Shopify Migration Services

If you are looking to migrate to Shopify or seeking feature improvements, DigitalSuits experts can assist you with a seamless transition, eliminating any risk of data loss or downtime. You can trust us, and we will safely, easily, and quickly implement the Shopify migration.

Why should you consider Shopify migration for your business

With over 1.75 million active stores, Shopify has undoubtedly secured a significant position in the e-commerce industry. The platform enables experts to build robust e-commerce sites filled with features such as ease of use, scalability, safe and secure transactions, and more. However, transitioning to a new e-commerce platform can be unsettling for online merchants, who often perceive the migration process as risky. Nevertheless, there are cases when migration to Shopify becomes imperative, especially when the ongoing costs of the current solution become prohibitive. By meticulously planning data transfer, facilitated by a skilled team that ensures correct database and media backup, you benefit from excellent project management and a seamless migration process.

As an official Shopify and Shopify Plus partner, DigitalSuits offers expert Shopify migration services to facilitate a seamless transition from your source store to Shopify.

Features of our Shopify migration service

Seamless migration

A well-defined process and experience from our Shopify migration experts ensure a smooth transition. We will successfully migrate your store while preserving its full range of features and functionality on the Shopify platform.

Secure data transition

Shopify data migration covers products, orders, customers, categories, images, manufacturers, coupons, CMS pages, blogs, pricing/inventory, and content. Leveraging recognized extensions and a structured approach, DigitalSuits professionals will manage this process for your e-commerce store with security in mind.

Improve SEO support

Our Shopify migration company prioritizes preserving the integrity of your SEO ranking and individual page rankings. This may involve creating URL redirects or ensuring that new website URLs align precisely with the old ones. We meticulously handle metadata, URLs, and Schema to maintain your SEO strength.

Seamless product mapping

Following the completion of your Shopify store migration, your site's elements, including related products, will remain connected just as they were on your previous platform. We ensure that related products are appropriately mapped, minimizing the need for additional data entry (provided the app to be used is decided in advance, and we are aware of the product relations).

We ensure secure data migration during the transfer to Shopify

Product data

Includes names, SKUs, prices, attributes, tags, categories, and other details.

Customer data

Involves names, emails, addresses, credit card details, sign-up data, loyalty program information, reviews and ratings.

Order data

The comprehensive order history of your customer base, encompassing all customer details.

Pages and content

Product descriptions, additional sections, and design components.

Images and media

We will transfer photos, videos, gifs, and marketing banners seamlessly, maintaining their quality.

SEO settings

We will transfer all SEO data along with other information to keep your position on Google safe.