Digital product development company

Digital product development company

DigitalSuits offers top-notch digital product development services. We will help you easily integrate digital technologies into your business process. We bring digital ideas to life through agile and scalable solutions for improving business performance.

The services our digital product development agency provides

In order to stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape, it's essential to equip your business with the latest digital resources. The dedicated professionals at DigitalSuits are here to assist you in digital product design and development. We possess all the essential tools required for seamlessly integrating digital technologies into your business operations. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, we tailor our approach to every client, placing paramount importance on aligning our solutions with your strategic aims and objectives. Our digital product agency excels in crafting adaptable websites, mobile apps, e-commerce platforms, and various other digital assets that align with the contemporary expectations of consumers.

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"Thinking of product development as a series of experiments leads to stronger designs." Navin Iyengar

Digital product development services we offer

Concept discovery

With the help of assessing project development and software architecture designing, we will check software components' interactions and connections to ensure the quality of a future product.

Prototype development

Our digital product development company excels at designing and developing prototypes for a variety of industries, including product design, software development, and manufacturing.

MVP development

An MVP allows to proactively test the market, get real feedback from early adopters or get funded. It allows us to verify the product idea, analyze demand for the product and prove business assumptions.

Product market-fit

DigitalSuits can help your business navigate the competitive landscape. Our digital product company can make your product or service more appealing to your target market.

Product scaling

Our team excels at developing roadmaps and action plans that allow for a smooth and effective shift to higher scales. We are here to give the skills required to ensure a successful expansion.

Support & maintenance

Our digital development agency offers assistance in any unexpected software issues, maintenance updates, and improvements, as well as fixing bugs and providing required upgrades.

More of our digital product development services

IT сonsulting

IT сonsulting

DigitalSuits, a digital product development firm, provides specialist IT consultancy services and commercial IT assistance to address your IT-related issues.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

We enable you to meet consumer expectations and thrive in the digital age by providing the best technology adoption and change management solutions.

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Our dedicated team regularly generates high-quality project results. DigitalSuits works with all of its clients on digital product development.

UI/UX design

UI/UX design

You can truly attract the attention of users if your design is of good quality. Our digital product design company is eager to assist you in making your innovative ideas a reality.

DevOps services

DevOps services

All complicated automation and coordination of software development life cycle operations such as development, security, testing, and deployment are covered by the services.

Software testing and QA

Software testing and QA

These digital product solutions are linked to manual and automated testing of the solutions' features and functionality in order to ensure smooth system performance.

Benefits of our digital product development

Strong team

Successful digital approach requires, first and foremost, the right team. DigitalSuits is a team of middle and senior developers who have in-depth knowledge in different domains and can create innovative solutions you need.


We are not only about the coding, we care about your effective product development process. We know how important it is to avoid threats and failures so that the project yields you the best result.


By hiring our digital product development agency, you do not worry about recruiting, staffing, or managing issues as you pay only for development hours. That’s why our digital services development is cost-effective.

Clear communication

Clear and transparent communication is everything for us. We care about transparency, which is why we provide weekly progress reports, regular status meetings, and demos by milestones.

Our digital product software development solutions

SaaS development expert

We have a track record of developing profitable SaaS applications for our clients.card image

Cloud-based applications

Utilize the benefits of cloud computing with the assistance of vetted professionals.card image

Web app development

Build your own web app to add accessibility, tracking, and more power to your business.card image

E-commerce development

You should take advantage of the internet era and take your business online.card image

Enterprise software

Keep track of specifics. Create reports that make your life as a business owner easier.card image

CMS website

Create a CMS website to operate your marketing, corporate, or any other website.card image

Digital product development process

  • Discovery stage

    At this stage we determine general ideas of the project, the scope of work, the terms of the project and the competitiveness of the future product.

    Idea validation

    We help to identify whether your business idea is viable. By gathering marketing requirements, analyzing your needs and demands, as well as competitive solutions, we assist in defining your potential users, avoiding possible risks, and make your product unique.

    Gather requirements

    By identifying your key requirements, we prioritize features and functionality and the order of their creation. That results in building a defined priority backlog and project vision. This way you get the best digital product development service.

    Defined priority backlog

    It is a description of the stack of features and the order of their implementation with accurate detail elaboration to ensure essential end-users needs and meet all your business goals.

    Project vision

    Refers to the complete project idea description. You will get a detailed outline of features and key characteristics of the product, what benefits and strengths your product will offer, and a short competitive analysis to help your product to find its niche.


    After project requirements we create a product visualization. Usually, it represents the initial product concept, page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, functionality, and intended behavior. Here you can see product styling, color and graphics, at the minimum level.

    Infrastructure architecture

    We define what infrastructure architecture will best suit your business needs. It includes different modules and development environments to provide system operation, the ability to scale, or the ability to support mobile devices and ensure proper security.

    Estimation of the project

    By evaluating all your requirements, we will define the cost, time, and resources required for project implementation. To optimize the budget, we also define potential risks to minimize their impact on the project and its cost.

  • Development stage

    This is the main stage at which the team develops a product according to the needs of the client, depending on the chosen technology stack.

    MVP development

    We create a digital product that supports minimal must-have features and scalable architecture. You can the product functionality, get real users’ feedback, and, effectively develop a fully-fledged product that integrates users’ suggestions.

    Proof of concept

    PoC building includes the process of testing whether your idea is feasible. By creating a minimal functioning prototype we will check whether key features of the future product are going to work within the proposed technology.

  • Delivery stage

    The final stage where we test the product, deploy it to the production environment and provide support of the product.

    Testing process

    Includes all manual and automated testing procedures to remove bugs and ensure smooth system operation. Our quality assurance systems are built on our commitment to delivering a properly tested digital product.

    Continual maintenance

    By providing all necessary upgrades and improvements to digital products, we make sure your software will be up-to-date and competitive in fast-changing business reality and digital transformation.

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