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Building a Shopify store from scratch for cosmetic production and fragrance subscription brand

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Scentbird is a US-based company that focuses on cosmetics production and its distribution. It has a few brands and product categories that are keenly discussed by women and published by popular magazines worldwide (i.e., CNN, Marie Claire, Harper's BAZAAR). We started our collaboration with a project called Goodhabit. This is a new brand of skincare cosmetics protecting skin from the blue light of phones, laptops, and TV screens. The date of the project release coincided with the start of quarantine due to COVID-19, so it became unbelievably successful.

Business needs

The client was looking for a solution that would cover two major objectives: show products’ uniqueness along with creating a positive user experience and draw attention to the global environmental problems. The company suggested that consumers join their community and get annual free delivery, constant 10% discount, at the same time contributing 5% from each order to charity.

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We started working on the project by brainstorming and creating a use-case diagram. Analyzing the holistic user flow, we came up with a few options of how to develop a membership system in the right way. Our team created "Membership" versions for all items by using JavaScript in combination with Liquid. It helped us to automate checking each user’s membership and change prices on his/her shopping cart. So, if a user paid for community membership, he/she saw the product prices with a discount. Also, we created a positive user experience through modern UI/UX website design.


Now we are ready to share the great results of the work we did. More than 80% of users bought a membership, so we can say that people are interested in new technological cosmetics and don't want to stand aside from the global problems. As a result, our client has an online-shop that generates a good income and helps to raise business globally.

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