JavaScript development services

JavaScript Development Services

JavaScript is one of the most popular web technologies for a good reason. It has so much to offer: a variety of frameworks, interoperability, cost efficiency, and more. DigitalSuits is an expert in custom JS development – check out our approach and portfolio!

DigitalSuits is your top-pick JavaScript development company

Here at DigitalSuits, we value JavaScript for its versatile application in web and mobile development. As a result, our customers are able to build feature-rich applications as well as save money by utilizing JavaScript's cross-platform capabilities, responsive interfaces, server-side development, and more. Learn more about our development approach and a full range of our JavaScript development services we provide.

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Check out a full range of our JavaScript services

Cloud application development

JavaScript makes it easy to build innovative products like cloud apps. We offer well-tested and secure cloud development with JavaScript to help your firm create dynamic web applications.

Custom web and mobile development

Build native mobile and web apps and leverage JavaScript’s cross-platform development capabilities to build apps for multiple platforms at once, saving development time and costs.

Full-cycle web development

JavaScript offers a variety of frameworks for any business task. Our team has been successfully applying its popular frameworks to build robust and responsive web apps.

Responsive web app development

Responsive web applications are the bread and butter of modern web development. We use JavaScript to build fast-performing and stable web apps that positively impact user experience.

Client-side and server-side development

Implement software development best practices like client-side and server side-rendering to significantly boost website performance.

E-commerce app development

JavaScript is a perfect match for e-commerce app development. Building feature-rich websites is made possible by its blazing-fast speed, SEO potential, and enhanced analytics.

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Shopify Hydrogen





What makes us a great JavaScript development team

Competent team

Strong tech and business expertise is one of our competitive advantages. No matter what project we’re working on, we’ll dive deep into your domain, business specifics, and technology challenges to provide the most workable and cost-efficient solutions.

Business-oriented mindset

Instead of a typical JavaScript development agency that acts as simple doers, consider DigitalSuits as a full-fledged team outside your organization. With us, you get a proactive team that takes the lead and guides you through every stage of software development.

JavaScript development expertise

Our portfolio consists of real and successfully operating JavaScript-based projects that reach their target customers. Let’s cooperate, so we could enhance your in-house team’s expertise and bring our hands-on experience to your software product.

Variety of implemented projects

Many of our projects are in the e-commerce domain. However, we've been building JavaScript-based tech solutions for real estate, FinTech, and other challenging industries. That means you’ll get a team that has worked with similar tasks and can offer tried and tested solutions.

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Why JavaScript is a top-of-mind in web and mobile development


JavaScript seamlessly operates with other programming languages and frameworks. Meaning, if you build your mobile app in one of the native languages, you can also use JavaScript code to create it. In addition, it offers cross-platform development opportunities.

Excellent performance

One of the distinctive features of JavaScript is its impressive speed. In addition to its client-side and server-side rendering capabilities, it is equipped with interpreted language properties, enabling you to develop fast-performing applications and enhance user experience.

Rich user interfaces

Are you planning to build a website or an app with an abundance of animations, complex transitions, 360-degree views, and more? JavaScript offers all capabilities for feature-rich UI development and engaging interfaces.

Versatile use

You can solve basically any programming task with JavaScript since it offers vast capabilities for back-end and front-end development. You can also build a variety of apps with JavaScript: from web and mobile to desktop and IoT applications.

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Frequently asked questions

JavaScript is one of the most popular web development languages for a reason. There are many uses for JavaScript on websites, including but not limited to: responsive web pages, rich UI like animations and dynamic content, server-side rendering, cross-platform development, and more.

JavaScript has become an all-time-favorite in the programming world because it offers lots of frameworks for different software development tasks. It wouldn’t be correct though to say that some of the frameworks are the best in their kind. In fact, every JavaScript framework is the best in its specific task. Software developers, for example, use React.js for complex projects since it provides reusable components that can be reused for new applications. All in all, every JavaScript framework is unique and it uncovers its capabilities to the fullest when applied on purpose.

JavaScript can be used for web and mobile development. It offers excellent cross-platform development capabilities, so you can build an application for several platforms at once.

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