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Headless e-commerce website development for the innovation-fueled men’s skincare brand

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Building a custom e-commerce website with headless technology



Cooperation model

Dedicated Team



Partnership period

October 2022 – March 2023

Improvements plan

Discovery phase, Requirements, and estimation analysis, Prototyping, and designing, MVP release

Team size

Team Lead, developer, QA, PM


Shopify Plus, Storyblok CMS, JS, SCSS, HTML, React, Typescript, Instant Commerce, Instant Commerce SDK, Tailwind CSS

About the client

We’ve been working with the client for a while on a number of different projects. Namza, a men's cosmetics line, is their latest venture. Namza is a contemporary brand that blends natural components with advanced technology to produce eco-friendly and potent formulas for grooming products. We're excited to be a part of this project, help our client launch their new line of men's cosmetics and ensure that their brand achieves success.

Namza About the Client section

About the product

Namza is a skincare brand that values natural ingredients and the latest technology in creating products. They produce their beauty goods with utmost care for nature, incorporating organic components such as aloe vera, chamomile, and green tea, to create distinctive formulations that effectively nourish and revitalize the skin. They were eager to create an e-commerce experience that reflects their brand identity, and we gathered a team to help them. We worked in partnership with Instant Commerce for this project to get their store running.

Namza about the product
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Challenges overview

The headless commerce case objective was to create a new e-commerce experience for the men’s skincare products brand, expanding its audience and increasing sales. The client wanted to go headless and use Shopify and Instant Commerce. The front-end part was developed with Instant Commerce, while the back-end part (like orders, products, emails, and user data) was left on Shopify.

The project faced several challenges during the development process. The client requested a unique design that was not included in Instant Commerce's standard design set. The Instant Commerce platform is new, so it has some restrictions, and some requested features were not available.

To address the challenges, we cooperated closely with the Instant Commerce team to discuss and find solutions to the problem, adding missing features and overcoming restrictions. Our proposed solution was to develop a specific code and customization with the Instant Commerce team's help to create a unique design that met our client's requirements.

Namza Challenges overview

Our solution

We offered a solution that focused on close collaboration with the Instant Commerce team to develop workarounds and find options for any missing features or restrictions. Our partnership helped us to implement a unique design that met the client's requirements, and we were able to develop the website with all the desired features.


We designed a simple and intuitive navigation system that facilitates getting the desired content effortlessly and helps make purchases effortlessly. card image

About us page

The About Us page presents detailed information about the company's history and team members. As a result, potential customers can trust and have confidence in the company.card image

Contact form

A contact form simplifies the process of generating leads and inquiries. It also helps streamline communication and ensure that all inquiries are directed to the appropriate department or individual within the company.card image


The blog offers valuable information and insights related to the company's industry. The company can use the blog to position itself as a thought leader and engage with potential clients.card image

Social media integration

The website features social media icons linked to the company's profiles, enabling users to interact with the company on multiple platforms.card image


Through our e-commerce success story with the Instant Commerce team, our experts implemented the headless website development that met the client's specifications. All implemented features work seamlessly together and create an excellent user experience. Our solution satisfies the client's requirements, making it a successful step into the e-commerce world. Now we are in the second phase and discussing the implementation of some more complex features. For instance, with our custom discount feature, the client will be able to add discount codes to orders and see the price difference displayed clearly. Plus, we're adding geolocation pop-ups and a free shipping element to make the shopping experience even smoother.

As a result, the company got:

  • A unified frontend that supports five languages and achieves twice the speed compared to a non-headless system
  • An enhanced user experience and easier website maintenance
  • Consistency across different devices, platforms, and languages, facilitating website navigation
  • More efficient management of the website, with a single codebase that can be used across multiple channels
  • Possibility to streamline e-commerce store operations
Namza case study result
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