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Web application services help to transform your internal or external processes into digital workflows, update legacy applications, or enhance the mobile user experience. Our web application developers are ready to cover all your technology needs.

Web app development services for any device and business needs

At DigitalSuits, our web application development services encompass design, development, testing, ongoing support, and maintenance. Furthermore, we can provide technology consultation and effectively implement architecture modernization or seamless migration to new web frameworks. Rest assured, with our expertise by your side, your web app journey is in good hands:

  • Proficiency in microservice migration
  • Providing innovative transformation of current architectures
  • Experts in service-oriented architecture (SOA) development
  • Reliable delivery through CI/CD methodologies
  • Strictly adhering to dedicated QA practices
  • Round-the-clock support and maintenance services
  • Skilled in a seamless integration of the power of the cloud with web solutions
  • Guaranteed improvements in UI/UX interaction
Web app development services

Web app development services from industry-leading partner

Custom web app development

Our web application development agency provides full-cycle application solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require creating a bespoke web app from the ground up, migrating your legacy backend, or optimizing existing frontend functionality, we have the expertise to fulfill all your requirements and more.

Frontend development

Providing web application development services, we create fast-loading and fully featured user interfaces to solve complex frontend challenges. We use the latest tools and frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue.js, React Native, and Next.js, to facilitate easy interaction for first-time and experienced users, helping you leverage service for better customer retention.

Backend development

We provide complex custom backend development of web applications. Get easy scaling and integration flexibility with our backend web application services. We set rules for data exchange between the database and user interface and find new ways to process data more efficiently and get cutting-edge security.

Web app API integration

We offer assistance with API development and integration. Whether you need to access data from social media platforms, integrate payment gateways, or connect with third-party services, our API integration services enable innovative and interconnected solutions that meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

Web app consulting

If you require consultation with our web app development services, our Business Analysts (BAs) will evaluate your concepts and compile a comprehensive list of your requirements and preferences. We thoroughly outline the proposed features and furnish detailed estimates of both cost and time.

Web app maintenance and support

With top-level tools and technologies for monitoring and analytics, including New Relic or Google Analytics, version control systems like Git, and automation frameworks such as Jenkins, we streamline the maintenance and support process. This way, you can enable efficient management of your web application.

Our web solutions are your step to seamless web experiences

E-commerce web apps

Boost your sales with our e-commerce web application development solutions, crafting B2B and B2C platforms equipped with diverse payment options, live chat support, and seamless product navigation. E-commerce web apps

Web portals

Partner, patient, or employee platforms facilitate the management of diverse business processes and data sharing securely and efficiently, with support for multiple user roles.Web portals

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are a superb alternative that seamlessly functions across devices, loads quickly even during peak traffic, and delivers a consistent experience across platforms and devices. Progressive web apps

Enterprise systems

To provide best-in-class enterprise software, we create solutions for effective management of the most complex business processes like insurance claims management or inventory operations. Enterprise systems

ERP systems

Track business resources such as cash, raw materials, or production capacity, as well as workflow statuses, using a custom ERP solution that seamlessly integrates with other enterprise applications.ERP systems

CRM software

If you aim to enhance your sales, marketing, and service operations, a CRM platform serves as the perfect tool to automate communication processes and elevate the customer experience. CRM software

CMS solutions

CMS simplifies the process of web app development, content creation, and maintenance. It enables non-technically minded users to efficiently manage and organize their digital content.CMS solutions

Cloud-based web apps

Try the cloud computing environment to develop highly scalable web applications, ensuring they operate seamlessly on the cloud while offering enhanced capabilities for your business.Cloud based web apps

Third-party integrations

Third-party API integration enhances any web app or MVP by adding extra functionality. We swiftly provide applications with reliable data by implementing pre-made solutions.Third party integration

Cost of web app development with DigitalSuits

The overall cost of your web application is heavily influenced by its scope and complexity. A basic application with simple features and straightforward functionalities typically costs less than a complex one with advanced features, integrations, and customizations.

For a basic web app solution comprising one backend API, one data source, one front-end application, and DevOps configuration, the costs are outlined as follows:

  • Proof of Concept: Starting at $10,000.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP): starting at $25,000.
  • Ready-made solution: starting at $30,000.

Additional costs may apply depending on the inclusion of data sources, third-party integrations, API integrations, and other customizations required from our website application development company.

Cost of web app development with DigitalSuits

Why companies pick DigitalSuits for web app development

Demonstrated skill

With years of experience in progressive web application design services, the DigitalSuits team brings proficiency and expertise to every project. We have many successful projects, which is a confirmation of our developers' ability to overcome any challenge and turn ideas into reality.

Unparalleled technical assistance

If you require assistance during or after the development process, our tech support team is readily available to provide immediate help. Our web app development service operates round-the-clock, ensuring that assistance is just a click away.

Responsive development approach

Emphasizing open communication, we adopt Agile methodologies throughout our collaboration. Our web app development company ensures project flexibility, is adaptive, and is responsive to evolving demands. Through regular iterations and improvements, we consistently deliver the high-quality web solutions you anticipate.

Innovative technology

Staying abreast of the latest advancements, our web app development company consistently explores cutting-edge technologies and adopts the newest tools and trends. We use the newest tools and technology to ensure your web application looks great everywhere.

Our web application development process


During this stage, we meticulously analyze the problem the customer aims to address with their software product and engage in discussions about the desired functionality. Obtaining comprehensive project details is paramount for our team to provide an accurate assessment of precise time and cost estimates.

Support services


We map out the user flow of the future app to let your customers get a preview of their product's appearance. Rigorous testing with real users ensures an intuitive and user-friendly nature of web application solutions. Prioritizing visual appeal in user interface (UI) design, we recognize the significance of creating a strong impression for first-time users of online businesses.



Our web app development process is segmented into short sprints, each adhering to a defined structure. Firstly, we engage in planning, followed by the development phase. Subsequently, we rigorously test the implemented functionality and proceed to release it (assuming there are no bugs), accompanied by comprehensive reporting.


Deployment and release

Following development, meticulous manual and automated testing by our quality assurance engineers to ensure the functionality of each feature, all components, data, and the completed code are deployed to production. During this pivotal stage, our custom web application development team prepares release notes.

Deployment and release

Support services

To enhance customer convenience, we offer different maintenance options. Monitoring and optimizing website performance can ensure that the website is operating at its peak performance and functioning as intended. With our regular updates, you can be sure of the smooth operation of your web application.


We are ready to offer a web app solution for your business



Our web applications are crafted for stability, ensuring consistent operation without crashes, delivering an error-free experience to end-users. We promise 99.99% uptime for all applications we deploy, assisting businesses in enhancing engagement and maintaining a steady sales flow.



Did you know that 53% of users abandon web apps that take longer than three seconds to load? That's why we use mature technologies like Ruby on Rails or React, which have proven their efficacy. Through our expertise, you can optimize these tools, ensuring that your pages load in under three seconds.


Ensuring security

Web app development company in USA adheres to the most stringent security protocols to safeguard our web products against potential risks highlighted in the OWASP Top 10, a comprehensive guideline addressing web app security. These risks encompass issues such as broken access control, cryptographic vulnerabilities, injections, and security misconfigurations.



Our web app development company prioritizes scalability, creating solutions that can grow alongside customers' evolving needs and expanding businesses. Employing fundamental principles of scalable web architecture design, we ensure that our web apps are capable of handling increased loads of up to 1,000,000 users.



We adopt a mobile-first approach to enhance the experience for the growing number of mobile users. Our web development is optimized for various mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPads, and tablets, and aligns with Google's latest mobile-first recommendations.


Carefully planned

At every stage of the software development process, we meticulously plan each step. This strategic approach led to achieving an impressive 96% on-time and within-budget delivery rate for projects. We mitigate potential pitfalls such as scalability or performance issues that could otherwise lead to increased bounce rates.

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We’ve got tremendous experience in custom development for e-commerce and building apps with platforms like Shopify.