DevOps Engineers

Hire DevOps Engineers

Hire a DevOps team that prioritizes value and real-issue resolution without long-term consuming recruiting. Bridge the gap for industry-driven innovation, quality, and a faster time to market.

Our dedicated DevOps services for streamlining software processes

Hire our dedicated DevOps engineers to bridge development and operations, which lets the teams reach continuous software integration and delivery. In our tech stack, we use the latest cloud platforms and DevOps tools to provide you with unique, tailored infrastructure and scalable real-time applications. Our specialized DevOps team manages an environment for generating new builds, executing tests, deploying products, monitoring performance, and automatically processing feedback without interruptions.​ Whether you need cloud-certified engineers or a database DevOps expert, you can hire them hourly or full-time and enjoy savings of up to 60% on your development expenditures.

We always prioritize the needs of our clients, their challenges, and opportunities. No matter the size of your enterprise, we ensure that infrastructure meets precise specifications and provides a solution perfectly aligned with security, energy, and connectivity requirements.

DevOps services

Services where DigitalSuits DevOps engineers bring value

Web development

Web development

With DigitalSuits, you gain direct access to various web design and development solutions tailored to align with your business goals and technology requirements.

DevOps services

DevOps services

Automate, secure your delivery processes with DevOps services. If you hire a DevOps developer or an entire team, you get the best developers worldwide within two weeks.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Develop cloud-native solutions and migrate existing systems into the cloud with an effective custom DevOps implementation strategy.

SaaS app development

SaaS app development

DigitalSuits offers a broad talent pool of senior dedicated DevOps experts for delivering high-quality SaaS development services.

Technologies our dedicated DevOps team uses

Cloud providers
technology image
technology image
technology image
Microsoft Azure
technology image
technology image
AWS Cloud Formation
technology image
technology image
Container orchestration
technology image
technology image
Docker Compose
technology image
technology image
technology image
Amazon ECS
Integration & delivery
technology image
technology image
Github Actions
technology image
Bitbucket pipelines
technology image
Gitlab CI
technology image
AWS Code Pipeline
technology image
technology image
technology image
Infrastracture provisioning
technology image
technology image
AWS Cloud Formation

The role of DevOps engineers for your project

DigitalSuits engineers manage the entire software development process. Our dedicated DevOps efficiently push code changes to production environments by testing, building, and deploying procedures. By providing strong security measures, we ensure constant updates that prevent vulnerabilities.

A DevOps engineer's key responsibilities are:

  • Streamlining the software delivery process to ensure fast, reliable, and secure releases.

  • Managing complex systems to maintain high availability and adhere to security and compliance standards.

  • Cultivating a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement to deliver high-quality software with minimal downtime.

Overseeing the implementation and maintenance of infrastructure as code. Trust us, and you will get high-quality software at scale. With expertise in automation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, our DevOps development dedicated team has expertise across a variety of tools, technologies, and methodologies.

DevOps engineers for your project

The essential hard skills of DevOps engineers

When hiring DevOps developers, you must determine the expertise required for your project. At DigitalSuits, we provide consultation to determine the appropriate seniority level for the dedicated DevOps developers you intend to hire. This ensures access to highly experienced specialists and the option to scale your team as needed throughout the project.

Here's a breakdown of the hard skills DevOps engineers should possess to contribute effectively to your project:

hard skills of DevOps engineers

Our mid-level DevOps developers

  • Advanced comprehension of networking concepts

  • Proficiency in monitoring and logging tools like Prometheus, Grafana, or ELK stack

  • Advanced understanding of infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, or ARM templates

  • Competence in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Our senior DevOps developers

  • Expertise in networking technologies

  • Mastery of networking concepts such as load balancing, routing, and firewalls

  • Proficiency in version control systems like Git or SVN

  • Ability to identify and implement cybersecurity measures

  • Experience in incident management and root cause analysis

  • Continual assessment of vulnerabilities and risk management

  • Monitoring KPIs and reporting progress to management

  • Establishment and implementation of best practices for software development and operations

Benefits DevOps engineers bring to your business

Progress & transformation

DevOps encompasses established practices aimed at reducing the system development life-cycle time. Hiring a DevOps developer accelerates your development process while ensuring top-notch performance quality.Progress & transformation

Accelerated time to market

By automating manual tasks, remote DevOps accelerates productivity and empowers teams to handle large workloads efficiently. This ensures swift delivery of innovative products and features, potentially enhancing ROI.Accelerated time to market

Enhanced efficiency & reduced defects

Our DevOps staffing services improve logging, monitoring, and alerting processes to correct defects and bugs swiftly. Investing in DevOps practices streamlines testing and automates essential processes. Enhanced efficiency & reduced defects

User-centric satisfaction

By hiring dedicated DevOps engineers, you get an experienced team that ensures end-user application standards and customer satisfaction. We align customer value with business objectives. User centric satisfaction

Robust operating environment

Dedicated DevOps service providers foster stability across diverse languages and environments. Also, streamlining the process reduces potential errors during deployment, enhancing stability in production environments. Robust operating environment

Fostering collaboration

A DevOps engineer serves as a liaison between developers, operational teams, and stakeholders. Implementing DevOps methodologies leads to improved workflows, ensuring timely and high-quality deliveries. Fostering collaboration

Why DigitalSuits DevOps are the best experts

AWS certification

Our DevOps engineers excel in diverse scenarios, consistently meeting high standards. With over seven years of experience in IT staffing and essential certifications, our team ensures top talent.

20% employee turnover rate

Hire our DevOps engineer, as we aim to make lasting connections. Our employees remain with our clients and us for extended periods, reflecting our commitment to long-term relationships.

98% of our company – senior and middle engineers

We hire only strong middle and senior DevOps engineers to provide you with high-quality DevOps service.

Risk mitigation

Detecting errors early leads to a reduction of up to 30% in defects throughout the product lifecycle.