Shopify Plus Development Services

Shopify Plus Development Services

We’re a Shopify plus development company that can offer broad expertise and hands-on experience solving complicated tasks for this domain.

We’re savvy Shopify Plus developers

Here at DigitalSuits, we’ve started our journey as a company with strong roots in technology and proper project management. As we evolved, we’ve been working with multiple e-commerce projects, Shopify in particular. Over the years, we’ve become Shopify and Shopify Plus partners and gained valuable experience with this powerful e-commerce platform. Today, we can offer Shopify Plus customers our proven track record, out-of-the-box solutions to their business tasks, and certified software engineers.

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Check out a full list of our custom Shopify Plus development services

Shopify Plus web development

Shopify Plus web development

We handle a variety of Shopify app development tasks. From custom and public Shopify applications to Shopify Plus, we’ll ensure you get your e-commerce store up and running and generating first orders from loyal customers.

Custom Shopify app development

Custom Shopify app development

Hire Shopify Plus developers from DigitalSuits to build enterprise-level Shopify applications tailored to your specific needs. We handle the whole process: from ideation and idea validation to development and maintenance.

Shopify Plus developers for hire

Shopify Plus developers for hire

If your in-house team lacks expertise or you need an expert opinion and ongoing consulting from the outside, we’re here to help. We’ll provide you with Shopify Plus development services, design, maintenance, and more.

Shopify Plus online store design

Shopify Plus online store design

Feel like rehauling your store’s look and feel? Our Shopify Plus agency offers UI/UX design and branding services to make your website stand out from competition, boost conversion rates, and increase customer loyalty.

Extra Shopify Plus development services we offer

Shopify Plus headless development

Headless development is a state-of-the-art technology that has already gained recognition among established e-commerce businesses. We’ve been keeping up with the trend to help our customers build modern e-commerce stores.

Replatforming and migration

If you’re already running an e-commerce store and feel like switching to a more powerful platform like Shopify Plus, we’ll help you move safely, keep your data, and maintain SEO positions you’ve been gaining so hard.

Shopify Plus API integration

When you’re going headless, you’ll need to develop and integrate numerous APIs to ensure smooth performance of the e-commerce store. We offer a full range of custom API development and integration services.

Third-party integrations

Third-party tools can help you manage inventory, ship orders, and market your e-commerce store more effectively. Our Shopify Plus developers consult you on the best tool for your specific task and seamlessly integrate them.

E-commerce marketplace integration

To invite other merchants to sell on your platform, you’ll need the help of an experienced Shopify Plus development company like DigitalSuits. We extend your capabilities with seamless marketplace feature integration and further support.

Resolving website bugs and issues

Code quality is paramount to positive customer experience with your online store. We offer quality assurance and testing services to evaluate your current codebase, find bottlenecks, and detect any critical bugs. Next, we come up with further steps to overhaul your code and help you build a bug-free system.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Whether you don’t have enough in-house team capabilities or you simply need an expert Shopify Plus development firm to keep your store up and running, we’ll ensure stable performance of your store and timely updates.

Shopify Plus consulting

A great benefit of cooperating with a Shopify Plus development agency like DigitalSuits is our tremendous experience and practical experience we’ve gained. We’d be glad to share our insights and knowledge with you in our consulting sessions.

DigitalSuits is an official Shopify Plus partner

Sometimes you need an outside-in view on your e-commerce business or technical consulting from Shopify software developers. Without a Shopify Plus certified partner, you won’t miss a critical bug or high time to develop new features. We offer comprehensive Shopify development services to help you focus on your business growth and not worry about any technical issues.

DigitalSuits is Shopify and Shopify Plus partner agency which means that we’ve been selected by the platform as a reliable service provider that meets high standards of software development quality, client management, support, and more. Being a Shopify development partner grants the access to exclusive education and training from Shopify, community support, and knowledge exchange. That means, working with us you get top Shopify Plus developers that have passed strict selection criteria.

What makes DigitalSuits differ from the other Shopify Plus agency partners? We’re committed to uncompromising software quality, following software development best practices, and putting your business goals to the cornerstone.

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Why choose DigitalSuits for Shopify Plus development

Quick time-to-market

Having worked on multiple Shopify and Shopify Plus projects, we’ve aligned a workflow that allows us to accelerate the software development process and help you reach the target market faster. Hire Shopify Plus developers at DigitalSuits to enjoy our blazing fast workflow.

In-depth Shopify Plus expertise

DigitalSuits comprises Shopify and Shopify Plus development experts that have been designing, building, testing, and maintaining projects in versatile niches. We’ve got practical experience resolving complex tasks with third-party integrations, migrations, and more.

Proven track record

Many agencies aren’t able to show their portfolio since their projects either haven’t reached the market or were closed. Here at DigitalSuits, most of our projects are live. You can check the websites we’ve built and evaluate our impact.

Partnerships and certifications

Besides being official Shopify Plus experts, we’ve partnered with prominent e-commerce vendors like Klaviyo, Recharge, and InstantCommerce. We’re constantly boosting our expertise through certifications and training to offer more.

Shopify Plus benefits for e-commerce development

Since its launch in 2014, Shopify Plus platform has given tremendous advantages to e-commerce businesses worldwide. The aim of the Shopify Plus web development was to give enterprise-level merchants a complete freedom of customizing their stores, adding unique features that weren’t present in a regular Shopify plan, and automating daily business tasks. At our Shopify Plus web development company, we advise large e-commerce companies to consider switching to or creating their store on Shopify Plus. This platform won’t limit you in creating branded and customized stores for global trading.

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Here’s how our software development process looks like


We start with getting to know the project: its objectives, constraints, key competitors, and more. Next, we draw the plan of our further cooperation.

This stage includes:

  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Product roadmap

Project discovery

At this stage, we perform validation of your business idea and thorough research of competitors, similar solutions in the market, and the most viable technical solutions.

This stage includes:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Product research
  • Customer journey map