Custom Shopify store development for a company specializing in gifting emotional experiences


Building a unique Shopify website a US-based gifting platform


San Diego, California, USA

Cooperation model

Time and Material

Partnership period

September 2022 - ongoing

Improvements plan

Requirements and Estimation analysis, Product Development, QA testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Product Release.

Team size

Project Manager, a Back-end Developer, two Front-end Developers, a Tester, a designer, and a Tech Lead.


Shopify, Node.js, JavaScript, Fastify, Mailchimp, HTML/CSS, JS, PostgreSQL, Custom Shopify admin app that includes the backend part (certificates generation and their sending to the emails).

About the client

Creating something entirely new from scratch isn't a small task, but it's a challenge that we embraced. Emotcia is a visionary startup hailing from San Diego, California. The company is undeniably one of the freshest attempts at introducing new services in California, USA, at the moment. In 2022, they unveiled a groundbreaking creative idea that we're excited to bring to life.

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About the product

Emotcia started their business path with a revolutionary idea to sell experience through the e-commerce website and reached out to us for technical support. To make the unusual offer real, we needed to provide custom development and let the Emotcia team offer users the ability to purchase and experience emotions as tangible products. Starting the journey with Emotcia, we decided that Shopify would be the best fit for their needs with its continuous advancements and innovations. Offering rich native customizations Shopify can help us to create a special software product with unique functionality.

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Challenges overview

In taking care of the finest details of the Emotcia project, we created a website that helps our client benefit from a cost-effective solution while providing the high standard of user experience they had come to expect. We presented a series of unique features to a native Shopify solution and created a custom, innovative website. With a focus on developing the solution through a series of data-driven experiments and connecting customizations and effective management, our client now can benefit from:


Emotion bundles

For the project, users need to bundle five emotions together, effectively making each purchase a complex transaction. We created a seamless system for bundling and activation that became the base of the intricate custom solution.


Real-time emotion selection

To create an immersive customer experience, we needed to provide real-time suggestions and logical prompts to guide users in selecting emotions. By developing a custom logic system integrated with the Shopify e-commerce platform, our experts let Emotcia clients easily navigate a store unlike any other.


Unique status certification

For each purchase, the system needed to generate a unique status certificate that was crucial for tracking and delivering emotions. With a focus on data security and accuracy, our experts designed and implemented this certificate system creating unique platform capabilities.


Flexibility and gift options

Emotcia wanted to provide users with the flexibility to repurpose any remaining funds for other services by providing gift cards to their regular clients. This required us to add a layer of customization letting our client get the most out of the solution.


Integration with third-party services

For a smooth and secure user experience, we integrated such third-party services as email providers and payment gateways to create a digital experience that truly matched Emotcia's specific needs.


User accessibility and compliance

There is a strict demand for any website in the USA to be adapted for users with various abilities. Thus our experts needed to comply with accessibility standards to ensure an inclusive experience.

The solution

In collaboration with Emotcia, we created a unique store that stands apart from the rest. Emotcia's new digital flagship platform is built natively on Shopify, providing their clients with the perfect experience and the ability to purchase bundles of emotions. With the Shopify platform, our customizations, and the development of unique functionalities, the new website is equipped with a system for intelligent product suggestions and granting a status certificate for each customer. We have also adhered to all the necessary standards for customers, ensuring that all client’s needs are satisfied, even their most special ones.

Additionally, we have incorporated features to prevent duplicate orders, provide real-time suggestions and logical prompts to ensure both the happiness of Emotcia's customers and the business's profitability. Each purchase is secured with a unique status certificate for tracking and delivering emotions. Third-party services like email providers and payment gateways were specifically designed to make the online checkout process safe and smooth. We used all our development triggers to help the company connect with social media and increase their sales.

Beyond the initial development phase, the project required our continuous support and expansion. Our developers have been helping Emotcia's ambitions to grow the brand and address new challenges to meet new goals.

Emotcia: The solution

The result

Our custom development resulted in significant conversion rates and revenue growth for Emotcia. The new platform is fast and accessible with a single tap, giving Emotcia clients the perfect e-commerce adventure. Leveraging the Emotcia concept and our technical expertise, we have been breaking new ground in e-commerce, by making emotions tangible and providing an unmatched user experience. Emotcia knew their unusual services could be a huge success right around the USA but they needed an e-commerce website that was flexible and powerful enough to match their e-commerce ambitions.

Achieving success in e-commerce demands an ongoing process of constant review and optimization. We are continuously seeking enhanced technologies and techniques that can offer the Emotcia website the crucial competitive advantage they need. Opening doors for long-term business success, we created an emotionally engaging website and let Emotcia keep themselves apart from the competition. Collaboration with Emotcia laid the foundation for our longstanding and prosperous partnership.

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Kateryna Sheremet
Kateryna SheremetKateryna Sheremet
Emotcia, LLC
"Their project management approach prevents miscommunications and facilitates a collaborative process."
DigitalSuits experts are proficient in Shopify development and not only. They know how to manage projects efficiently and deal with cornerstones. Our partner established a predictable, efficient, and transparent process that ensured the project was implemented according to agreed timeframes. With a highly motivated and productive team, they helped us achieve the high-level goals of the project. DigitalSuits did their best to build and launch our new website. We are satisfied with the quality of the final product. Thanks to their incredible work, we got a website for customers to purchase great event gifts.
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