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BigCommerce Migration Services

Experience agile scalability, robustness, enhanced storefront features, and increased visibility through BigCommerce migration services. We ensure a complete and smooth migration of your e-store without any loss or delay.

Effortless BigCommerce migration by DigitalSuits professionals

When merchants encounter numerous challenges with their e-commerce store, it's time for an immediate migration to a more suitable platform, such as BigCommerce. There's no need to endure complications with your current platform, especially when facing difficulties in realizing robust benefits and successfully targeting and capturing KPIs. A swift migration to a more suitable e-commerce platform is warranted.

If your current platform is proving challenging to run, update, and maintain due to its cumbersome nature, high costs, rigidity, and lack of advanced features, it might be time to migrate to BigCommerce. Our migration experts at DigitalSuits are certified BigCommerce specialists ready to assist store owners in seamlessly transferring all their data from the source store to BigCommerce without any loss.

Effortless BigCommerce migration by DigitalSuits professionals

Our end-to-end BigCommerce migration services

Data relationship

Effortlessly transition with our BigCommerce migration experts, skilled in seamlessly moving your entire dataset with zero data loss or corruption. Following the migration, we meticulously verify for duplicates, and maintain data integrity and completeness, ensuring all entity relationships are accurately preserved.


DigitalSuits helps migrate to BigCommerce and facilitates the secure transfer of your products, options, categories, and more to your new BigCommerce store. Importing your entire catalog, we ensure complete consistency and maintain all product configurations in the target store, regardless of your inventory size.

Reward program

We can migrate the complete structure of the reward program to BigCommerce. Our BigCommerce migration experts seamlessly transfer the incentive program to the target store, ensuring a swift transfer of customer reward points, redeemed rewards, point value, and expiry date from the source store to the BigCommerce store.

New integrations

We advise that a store migration is an opportune moment to explore the integration of new features and functionalities that enhance the user experience and streamline the backend process. Simplify your business operations through custom integrations for your BigCommerce store, including third-party CRMs, ERPs, shipment providers, and more.

Theme migration

Our migration experts, in collaboration with skilled designers, can replicate and adapt your current theme to ensure compatibility with BigCommerce. When you decide to migrate to BigCommerce, we preserve your existing store design, offering the option to customize the current theme or create a new one from scratch.

Managing 301 redirects

We assist in preventing confusion and frustration by directing both customers and search engines to your site's new location, ensuring you avoid losing traffic and rankings during the store transition. We implement a 301 redirect and employ an SEO-friendly method for webpage redirection to the new location of your BigCommerce store.

DigitalSuits is your trusted BigCommerce migration partner

Get e-commerce help from certified experts, as DigitalSuits is an accredited partner of BigCommerce. We expertly blend captivating designs, seamless functionalities, and ironclad security to forge an e-commerce platform that not only beckons customers but propels them toward meaningful conversions. DigitalSuits' skilled experts boast an outstanding record of crafting cutting-edge BigCommerce solutions and are proficient in handling intricate BigCommerce development and migration projects globally.