Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation Services

Looking to strengthen your company's team or need the right people for a special project? DigitalSuits can give you exactly what you're after. We've got your back in IT staff augmentation and we'll make sure you are satisfied and content in every step of the way.

Staff augmentation services our company provides

If you need software engineers with specific skills to fill gaps in your team, our IT staff augmentation company can help you balance progress and cost effectively. You can easily adjust your team's size based on your current project needs. Moreover, you can save time and money due to the lack of paperwork and long hiring processes.

DigitalSuits is a top staff augmentation firm in Ukraine with many solutions for your staffing needs. Our remote developers can join your in-house team to help with desktop, mobile, or web development, giving you the support you need. Staff augmentation services have become a crucial tool for firms seeking agility, efficiency, and access to specialized capabilities in today's dynamic business climate. Our company is committed to assisting you in achieving your business objectives by supplementing your team with top-tier expertise. You can unlock the potential of your organization and stay ahead of the competition by working with us.

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Explore more details about our IT augmentation services

Add extra force to your existing project

Add more skilled people to your team and finish a great project on time. Use our IT team augmentation services to create teams with different skills for your business.

Vendor transition

Our staff augmentation company makes the process of changing vendors smooth and efficient. We can pick up your project even if it's already in progress.

Short-term talent augmentation

Use this hiring model when you need to hire tech talent for short-term cooperation. We have teams ready to start, and we also have a pool of top-notch candidates who fit your expectations.

Long-term extended team

You can hire a developer with the right technical and interpersonal skills for long-term cooperation. You can oversee their work, and we'll handle everything else considering IT team augmentation.

Niche solutions by our IT staff augmentation company

Shopify development

Shopify development

As a staff augmentation services company, we've reviewed over 100 rounds of Shopify feedback. As a result, we developed a thorough list of potential review problems that we shared with our customers. This knowledge can help you speed up the Shopify app listing process.

SaaS development

SaaS development

What sets us apart from other software developers is our distinct SaaS solutions. We simplify SaaS development through our unique approach, which reduces the time needed for planning and setup. Our dedication lies in consistently delivering reliable results as a staff augmentation service firm.

Software product development

Software product development

Our team consists of highly experienced software developers. We have a wide range of skills and knowledge to handle your project in the best way. You can rely on us to deliver results that will meet all your business expectations, considering software team augmentation.

Get staff augmentation consulting from our teams

Web developers

Expand your IT team with talented and experienced web programmers who are skilled in staff augmentation IT.card image

Software developers

Our skillful software developers are ready to offer you the ultimate staff augmentation solutions. card image

UX/UI designers

You can have help from our experienced designers for a short time or for a long time depending on your needs.UX_UI designers

Software testers

To check your technology staff augmentation, you can add some quality assurance engineers to your team.card image

DevOps engineers

Ease the pressure on your development team by following the best DevOps methods concerning team augmentation services. card image

Project managers

Our project managers possess top knowledge of software development staff augmentation. card image

Why choose our software staff augmentation company

Motivated developers

Empower your team with motivated developers through our IT augmentation model. These developers, while not your in-house staff, blend smoothly into your project, becoming an integral part of your journey.

Full support

We assign a dedicated account manager to help you find the perfect solution for technical team augmentation. Your remote team members receive all the vital administrative, HR, accounting, and legal support they need.

Cooperation of any length

You have the freedom to expand your in-house IT department for as long as you need in our flexible model. Be it a quick project or a long-term endeavor, we've got the right solution for you.

Direct communication

No middleman here! You'll have direct contact with your extended team for technical staff augmentation. Schedule calls, standups, and meetings at your convenience, just like you would with an on-site team.

Simple extension

Kick off your journey with DigitalSuits by bringing individual developers on board for a brief period. As your project progresses, you can gradually expand your remote development team.

Flexible project management

Take the reins and lead your team directly, ensuring you have complete control over your project. If you prefer, you can also appoint a part-time or full-time project manager to handle the management tasks for you.

IT staff augmentation service process with DigitalSuits

Analysis of your needs

After the meeting, our tech, business, and recruitment teams will join forces to thoroughly assess your talent requirements from various perspectives. To get the hiring process started, we'll explore our internal talent pool, as well as the vast external market, to provide the best team augmentation service.


We'll present you to a group of carefully selected individuals who not only bring a strong mix of technical and interpersonal skills, but also fit well with the culture of your core team. These applicants will match your exact requirements concerning staff augmentation services.


We propose a two-step interview approach: first, to evaluate how well the candidates align with your business goals, and then to gauge their technical skills. If you'd like, we can handle each interview, guiding the discussion and keeping records of the process.


Once you've found the right candidates, we'll help you integrate them into your team as smoothly as possible. In our staff augmentation collaboration, we prioritize you, the consumer. We'll collaborate to improve team performance, ensuring that it corresponds with your project goals.


At DigitalSuits, we are committed to the development of our technology experts. We offer specialized skill training, communication training, and English classes. This dedication has resulted in our company providing top-notch IT staff augmentation services.

IT skills available for hire at DigitalSuits

We recognize that staying competitive in the digital age necessitates a dynamic and agile staff. As a result, we provide a varied collection of IT skills to meet your individual needs. Years of expertise, creativity, and innovation are brought to the table by our professionals, ensuring that your projects are in skilled hands.

When you work with us, you gain access to a network of brilliant people who are dedicated to providing excellent outcomes. Your success is our first priority, and we're thrilled to be your IT partner in reaching your goals.

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Check out other services DigitalSuits provides

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

DigitalSuits excels at delivering customized development teams that meet the specific demands of organizations. Our experienced staff are not just knowledgeable but also deeply committed to the success of your initiatives.

Software development outsourcing

Software development outsourcing

Our outsourcing software development company opens doors to new business opportunities by offering outstanding software development services. We offer you the chance to work with top-notch tech experts and simplify the process of creating efficient teams.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Our IT outsourcing company provides businesses with high-quality final products at the most competitive developer rates. DigitalSuits' strategy blends cutting-edge technology, in-depth business knowledge, and competence across different industries.

IT consulting services

IT consulting services

We provide top-tier IT consulting services, as well as practical strategies and cutting-edge solutions. With DigitalSuits IT consulting, you can maximize the returns on your technology investments while also driving innovation.

Benefits of IT staff augmentation services our company provides


No recruitment difficulties

Our IT augmentation services save your firm the time and effort required to find development professionals. We conduct the screening procedure and distribute the CVs of individuals who have already been checked.


Lower operational costs

Avoid taxes, office space, and equipment prices to reduce your business's expenditures. Invest your costs in the things that will actually be good for your company.


Fewer legal issues

With our IT augmentation services, we act as the official employers of your new team members. Our company deals with all the legal matters and paperwork instead of you. This way you can focus on your business.


Access to vetted talent

DigitalSuits gives you instant access to a wide pool of talented individuals at reasonable rates. Boost your team with certified software experts.


Strict deadlines

Improve your technical skills when you have a short window of time. Our development team is working hard to ensure that the project is completed on time.


Full control