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Software Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development services we provide

Product development

The complete process of your software product development and delivering it to the market.card image

Web development

Creation of a website or application, which provides stable and robust service and an exceptional experience.card image


Implementing manual, automated, and end-to-end tests that validate the correctness of the software, the user experience and manually report bugs.card image

E-commerce solutions

Development of an e-store and other e-commerce sales channel that allows your users to purchase goods and services in a convenient way.card image

SaaS solutions

Running cloud technologies that help to use the software as an online service without installing it through a browser or API, stay cost-effective, agile and versatile. card image

UI/UX design

Interface building that provides human-centered, customer-oriented, and inclusively designed digital products.card image

IT consulting

Tech consulting in the field of custom software development for determining and building an efficient network architecture to provide services that your business needs.card image

Digital transformation

Integration of technologies and updates within the organization for optimizing business processes, systematization, management and analyzing digital data.card image

Dedicated team

Collaboration between the client and the software development service provider, in which the client receives unique expertise without administrative hassle, problems with searching and identifying potential staff talents. card image

Maintenance and support

Continuing the development of new and future features, fixing existing bugs, or providing support in the field of legacy updates. card image

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Benefits of outsourcing software development

Talent shortage
Hire professionals who will spot the lack of competencies. You don’t need to employ an employee permanently and invest in his training to achieve outstanding results.
Lack of expertise
Gain access to industry professionals with unique experience. Engage experts in this matter in solving strategic problems and pay for the result, not the process of the work done.
Cost optimization
The outsourcing format will cost the company less than in-house employment. An HR manager is assigned to each specialist of an outsource software development company. Specialists track progress and don’t allow deviations in the plan and scope of work.
Talent accessibility
Take advantage of the opportunity of experienced experts who have passed more than one business challenge and are ready to share their competencies. Usually, such experts are not available for other formats of cooperation.
Quick kick off
An immediate start means that we’re collaborating on temporary sprints that you control.
Administrative hassle
Avoiding troubles in deadlines, taxation periods, vacations, sick leaves, other time measures and payments.

Partnering with us, you will get

Specific domain expertise

Involve developers who can ensure reliable project execution within their competence, these are highly skilled specialists who work in a specific domain.

Reduced project risks

Flexible partnership reduces the risks associated with burnout of the team, failure to meet the deadline and not delivering the highest possible quality.

Improved security

Don’t view cybersecurity as an additional operating expense, our cybersecurity staff have the support they need to keep all project data safe from leakage and deletion.

Immediate start

Launch the project as planned in the timeline, all specialists cooperate to start work; you do not need to hold meetings with different teams and specialists to set goals and work plans.

Cut costs

Reduce project financial risks through the leveling of force majeure, disruptions in the delivery of sprints, and untimely launch of projects.

Increased project productivity

Reduce project financial risks through the leveling of force majeure, disruptions in the delivery of sprints and untimely launch of projects.

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Industries in which we're experts

  • Retail

    Tech solutions that improve the quality of the sales funnel and take customer experience to a new level:

    • development of online stores from scratch and migration of e-commerce objects;
    • setting up retail CRM systems for managing databases of contacts and stocks of products;
    • assessment and automation of repetitive tasks in business processes;
    • manual and automatic testing of the online store functionality.
  • Real Estate

    Create technical products that will help to systematize and visualize real estate entities, maintain the quality of communication with the clients and encourage them toward targeted action:

    • multifunctional and simplified software for real estate management;
    • tools for assessment and reporting into existing software;
    • integrations with accounting systems for companies without the risks and fuss associated with third-party platforms;
    • development of CRM and ERP from scratch or improving your existing integration for accelerating any ongoing process and making data-driven decisions.
  • Insurance

    Provide an uninterrupted process of insurance services:

    • help to optimize payment processing;
    • systematize document workflow;
    • provide customer support around the clock;
    • make the registration of insurance cases operative.
  • Legal Services

    We introduce technical solutions that help to:

    • identity workflow and management fraud;
    • implement calendar functions to manage appointments, invitations, and internal communications on a centralized platform;
    • develop mobile apps in the legal management niche that allow lawyers to build case chains, delegate tasks, and exchange SMS with clients;
    • implement cloud solutions that include video conferencing, communication portals for users and the community.
  • Online Events

    Exciting, entertaining and educational — the goals of events vary, and our event technologies are creating:

    • organization of online exhibitions, training, and live webinars via specialized event websites;
    • registration forms for events of different complexities;
    • video streaming platforms for meetings, training sessions and networking events with the ability to communicate;
    • mobile apps for events that reflect the brand’s concept and help to attract customers, partners and sponsors.

Outsourcing software development process

  • Mark out your needs and growing points

    Tell us about the story, needs, and expectations of your business so we can set relevant and realistic requirements for candidates. Describe your team and functionality. We can start cooperation by hiring one remote developer or creating a whole cross-functional team. At this stage, we organize a meeting with executives in order to find an effective way to control the work process.
  • Confirm the team of remote developers establishing

    Our recruiters create a selection of candidates in accordance with pre-agreed requirements. Selected candidates are screened, interviewed, and filtered by our recruiters. You get experts and arrange as many rounds of interviews as necessary to make sure you are hiring professionals. You can use tests, face-to-face communication, request sample cases, or host real-time programming sessions.
  • Indorse the start of cooperation

    We provide remote developers with equipped workplaces and all the necessary tools. Recruiters and team leaders will take care of the onboarding process, progress, and effective performance of employees. All administrative hassle such as taxes, vacations, motivation remains under our control.
  • Evaluate the scale and effectiveness

    We keep your data, intellectual property, network and employees safe. Additional security measures can be taken depending on your needs. To create a comfortable and friendly work environment and give your remote developers the opportunity to team up, we regularly organize team buildings, conferences, and brainstorming sessions. For each dedicated team and specialist, we set an HR manager who coordinates the work process and organizational issues under frames of outsourcing software development company. Your HR or Account Manager will be responsible for facilitating performance analysis, assessment of the satisfaction with work after 1, 2, 6 months, a year after starting work and twice a year if your cooperation lasts 12 months, analysis of feedback on the quality of work and professional growth and discussing things you like and identifying areas for improvement.

Check our cases

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Cloud RPA Solution for a Modern Law Firm Laurus

Laurus is a modern law firm based in the United Kingdom. The solution was to introduce digital transformation to the company. It included integration of the BPMN Workflow Engine RPA system for automation of manual tasks and development of two separate applications for gathering, sharing client information and other documentation between the company offices.
Cloud RPA Solution for a Modern Law Firm Laurus
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Insurtech Marketplace for Claim Technology

The idea is to provide digital transformation services to insurance companies by using the platform. It covers the following major goals: optimizing the interaction between clients and insurance companies, speeding up data processing, as a result, reducing the costs of administration work.
Insurtech Marketplace for Claim Technology
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Dashboard for Evolve Markets

Evolve Markets is a US-based broker that developed a platform for users who want to leverage trading of crypto, FX, stocks, commodities, and indices. They were looking for a software development partner to elaborate on the UI part of the dashboard.
Dashboard for Evolve Markets

Frequently asked questions

Outsourcing software company allows you to get high-quality software products in a cost-efficient way: from total customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom solutions. There are three key software development outsourcing models to work with:

  • dedicated teams for long-term projects with evolving requirements;
  • fixed price contracts work best for small and medium projects with clearly defined requirements;
  • part-time contracts based on the hourly rate of an IT specialist.

Partnering with an outsourced software development company means an efficient form of cooperation: with tracking of deadlines, budgeting and reduced project risks. One of the goals of outsourcing is cost optimization. Some companies can save up to 30 % of their budgets. Your software outsource company will be responsible for all HR, administration and infrastructure management processes, which also helps you reduce costs.

It depends on the scale and objectives of your project. In any case, shift to another outsourcing model, if the format of your business requires it. A Project manager takes care of all issues related to the development and launch of your product. You can always consult with us before making a decision.

In the outsourcing format, the terms of the outsourcing services software are determined by the terms of cooperation and the client.

You get the final result of work and hourly tracking of working hours from our specialists. At DigitalSuits, employees are deeply immersed in project processes and listen to edits and comments. We also believe that it is better and more efficient to introduce all the corrections at the first stages of development. The satisfaction of our clients in this matter is the top priority.

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  3. Now, if you are ready to turn your idea into action, we will sign a contract that is complying with your local laws & see how your idea becomes a real product