Software Maintenance and Support

Software Maintenance and Support

Software support and maintenance operate flawlessly, provide regular updates, and resolve problems promptly. Thanks to intelligent automated monitoring and qualified remote assistance, we ensure smooth, non-stop work, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

Why you need software maintenance and support services

Software maintenance services and support are two essential management aspects that guarantee the desirable performance and longevity of digital systems. Software maintenance plans are about checking bugs, keeping software up-to-date, adjusting to changes in user needs, and emerging technology. It's about the use of prevention to avoid problems and ensure stability. On the other side, Software support helps our clients address and correct issues where necessary. We can provide a solution swiftly so that users can feel minimum interruptions or disruptions in the work of any software we are working on.

You need system maintenance and software support services to ensure that you are recovering your software investments and running your operations smoothly. Without patches, the software may not be as useful as it promised and potentially risks becoming outdated and vulnerable to security threats and malfunctioning, which results in costly service downtime and loss of productivity. Through maintenance and support software services, you ensure the reliability, safety, and long-term functionality of your digital assets that not only empower your business but also enable it to enjoy the benefits of an ever-evolving technological environment.

Why you need software maintenance and support services

IT support and maintenance services we provide

Bug fixing & troubleshooting

Our bug fixing and troubleshooting software support service promptly specifies and gets rid of software errors, maintaining unhampered workflow and productivity.

Web app & website maintenance

Our website and app maintenance services guarantee smooth operations, timely changes, and better performance, which translates to better user experience and engagement levels.

Functionality integration

Our functionality integration services provide a seamless addition to the current software environment of your business operations to help you maintain efficiency and scalability.

Feature customization

We provide customized feature development services for your particular needs and recognize the importance of optimizing functions and improving user experience.

Software updates

Our software update services guarantee that your systems never become outdated, insecure, or slow as routine updates quickly augment the performance of your systems.

Legacy system migration

We provide legacy system migration services that enable seamless switches to new platforms with data integrity preserved and fortifying efficiency for your organization.

Security & enhancement

The client network is where our company deploys our security software maintenance service. We detect threats and employ upgrades to achieve the best performance and functionality.

Long-term support

Our lifelong support services guarantee consistency in the consultation and problem management ecosystem, making your digital goods more effective and up to date.

“With our dedicated team of experts, you can trust DigitalSuits to keep your systems running smoothly and optimize your software's performance.” Yurii Maslov, CTO at DigitalSuits

Roles in our software maintenance teams

Software engineers

Engineers at our company are experts in developing solutions. They develop software using the latest technologies, which provide the user interface that suits the needs of the business.Software engineers

Project manager

Our dedicated project managers lead with precision, coordinate teams, and ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to specifications.Project manager

DevOps engineers

Our DevOps engineers strive to achieve a smooth development pipeline by streamlining the collaboration between teams and automating the processes that make a reliable delivery of the software.DevOps engineers

QA engineers

Our QA engineers perform the rigorous testing of the software functionality, which is comprehensive in nature and make sure the software is of high quality, reliable and can perform well when it is used by the end users.QA engineers

What influences software maintenance cost

The cost of software maintenance is influenced by a lot of different factors. Recognition of these forces is vital for the leaders of organizations to allocate finances and design maintenance strategies based on that. Several key factors determine the software maintenance cost, starting from the software complexity and proceeding to the support level provided by vendors or internal teams. Plus, the technology stack used, the size of the codebase, and the extent of customization also play a role in the software maintenance cost. Factors influencing software maintenance costs include:

  • The codebase and software architecture
  • Technology stack and infrastructure needs
  • The size and scale of the software system
  • Level of custom-made systems and integration with other systems
  • Frequency and scope of updating and refreshing
  • Internal resources for maintenance
  • Compliance with regulations and security concerns
  • The scalability and future expansion
What influences software maintenance cost

Our software maintenance and support process

Initial assessment

We do an in-depth investigation of your software to determine any existing issues or further development spaces.

Initial assessment

Tailored maintenance plan

We make a tailored maintenance plan that caters to your specific needs and objectives.

Tailored maintenance plan

Regular monitoring

We will regularly check the operation of your software to discover any bugs and fix them in a timely manner.

Regular monitoring

Proactive updates

Our company furnishes routine updates and plug-ins for you to guarantee your software is safe, stable, and up-to-date.

Proactive updates

Timely support

Our friendly and supportive team will always be there to give you a timely response when you need clarification or assistance on issues that may arise.

Timely support

Continuous improvement

We endeavor to continuously improve, monitor, and evaluate the maintenance processes, as well as make them more effective.

Continuous improvement

Types of software maintenance services

Adaptive software maintenance

Adaptive software support and maintenance services provide software to remain efficient in the face of changing requirements and environment, making the software versatile and adaptable to various operational situations, aiming for long-term success and competitiveness.

Perfective software maintenance

Perfective software maintenance support is another type of maintenance approach that is aimed at improving software functioning by adding new features in order to fulfill user preferences. In the end, it helps reach organizational goals by enhancing the software's efficiency.

Corrective software maintenance

The crucial role of corrective software maintenance in ensuring that the software systems are functioning properly again by fixing bugs, errors, and defects means that they will now be working as they should and users will be happy as they get improved performance and reliability.

Preventive software maintenance

Putting tools and technologies in place to prevent issues backed with software maintenance in the long-term perspective to improve its reliability and performance is what preventive software maintenance stands for to ensure the consistency of business operational performance.

Technologies we use for our software support services

Software maintenance and support benefits


Continuous functionality

Maintenance and support are essential for software to be running smoothly, that ensures there is no downtime keeping productivity high.


Enhanced security

Updates and patches come in on a regular basis and help to ensure the security of the data and systems from cyber threats.


Optimized performance

Enhancement and optimization of the processes boost the efficiency, speed, and final performance of the program.


Saved costs

Proactive maintenance is a cost-efficient approach to avoiding expensive downtime and avoiding repairs or replacements due to sudden failures.


Extended lifespan

One more benefit is maintenance that extends the software's life, making upgrade and replacement costs rarely incurred.


Supported scalability

Maintenance and support enhance scalability for the growing business potentials and future changes.


Better user experience

Upgrades and more functionality are conferred on projects to make them more usable. This means the projects become more intuitive and efficient.


Technical assistance

Through this service, we help customers by providing technical support and resolving software issues using the deep expertise of our specialists.