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We assist clients with the full scale of custom Shopify app development services.

Headless Shopify development

If you’re limited with current functionality, we offer go headless and build a more customizable and flexible solution to match your business needs.Headless Shopify development

Shopify app development

We help businesses sell their products and services in the new markets, expand the current functionalities upon the business need, or bypass Shopify’s default restrictions. Shopify app development

Creative UI/UX design

When developing a Shopify app, we apply the best practices for easy-to-follow design. Creative UI/UX design

Third-party app integrations

We expand your app’s capabilities with third-party services, for example, (feedback collection), Klaviyo (email management) or Recharge (for subscriptions). Third-party app integrations

Our Shopify team

We have an independent Shopify department with 20+ specialists who work as a full-cycle team, helping our clients at each stage of the product development.
Team lead
In charge of leading an app strategy and determining the roles in the project.
Shopify developers
Work on Shopify custom app development, meaning building Shopify apps from scratch.
QA engineer
Test the product to ensure it’s bug-free and high-quality before delivering it to a client.
Project manager
Communicate the project with the client, gather project requirements, and control the process.
UI/UX designers
Make a visual representation of Shopify apps easy-to-use, appealing, and up-to-date.
Difficulties our Shopify application development can handle

Difficulties our Shopify application development can handle

Expertise in e-commerce specific domain and technology stack
With our expertise in e-commerce app development, you get from us a Shopify app with an array of features that will help your business flourish, reach new e-commerce markets, and set your own rules for the appearance and features of your online store.
Access to a talent pool of e-commerce specialists
With access to a pool with Shopify developers, we can quickly supplement and provide technical teams for you. Our team will take care of building high-quality Shopify apps that will look native to Shopify and easy-to-use for your customers.
Reduce project risks
We have Shopify app development expertise to mitigate project risks and ensure your new app works as you envisioned. We create a high-quality app and test it to guarantee that an efficient and scalable infrastructure supports it.
Immediate kick off
Our team does its best to make sure your Shopify app development runs smoothly. With immediate kick-off, we give you an overview of your project right away and can have a fully functioning prototype up and running within weeks.

How our Shopify app development agency works

  • Design

    We start the development process by collecting functional and system requirements for the technology our clients requested. Then, we show the result as a wireframe representing the user interface and internal app processes. Once the wireframe is ready, we proceed to visual designs with complete files and prototypes. While working with a Shopify app, we use Shopify Polaris, an open-source design system with a collection of best practices for this e-commerce platform.
  • Coding

    For a basic app with a small load, our Shopify developers follow the serverless approach. It lets a client scale automatically and accept increasing traffic volumes easier in the future. The duration of this stage depends on the complexity of the requested app — however, we can handle any challenges with the in-built tools and check the quality with QA tests.
  • Shopify Validation

    Each new public app has to pass the review process from Shopify developers. The platform will check if the app is compliant with [Shopify App Store requirements]( and addresses the standards of usability and security. We have vast experience delivering Shopify apps for Shopify validation to help your website appear in Shopify.
  • App Improvements

    We provide support and maintenance services for Shopify apps we’ve developed. At this stage, we analyze metrics data, collect user feedback, and add missing features in your product. Improving an app can take a couple of hours to several weeks, depending on our agreement with the client.

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Frequently asked questions

The price for a custom app depends on many factors, including tech complexity, project timeline, team size, and even the exact location of your tech partner. A Shopify app with a limited number of features (an MVP) is cheaper than a sophisticated app with extended functionality. If you want to get an exact price, contact a vendor directly with your project requirements.

The best way to pick the Shopify app development company for your needs is to look for successful cases from your industry in their portfolio and check how the company builds communication and arranges the development process. This way, you can see if an agency can meet your project requirements and establish the relevant process for achieving your aims.

Shopify has three types of apps: private, public and custom. With Shopify private app development, you create an app that will address your particular corporate needs and requests but be available for your store only. When you go for public application development, you make an app available in the Shopify App Store but will require Shopify validation before that.

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