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Building a headless e-commerce website for a textile technology company

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Our client, a US-based company, produces various textile products like headwear, air masks, skincare exfoliants, and kitchen aprons. We started our collaboration with a project called OURA. There was a need to empower the website and strengthen its position in different markets. Recently, our client contacted us with a new project called Ouragins. This is the client’s new business direction — to create scrubs for medical staff designed to kill germs and protect.

Business needs

Our client needed a completely new website with advanced functionality to satisfy their business ambitions. That is why we developed for them a new e-commerce website from scratch. To get a multifunctional and fast store, we suggested using the BigCommerce platform as an e-commerce core.

Moreover, they came to us with a need for flexibility, so we decided to bring it to life with the Headless BigCommerce solution. Such advanced functionality allowed them to minimize time to market, meet specific content needs, facilitate the content management process and speed up front-end implementations.


We started the process of a headless setup by creating a unique infrastructure diagram and description of every module. We also thought out the way all modules would be working. After their integration, our partner got a clearer approach to infrastructure design that provides a high level of flexibility and easy updates. Each module of the system can be modified or upgraded without affecting other components, which gives our partner competitive advantages of application agility, high performance and reliability, reduced time to market.

At the next stage, by integrating popular e-commerce plugins, we implemented immersive features for a great customer experience:

  • The BackOrder plugin allows customers to order products that are not currently in stock.
  • The Judge.me integration creates the possibility to add and show customer reviews.
  • The ActiveCampaign connection ensures personalized customer notifications when the product gets to stock.
  • The ZenDesk integration allows connecting the website with the most popular apps to boost and support productivity, automate work.
  • The ShipStation plugin creates a variety of shipping methods using a range of conditions, such as country, category, and quantity. By using rate calculators and batch shipping, it is possible to compare rates for all possible carriers and print labels at discount rates.
  • The ShareASale affiliate marketing platform integration ensures building strong brand partnerships and monetizing a website, tracking campaign performance through transparent and accurate reporting.

Also, we’ve given Ouragins a tool to build long-lasting relationships with clients and make them come back. We developed an interactive discount system which allows getting a cut-price deal. Customers may use referral discounts when purchasing more than a specified amount.

At the final stage, we successfully integrated all these features and provided our client with a progressive web application. Now implementing any changes or adding new features is hassle-free and does not require coding. The solution gives our client the freedom of flexibility to improve marketing performance and scale their business worldwide.

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We developed a headless commerce store for Ouragins – from scratch, with a unique design, and a perfect infrastructure diagram to conquer the new niche. With an intelligent infrastructure approach, the company got a flexible software structure enabling seamless system operation and updates. We successfully integrated all parts of the application to ensure the clear logic of the project. By adding a variety of plugins, we implemented additional features, such as pre-orders, customer reviews, and personalized customer informing to create a user-friendly experience and engage consumers more. With a headless architecture, the company can build a unique customer offer for textile products, be competitive on the market, and sell seamlessly.

We’re proud of this work, as within four months we completed the project on budget and on time. By using CI/CD in our delivery process, we provided our partner with a continuous method of software development, allowing continuous building, testing, and deploying of iterative code changes. Now with this exclusive tool, Ouragins can effectively manage their business, scale up around the world and build trust and customer loyalty.

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