Cloud migration benefits for any business

Increased agility

Through our analysis of your infrastructure, we optimize configurations for enhanced scalability and extendibility. Integrate pay-as-you-go services to meet evolving demands as your business expands. Explore 'what-if' scenarios and address performance challenges effectively.Cloud migration: Increased agility

New architecture development

Our proprietary tool calculates potential cost optimizations and the total cost of ownership (TCO). Leveraging our vast experience in custom software development, we streamline your design phase, reducing its duration by up to threefold.Cloud migration: New architecture development

Optimized security

With 84% of enterprises embracing a multi-Cloud approach and on-premise infrastructure for enhanced protection, we guide you through migrating your datacenter to a secure SaaS platform like Azure. This platform adheres to global and industry-specific security standards.Cloud migration: Optimized security

Frequently asked questions

Dive into a realm of boundless possibilities with Cloud migration, where a tapestry of core advantages awaits:

  • Pay-as-you-go: Embrace the 'pay-as-you-go' billing model, paying only for the resources you utilize. Say goodbye to the need for upfront resource forecasting.
  • Innovative tools: Cloud-hosted infrastructure grants access to modern technologies and trending open-source tools. Integration with various tools becomes seamless, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Transformational shift: Cloud computing revolutionizes product delivery. Your IT team can shift focus from infrastructure upkeep to releasing new features and product updates.
  • Efficient risk management: Smart monitoring and alerting capabilities in the Cloud simplify risk management. Ensure consistent service uptime with real-time monitoring and alerts.

With the allure of scalability, resilience, and heightened security, businesses are drawn to the Cloud's promise. But as with any venture, there are challenges to conquer. Here's a look at the main common Cloud migration risks and how we deftly address them:

  • Data governance regulations: The challenge lies in complying with strict data protection regulations. Partnering with inherently compliant Cloud providers, like those that are HIPAA or GDPR-ready ensures your data remains secure and compliant without overwhelming your team with complex regulations.
  • Incompatibility of existing architecture: Legacy systems can clash with Cloud environments. Our solution? With an infrastructure audit, we determine what's compatible and what's not. If some elements don't make sense to migrate, we can help you create a hybrid Cloud model that keeps the best of both worlds.
  • Loss of data: Data loss is a nightmare scenario, but we're here to ensure it remains just that—a nightmare. Regular backups, multi-Cloud storage options, and the expertise of our professionals make sure your data stays intact even in the face of technical glitches or human error.
  • Wasted Cloud migration expenses: Overspending on Cloud migration is a financial pitfall. We have experts in managing costs and implementing a detailed budget estimation plan. With our guidance, you'll only pay for the services you need, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  • Security concerns: Security tops everyone's list of worries Through cooperation with industry giants like AWS and Microsoft Azure, we guarantee that security is configured correctly. Stability and security are hard to achieve with the capabilities of an understaffed in-house team.
  • Lack of internal IT resources: The complexity of migration often stems from a lack of skilled personnel. Our solution? You can either cultivate your internal talent, a long-term investment that comes with its challenges or rely on us as a trusted vendor with a history of successful Cloud migrations.
  • Time and cost of migration: We have a game-changing strategy. We kick off with a thorough audit to banish uncertainty, and then unveil a detailed transition plan. This isn't just migration; it's a carefully guided expedition, ensuring you know the route, costs, and outcomes like the back of your hand. No more blindfolded leaps; just a clear, confident stride towards Cloud success.

We protect data against breaches and compliance conundrums, as our forte during and post-migration. Imagine us as the guardians of your digital realm, ensuring that your data stays safe and follows the rules:

  • Quest for assessment: We start with an epic quest—a thorough assessment of your data, unveiling hidden secrets and potential compliance beasts.
  • Enchanted migration strategy: Armed with the mightiest encryption spells and the secrets of secure channels, we forge a migration plan that's as secure as a fortress.
  • Sage of regulations: Our team includes sages who speak the language of regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. They ensure your migration journey abides by the rules of your realm.
  • Data's shield, encryption: As we migrate, our spells of encryption protect your data from prying eyes. Even after the migration, your data remains shrouded in digital armor.
  • Gatekeepers of access: We appoint vigilant gatekeepers, allowing only the chosen ones to access and alter the data, ensuring no unauthorized meddling.
  • Auditing: Regular audits, like mystical dances, track data's movements and changes, ensuring it dances in line with regulations.
  • Vigilant watchmen: After migration, our vigilant watchmen stand guard, alert to any peculiar movements in the digital realm.
  • Data residency spell: If required, our data residency spell ensures your data rests in regions mandated by the laws of your land.
  • Knowledge sharing: We don't keep our secrets locked away. We provide training to empower both our team and yours with the wisdom of data security.
  • Pacts with Cloud guardians: We forge alliances with Cloud providers who uphold the highest security standards.
  • Shields of backup: We create copies of your data, crafting shields against accidental losses or malicious attacks.
  • Swift swords of response: With an arsenal of swift response tactics, we're ready to strike against any digital foes.

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