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Shopify App Development Services

We are experts in custom app development with Shopify and have been recognized by Clutch as one of the Top Shopify Designers & Developers. Request our proven expertise in e-commerce to build public or custom Shopify apps.

Shopify app development company for hire

Thousands of entrepreneurs choose custom app development with Shopify for a good reason. It’s a highly customizable, feature-rich platform that can help you jumpstart your small e-commerce business or develop enterprise-level operations. Here at DigitalSuits, we’ve been helping e-commerce entrepreneurs build highly converting online stores that attract and retain loyal customers. Over the years, we’ve built a broad portfolio of relevant projects and become official Shopify and Shopify Plus partners.

With our help, you can immediately kick off the app development for thousands of Shopify stores, provide support, and maintain your application. We handle the most common hurdles of talent shortages, lack of expertise within your team or a local area, administrative hassles, and more. Build a solid digital presence with Shopify app development services from us, and focus on growing your business.

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Custom Shopify app development services we do

Headless Shopify development

If you’re limited with current functionality, we offer to go headless on Shopify and build a more customizable and flexible solution to match your business needs.

Custom Shopify app development

We help businesses sell their products and services in new markets, expand the current functionalities upon the business need, or bypass Shopify’s default restrictions.

Public Shopify app development

We have a proven track record in public app development with Shopify. We'll help you develop a secure, stable, and maintainable app that will help you achieve your goals.

Shopify app maintenance & support

Our expertise goes beyond custom app development with Shopify. For example, we help you upgrade, maintain, and, if needed, migrate your Shopify-based store.

Third-party app integrations

We expand your app’s capabilities with third-party services like (feedback collection), Klaviyo (email management), or Recharge (subscription management).

Creative UI/UX design

When developing a Shopify app, we apply UI/UX design practices that ease the navigation for your customers, improve their experience, and ultimately boost sales.

We are official partners

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Why choose our Shopify development company

Professional team

DigitalSuits is a team with comprehensive expertise in building custom software for various platforms and domains. We treat every project with attention to technical details and help our clients achieve their business goals.

Considerable Shopify expertise

Over the years, we’ve gained considerable expertise in building custom web and mobile apps for the e-commerce industry, headless development, and development with major platforms like BigCommerce, Magento, and all kinds of Shopify apps: public and custom.

Business-focused mindset

Our clients are our source of gaining unique expertise, new skills, and inspiration to move forward. Working on new projects, we foster collaboration with customers to help them improve their business strategies and achieve their business goals.

Focus on end users

We strive to build projects that bring value not only to their creators but to end users as well. To build projects with high impact, we precisely analyze the target audience and their needs, conduct user research, and run various hypotheses to find valuable insights.

How our Shopify app development agency works

Bold UI/UX design

We start the development process by collecting functional and system requirements for the technology our clients requested. Then, we show the result as a wireframe representing the user interface and internal app processes. Once the wireframe is ready, we proceed to visual designs with complete files and prototypes. While working with a Shopify app, we use Shopify Polaris, an open-source design system with a collection of best practices for this e-commerce platform.

Expert code implementation

For a basic app with a small load and user traffic, our Shopify developers follow the serverless approach. It allows our clients to scale automatically and withstand increasing traffic volumes easier in the future. The duration of this stage depends on the complexity of the requested app, however, our professional team is up for any technical challenges. We’ve got comprehensive expertise in building Shopify stores from the ground up, integrating them with third-party tools, upgrading, and maintaining.

Hassle-free Shopify validation

New public apps must pass the Shopify developer review process. The platform will check if the app is compliant with Shopify App Store requirements and addresses the standards of usability and security. With our professional help, your website will appear in Shopify with ease. To help you pass the validation, we help you prepare all the necessary information in advance to quickly and properly fill out the Shopify questionnaire.

Application upgrades and maintenance

We provide support and maintenance services for Shopify apps we’ve developed. At this stage, we analyze metrics data, collect user feedback, and add features that will significantly improve your product and help you generate more revenues. Improving an app can take a couple of hours to several weeks, depending on our agreement with the client. We also provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure your application works properly and delights users.

Benefits of custom Shopify app development for your business

Shopify is a perfect choice for versatile types of e-commerce businesses. Are you just starting up? This platform allows you to quickly build an online store with all the must-have features like customized checkouts and appealing product listings. If you’re already an established e-commerce business, you’re not likely to outgrow Shopify since it offers all the possibilities of scaling. Even large businesses can benefit from Shopify’s excellent customization opportunities and withstanding a high load of user transactions.

Having been involved with custom Shopify app development for a while, we can reassure you that this platform is a perfect fit for all kinds of businesses and niches. It helps e-commerce entrepreneurs build highly customized online stores to test their business idea or accelerate the time-to-market to launch and start generating the first profits. It’s a well-documented platform with lots of ready-made solutions and integrations, so you can choose among the most workable tools for marketing, shipping, stock management, and more.

However, if you have unique requests, Shopify is flexible enough to turn your ideas and business needs into real features and one-of-a-kind designs that will ease your daily work and help you turn your visitors into customers.

Our full-cycle Shopify app development team

Team lead

Team lead is present in every project at DigitalSuits. They’re in charge of leading an app strategy, determining the roles in the project, and leading a project according to the milestones.

Shopify frontend developers

They work on Shopify custom client-side app development, integration of Shopify themes, and creating brand-new designs to help you customize your online store.

Shopify backend developers

These specialists are responsible for building custom Shopify apps from scratch, upgrading, integrating with other tools, and maintenance.

Project manager

Our project managers handle communication with all stakeholders, gathering project requirements, and controlling the process.

QA engineer

The key goal of QA engineers is to test the product and ensure it’s high-quality and works as expected before delivering it to a client and end users.

UI/UX designers

UI/UX designers at DigitalSuits work on the easy-to-use, appealing, and up-to-date design of Shopify applications that converts users to customers.

Difficulties our Shopify application development can handle

Expertise in e-commerce specific domain and technology stack

With our expertise in e-commerce app development, you get from us a Shopify app with an array of features that will help your business flourish, reach new e-commerce markets, and set your own rules for the appearance and features of your online store.

Access to a talent pool of e-commerce specialists

With access to a pool with Shopify developers, we can quickly supplement and provide technical teams for you. Our team will take care of building high-quality apps that will look native to Shopify and easy-to-use for your customers.

Reducing project risks

We have Shopify app development expertise to mitigate project risks and ensure your new app works as you envisioned. We create a high-quality app and test it to guarantee that an efficient and scalable infrastructure supports it.

Immediate kick-off

Our team does its best to make sure your Shopify app development runs smoothly. With immediate kick-off, we give you an overview of your project right away and can have a fully functioning prototype up and running within weeks.

Frequently asked questions