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UI/UX Design and Consulting Company

Whether it's consulting for user interface and UX design or creating unrivaled design experiences that win users' hearts, our company covers it all.

We are your most reliable choice for UI/UX design

DigitalSuits team offers custom app development and UX design services to businesses of all sizes worldwide. We believe in the substantial impact of UX design on business performance and positive customer experience with your brand. Our agency consists of skilled UI/UX developers who deliver outstanding user interface and UX design services. See how we help companies attract and retain loyal users as well as scale in an ever-changing tech market.

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Learn more about UI/UX design services offered by our company

UX audit & UI/UX consulting

Audit your existing application interface and get UI/UX recommendations to improve your application.

UI/UX design for web

We've got a proven track record in building functional web interfaces that delight users and fulfill their business goals.

UI/UX design for mobile

Our mobile design team incorporates all the guidelines and best practices to help users solve their problems on the go.

Wireframing & prototyping

We help you test and kickstart your application idea with essential elements like wireframes and prototypes.

User research

Whether it's designing surveys or interviewing users to gain valuable insights, our agency helps you with every step of the user research process.

Customer journey mapping

Understand your customers' challenges and needs to create more personalized products and services.

Graphic design studio

We're a creative UI/UX designing stuidio specializing in print and web design, logo & identity design, and brand marketing.

Usability testing

We use versatile approaches to conduct usability testing. As a result, we come up with actionable tips to enhance your user experience.

UI/UX design that goes beyond web and mobile screens

No matter what project we're working on, we always follow design best practices, strict guidelines, UX design patterns, and more. Every project starts with key steps like eliciting information about the way users interact with a website or an app, their goals and pain points, and how they typically accomplish those goals. Add thorough persona research, analysis of competitors and similar solutions, brainstorming, and you’ll see our UI/UX design workflow in action. Such a holistic approach helps us create products with pleasing and aesthetic user interfaces and satisfying user experiences.

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UI/UX design tools we use to devise delightful user experiences

Why choose our UI/UX design firm for your next project

Professional team

With more than 6 years of experience, our UI/UX developers excel at building meaningful digital products that gain positive feedback from clients and their end users.

Business-focused mindset

We don’t start a project unless we’ve elicited all the business requirements and aligned the business goals. Bringing your project to market is our priority, and we are committed to its success.

Competence in your domain

Working with e-commerce, real estate, and FinTech domains is our strong suit. However, we’ve got experience with even more versatile domains up our sleeves.

Strong UI/UX design expertise

Having built software over the years, we have developed a strong expertise in user-centric design that creates a positive user experience and achieves your business goals.

Here’s how our UI/UX design process looks


We start by outlining the business objectives and creating a plan of further cooperation.

This stage includes:

  • Interview with stakeholders
  • Communication plan
  • Roadmap


This stage includes lots of research and testing that helps us make insight-driven decisions

This stage includes:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Interview with users and stakeholders
  • Customer journey map

Concept and validation

That’s when we help you find a product-market fit and test your business idea with real users.

This stage includes:

  • Wireframes
  • High-fidelity prototypes
  • Market research

Design implementation

This is one of the key stages where we come up with a final design solution ready to hit the market

This stage includes:

  • Sitemap and information architecture
  • Production files
  • Final UI/UX design


UI/UX design doesn’t end up with a final implementation stage. Maintaining your product's success requires constant tweaking

This stage includes:

  • UX audit
  • A/B testing
  • Usability testing

Industries we work with

Why do I need UI/UX design for my project?

We won’t outline UI and UX differences because they are equally important and make your software product stand out from competitors. After all, what is UI design? It’s creating a truly appealing interface that taps into your audience and builds a recognizable brand image. UX design is what is under the hood: you can assess it only after interaction with a software product. For example, simple and intuitive navigation, timely notifications and error messages, and onboarding elements are a part of a robust UX design. Summing up, aesthetic and consistent UI/UX design results in software products that are in demand among their users.

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We fight off these UI/UX design challenges with grace

MVP testing

We provide UI/UX consulting services to prevent unfortunate situations where products fail to resonate with their target audience and solve problems.

Boosting e-commerce sales

To boost sales and enhance customer experience, we detect bottlenecks such as unclear navigation and low-quality user interface.

Defining product value

Sometimes you need a view from the outside to prepare for the next pivot or avoid scope creep. Our studio offers UI/UX consulting for your product to ensure its success.

Increasing business performance

We help companies increase efficiency and make UX design a competitive advantage through our UI/UX design services.

Gaining loyal customers

You could lose loyal customers with mediocre UI/UX design. We help you identify and address the blockers on your customers’ way.