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DigitalSuits is a full-cycle software development company, specializing in e-commerce and SaaS development. Our mission is to turn your ambitious business vision into a successful project, backed by our team of experienced software engineers, creative UX designers, and other skilled professionals.

We are a result-oriented company, committed to delivering the high-quality software product, tailored to your needs. DigitalSuits provides comprehensive solutions in software development, from support in product development and design to digital transformation, testing, and maintenance. You can also partner with us to optimize your tech potential through our outsourcing software development services.

Contact us today to leverage our unique expertise, robust technical skills, and client-centric approach for your next project. Let DigitalSuits be your trusted technology partner and drive your next project to new heights of success.

Software development services we provide

Custom software development

As a top-notch software development company, we build web and mobile software solutions tailored to your business requirements and user needs. By choosing us, you get a team with an eye for detail and full commitment to your success.

E-commerce web development

E-commerce website development is our strong suit. We offer a full range of e-commerce development services, including building apps with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.

Headless commerce development

Our software development firm is one of the pioneers in headless commerce development. We have built many projects and partnered with headless commerce vendors to provide better services.

Startup development

If you’re launching, you need a reliable software engineering company to back you up. Our team has already contributed to many projects’ successes with our technical skills, commitment, and sincere involvement.

UI/UX design

Our UI/UX design services are where creativity, precision, and a user-first mindset come together. We create a recognizable image for your brand and craft positive digital user experiences.

Software testing & QA

As an IT development company, we won’t accept any compromises when it comes to software quality. To ensure this, we integrate QA best practices into the development workflow and use cutting-edge tools.

Digital transformation

If you're considering completely upgrading your business processes, our custom software development company will help you identify the sweet spots for improvement and implement a digital transformation strategy.

IT consulting

Whether it’s extending your in-house team, bringing new expertise on board, or getting professional advice to improve your current processes, our IT development company is here to take them to another level.


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, a growing company can't afford to go without streamlined DevOps operations. As an experienced software dev company, we offer comprehensive DevOps services.

Cloud Migration

If you require fast performance and security, migration to the cloud is essential. As a leading IT software company, we help you choose the most efficient solutions out there and migrate safely.

AI development

We specialize in building customized AI solutions, using cutting-edge algorithms, machine learning techniques, and NLP capabilities to meet your requirements and transform your business.

SaaS development

Build complex multi-tenant applications with the help of our experts. We lead you all the way, turning your business goals into workable solutions and innovative customer experiences.

Dedicated development team

Our dedicated development teams help you scale your in-house team, launch faster, or simply acquire the skills you lack in your area, so that you can focus on business development.

Software development outsourcing

Our software development outsourcing service provides expert teams to build and maintain custom software solutions. Get the most out of our outsourcing expertise and free up your resources for other tasks.

Our unique solutions for diverse software development tasks

Shopify development and listing

As a software development company specializing in Shopify, we've passed more than 100 rounds of Shopify feedback. Thus we compiled a comprehensive list of potential review challenges, which we share with our customers. This knowledge can streamline the Shopify app listing process, saving you a week to a month's time.

Our proprietary SaaS solution

Our unique SaaS solution distinguishes us from other software development services. We streamline SaaS development with our proprietary framework, infrastructure, and architecture, saving time on the discovery phase and infrastructure implementation. As a dedicated software solutions company, we deliver reliable results.

Solutions for headless corporate websites

Our unique content management framework, built on headless CMSs, is designed to streamline the development process, saving at least two weeks from the usual timeframe. Depending on complexity and integration requirements, we can deliver custom-designed headless corporate websites within a month.

Government websites development

Our software engineering company excels in government website development. Leverage our React integration to work with map layers from popular providers such as MapBox, Carto, and Deck. gl. Additionally, we can integrate custom data sources into government websites, allowing for comprehensive analysis capabilities through multiple map indicators and data points.

Innovative Shopify builder

As a leading software development firm, we've created our own Shopify builder. This innovative solution allows us to reuse the same business logic across different e-commerce projects, streamlining time-to-market and potentially saving at least two weeks of development and testing time.

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Predictable outcome

There’s nothing more frustrating than building a product that doesn’t resonate with the target audience or doesn’t fulfill your business requirements. Our software development agency mitigates these risks through a thorough Discovery phase and requirements elicitation, so we meet your expectations.


Efficient Collaboration

We manage to keep an excellent level of communication with our clients despite the difference in time zones or locations. We prioritize transparency in our work, providing clear cooperation conditions and expert advice on the most viable collaboration model, so you get the most from our partnership.


Vetted talents

When we ask our customers for feedback, they cite our professional approach and strong software development skills. The driving force behind our accomplishments is our team of certified software developers, designers, and other experts, working collaboratively to ensure the success of your project.


Exclusive Proprietary Solutions

We value our clients' time and money. That's why we've developed our proprietary solutions that significantly accelerate development speed by offering ready-made answers for typical development tasks, effectively improving the entire process and maximizing value for your investment at the same time.


Proven track record

Looking for a partner with hands-on experience in building projects similar to yours? Check our portfolio - it features numerous successfully accomplished projects, and high chances are we've already built a similar solution to yours or effectively addressed issues you face in your project.


High success rate

It's a well-known fact: not all projects reach their desired outcomes. Our competitive advantage is consistently delivering products that hit the market and thrive, or apps that get 100% listed on the Shopify app store. Thus, we get to continuously improve and tweak the products we co-create with our clients.

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