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DigitalSuits provides top-tier enterprise website development, integrating cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. We build scalable, secure, and personalized solutions that help businesses survive in the digital age.

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Our company provides enterprise web development services and offers solutions that are custom-built to the specific requirements of enterprises. We create web apps that promote efficiency, improve client interaction, and increase ROI with a team of experienced developers. Our enterprise web development company provides end-to-end services, from scalable e-commerce platforms to data-driven analytics solutions. You can count on security, smooth integration, and a user-friendly experience. Our dedication helps businesses remain competitive in today's digital market by establishing a strong online presence and providing tangible results.

Enterprise web development services we provide

Enterprise website development

Our company offers enterprise web development services and provides customized solutions. They boost online visibility and accelerate business success.

Enterprise web app development

Our enterprise web application development company creates the best customized solutions to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Enterprise web portal development

Enterprise web portal development services are provided with customized, user-friendly platforms that improve collaboration and data accessibility.

Enterprise web software development

Thanks to our enterprise web development company you get high-performance solutions to optimize procedures, boost productivity, and assure scalability.

More of our enterprise web development services

UI/UX design for enterprise web

UI/UX design for enterprise web

When your design has high quality, you can truly capture the attention of users. Our company is ready to help you make your creative ideas a reality.

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Our devoted staff consistently produces effective project outputs. DigitalSuits assists all of clients with enterprise website development.

IT consulting

IT consulting

As a leading IT consulting organization, DigitalSuits offers specialized IT consultation services and business IT assistance to address your IT-related difficulties.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

We empower you to fulfill customer needs and prosper in the digital era by providing the best solutions for technology adoption and change management.

Technologies our company works with
Google Cloud
Microservices architecture
Shopify Plus
Shopify Commerce components
Shopify Hydrogen
Shopify Oxygen
BigCommerce enterprise

Web enterprise development with DigitalSuits

Strong expertise

To provide the maximum value to your company, our developers use cutting-edge technology and best-in-class tools. This forward-thinking perspective allows us to create web applications and systems that are not just relevant for today, but also resilient for the challenges of tomorrow.

Cost efficiency

Throughout the project development cycle, a customized strategy can help you avoid license fees and save money. By tailoring the strategy to your individual objectives, we can identify open-source alternatives or cost-effective solutions that correspond with the project's goals.

Business focus

A distinct development cycle is the most effective technique to maintain authenticity while addressing the most important business activities.We ensure that every step of the transformation journey is synced with your business's particular values that set it apart in the market by sticking to a separate development cycle.


With the help of our security processes, you can avoid a variety of financial risks and unnecessary expenses during enterprise web development. These advanced procedures include a wide range of safeguards. They include data encryption, access control, real-time threat monitoring, incident response techniques etc.

Enterprise solution software development lifecycle


The system and documentation are created according to the standards. This helps define the system architecture and technology stack.

Discovery and strategic planning


We gather all relevant information from the customer in order to design custom software development solutions that meet their needs.


Following the completion of the requirement analysis phase, the next step is to define and document software requirements.


Developers build the entire system by writing code in the programming language, techniques, and approaches that their client requires.


Evaluating software quality in order to detect and correct flaws. The goal is to ensure that the software operates smoothly.


When the project is released and tested for any concerns, any potential issues or glitches are resolved during this stage.

Deployment and integration


We ensure that demands are addressed and that the system continues to work according to the service level agreement.

Release and maintenance

What impacts your project timeline


Small to medium websites

Creating a simple to moderately complicated company website might take anything from a few weeks to a few months. Planning, design, programming, testing, and deployment are all included.


Large and complex websites

There are more complex web enterprise development cases that include specific features. The design can take six months or more. Often such projects require a couple of phases and iterations.


E-commerce platforms

Depending on the scope of the project and the number of products and features, developing an enterprise-level e-commerce platform can take six months to a year or more.


Custom enterprise solutions

It can take a year or more to construct highly customized enterprise websites with complicated functionality or interfaces with other enterprise systems.

What affects your project costs

The cost of a web development enterprise can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the project's complexity, the features and functions required, the technology stack employed, the location of the development team, and the project duration. Enterprise web development projects are typically more complicated than smaller web development projects, and they frequently entail unique solutions and integration with other enterprise systems.

Project scope

The greater the scope of the project, the higher the expense. The number of web pages, functionality, user roles, and integration points are all included.

Technology stack

The programming languages, frameworks, and tools used might have an impact on the cost. Custom solutions may necessitate additional development time and resources.

Integration and security

The expense associated with enterprise web application development can grow when integrating with various systems and databases and ensuring the implementation of robust security measures.

Testing and quality assurance

For corporate applications, attentive testing and quality assurance processes are required, which can add to the overall cost.

Maintenance and support

Consider the costs of continuous maintenance and support to ensure that the application stays current, secure, and functional.

Project timeline

The quicker you need the project finished, the more resources you may need to allocate, potentially increasing the cost.

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Benefits of enterprise software development with DigitalSuits

To assist our clients in risk mitigation, we provide the option to begin our collaboration with a proof of concept. We help our customers avoid all the possible pitfalls and uncertainties with custom enterprise software and web development solutions.

Frequently asked questions

A builder-based website can cost up to $1000. A basic site with few features is projected to cost between $10,000 and $20,000. A typical location necessitates larger investments ranging from $40,000 to $100,000. A complicated site with cutting-edge functions and cutting-edge technology aspects will cost more than $150,000.

Digital Suits provides following portal development services:

  • Custom Portal Development
  • Integration Services
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Security Measures
  • Content Management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

The time it takes to build an enterprise website can vary greatly based on various aspects, including the project's complexity, the size of the website, the features and functions required, the technological stack employed, and the development team's efficiency.

What our clients say

Michael Lewis


,Claim Technology
“The DigitalSuits team fully devoted themselves to producing a quality final product.”
Their team was responsible for the IT architecture, front- and backend web development work for the platform components, and API implementations. The main app is programmed using Ruby on Rails, and the frontend was developed using React.js. They delivered superior services, assigning only highly-experienced professionals to the project.

David Olkovetsky


,Artisan Revere
"They're extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards."
We hired DigitalSuits to develop our website in conjunction with our designer. Our goals were to get the site pixel-perfect compared to our designs. DigitalSuits team was able to meet all of the expectations for the project. The company appreciated how well the team took their feedback and was always eager to fix any issues.

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Management System for American Outlets

The marketplace that was developed by our client included a huge number of online shops. The products were grouped into various categories. The main query was the development of a product management system. The system had to display each distributor price for the exact item.
Management System for American Outlets

Shopify Store Development from Scratch for GoodHabit - Scentbird NY

Our client is a US-based company Scentbird New York that focuses on cosmetics production and its distribution. We started our collaboration with a project called GoodHabit. We developed a solution that covers two major objectives: show products’ uniqueness along with creating a positive user experience and draw attention to the global environmental problems.
Shopify Store Development from Scratch for GoodHabit - Scentbird NY

AI Return & Exchange Assistant

Our client is an Israel-based startup that was founded by a few technical fellows with deep experience in the IT sphere. The founders came up with a bright idea to devise a public Shopify application that helps Shopify-based website owners to boost purchases.
AI Return & Exchange Assistant
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