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Dedicated teams’ benefits

Dedicated teams’ benefits

Boost your development capacity
Launch products faster with an experienced team and total access to a talent pool in your business niche.
Get control and manage business processes
Coordinate the team’s workflow, deadlines, and working hours to reach the proper KPIs of your project.
Cut expenses
Hiring dedicated full-time employees gives an opportunity to forecast exact monthly expenses. It’s also cheaper than hiring your own specialists, especially if the team is located in another country.
Be time-saving
The remote team allows you to speed up the development process, as there is no need to find and hire in-house staff.
Get access to a talent pool
Ukraine has a large pool of technical talent, which includes 300,000+ engineers. Get access to the experience of competent Ukrainian dedicated software developers.
Cooperate transparently
We value our reputation and provide transparent document flow, communication, time planning and team selection.
Focus on core business needs
There is no need for formal recruitment, monitoring of productivity and motivation.
Involve an experienced team
There are industries in which it is difficult to find performers with experience. The format of the collaboration with dedicated development company implies that a unique solution will be found that is uncommon.
Work at competitive prices
Numbers vary, but the average outsourced software developer rate is two to three times lower than the rate of dedicated software development in the USA, EU, or Israel.
Change the team according to tasks
The selected team is flexible — in accordance with the current requirements and tasks, you can hire new specialists. Rotation is morally more comfortable for cooperation than dismissal workers.
Take a focused approach to full-time employees
The team involved in the project will focus exclusively on it. Experts will not be busy with other tasks in parallel, creating possible distractions.
Accept knowledge sharing
A dedicated software team will share their experience at no cost with your regular staff and discuss the nuances of your project. Get feedback and answers to your questions in real time.

Dedicated development team set up process

  • Mark out your needs and growing points

    Tell us about the story, needs, and expectations of your business so we can set relevant and realistic requirements for candidates. Describe your team and functionality. We can start cooperation by hiring one remote developer or creating a whole cross-functional team. At this stage, we organize a meeting with executives in order to find an effective way to control the work process.
  • Confirm the team of remote developers establishing

    Our recruiters create a selection of candidates in accordance with pre-agreed requirements. Selected candidates are screened, interviewed, and filtered by our recruiters. You get experts and arrange as many rounds of interviews as necessary to make sure you are hiring professionals. You can use tests, face-to-face communication, request sample cases, or host real-time programming sessions.
  • Indorse the start of cooperation

    We provide remote developers with equipped workplaces and all the necessary tools. Recruiters and team leaders will take care of the onboarding process, progress, and effective performance of employees. All administrative hassle such as taxes, vacations, motivation remains under our control.
  • Evaluate the scale and effectiveness

    We keep your data, intellectual property, network and employees safe. Additional security measures can be taken depending on your needs. To create a comfortable and friendly work environment and give your remote developers the opportunity to team up, we regularly organize team buildings, conferences, and brainstorming sessions. For each dedicated team and specialist, we set an HR manager who coordinates the work process and organizational issues under frames of outsourcing software development company. Your HR or Account Manager will be responsible for facilitating performance analysis, assessment of the satisfaction with work after 1, 2, 6 months, a year after starting work and twice a year if your cooperation lasts 12 months, analysis of feedback on the quality of work and professional growth and discussing things you like and identifying areas for improvement.

Why partner with us?

Work with projects of various sizes

We cooperate with businesses of all sizes and could show you our experience in working with projects in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, and Israel on cases.

Open to cooperation and partnership

We work with the whole world and are ready to help and advise your business, regardless of location. Improved collaboration and faster velocity is made possible, as our team uses established best practices to be a reliable counterpart.

Look at the projects comprehensively

Digital transformation optimizes the business and helps it scale. We help to integrate intelligent digital technologies into all business processes, that's more than covering point-by-point issues.

Grow with your projects

Our teams delve deeper into your project to understand in more detail the goals and objectives. We are accustomed to carefully and meaningfully perform even the smallest tasks.

Find flexible solutions

Whether it's a first-stage startup or a large-scale corporation, we use our services to help the company flourish. Large-scale changes are not always needed, we adaptively apply solutions to the tasks and scale of the project

An adherence to deadlines

Working with us, you can be sure that everything starts with discipline. Our team works for quality, and the fulfillment of duties shows the level of our corporate culture and empathy for the success of our clients’ business.

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Customer reviews

We believe in high-quality work that speaks of itself. Here is what our customers say about us.
David Olkovetsky
"We were 100% aligned that DigitalSuits was the best agency for us. Their team is extremely responsive and always tries to help."
We hired DigitalSuits to develop our website in conjunction with our designer. Our goals were to get the site pixel-perfect compared to our designs. We also needed some help ensuring that our site logic was correct for a variety of things like add-on products, variants. The site needed to be responsive for mobile and flexible in a variety of ways. Our store was built in Shopify. DigitalSuits are a pleasure to work with. Leadership is involved in every step of the process. They're also extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards. They'll keep making changes until you're satisfied.

Frequently asked questions

Dedicated software development teams refers to a model of collaboration between the client and the software development service provider, in which the client receives a team of experts with the right specialists. This team temporarily becomes part of your internal team that solves a specific problem or task.

The software development team may include:

  • front-end and back-end engineers;
  • quality assurance engineers;
  • UX/UI designers;
  • devOps;
  • project managers;
  • team leaders.

We form a group of technical specialists individually for the purpose of the project. All our specialists in this format of cooperation have experience in development in your niche.

For the duration of the contract, team members are effectively your employees. You could communicate with them and evaluate the volume of work done or delegate the monitoring of progress and effectiveness to us. At the same time, the success of the team and the KPIs of each individual member are assessed to track the effectiveness of the partnership.

In this collaboration model, you pay for the results you get. No coffee, no vacation, no time off, and no scrolling through social media.

Cooperation with dedicated development company is ideal if you have:

  • a startup;
  • a big project that is expected to grow rapidly;
  • to create or edit an MVP;
  • to bring improvements to product features and don’t know the needs and requests of the target market.

You don’t need to spend time and budget on creating office space, working conditions and purchasing equipment for a new remote team. The experts will work in the vendor company’s office and stay monitored by their HR.

The companies that provide the team take care of the legal aspects of hiring and the issues that relate to intellectual property. We use industry standard protocols in the protection of rights and property in the following 3 ways:

  • The non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Ensures the confidentiality of its company's data. Contains information about what is considered confidential and not subject to disclosure.

  • Terms of Reference (SOW). Indicates the terms and conditions of the project, intermediate and final results, requirements for the future project, among others. The terms of reference can confirm the emergence of an idea when clarifying intellectual property rights.

  • General Services Agreement (MSA). Describes the degree of cooperation with the outsourcing service provider, payment terms, dispute resolution and intellectual property rights.

With the Dedicated Team model, you own the copyright for all the work done by the team and individual experts.

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