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BigCommerce Technology

Trust your business to a reliable BigCommerce development company to build seamless shopping experiences. The BigCommerce technology stack is well-versed in the replatforming journey and has helped numerous ecommerce stores successfully migrate.

DigitalSuits' strategic alliance with BigCommerce

DigitalSuits specializes in ecommerce professional software technology services for online and multi-channel retailers. As an elite BigCommerce agency partner, we bring extensive experience in deploying and supporting clients' websites and applications using BigCommerce open SaaS platform APIs. We offer premium custom apps and connectors, from developing cutting-edge AR mobile shopping and seamless cross-border payment solutions, that enable openness and flexibility for ecommerce businesses worldwide.

With a team of software architects, engineers, and testers well-versed in the BigCommerce platform, DigitalSuits professionals have undergone rigorous training and certification through BigCommerce's BigDev program. If you need to create apps using BigCommerce, bringing huge flexibility for AR/VR, voice commerce, and other innovative shopping features, you are at the right place.

DigitalSuits' strategic alliance with BigCommerce
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BigCommerce development services to revamp your ecommerce store

BigCommerce development services

BigCommerce development services

We use the BigCommerce platform to create custom ecommerce solutions that fit your business needs. Whether you're a startup looking for a robust digital presence or an established enterprise aiming to scale, we support your ecommerce project with engaging custom themes, advanced feature integration, or mobile compatibility.

BigCommerce migration services

BigCommerce migration services

Enhance customer experience and reduce costs by moving your online store to BigCommerce ecommerce. With a flat fee, access-optimized cloud infrastructure, and a wide range of built-in features. We let you focus on expanding your retail operations and increasing profitability without worrying about new licenses, updates, or costly plugins.

BigCommerce headless

BigCommerce headless

Unlock the features of an independent BigCommerce store, such as managing catalogs, creating carts, handling orders, and processing checkouts through a headless setup. With its open API, pre-integrated apps, and multi-storefront/location capabilities, merchants can innovate and scale effectively.

Why merchants choose BigCommerce technology

By offering a variety of enterprise integrations and tools for faster customizations, increased revenue, and minimizing expenses across advertising, marketplaces, and branded commerce, BigCommerce is today a leader in the ecommerce market. What is BigCommerce? Positioned uniquely as a SaaS ecommerce frontrunner, it excels in headless commerce, serves established businesses in both B2C and B2B realms, and disrupts intentionally with its Open SaaS model.

Offering best-in-class technology and a friendly ecosystem, Bigcommerce allows businesses to easily and effectively construct and customize their online storefronts, manage products and inventory, process payments, and monitor customer orders and shipping. Choose BigCommerce ecommerce and get a variety of templates and themes for a professional storefront appearance, along with a robust content management system for creating engaging content like pages and blog posts.

Why merchants choose BigCommerce technology

BigCommerce benefits that make it a great choice

Adaptability and growth potential

BigCommerce ecommerce platform is ideal for businesses needing flexibility and scalability. Its customizable tools cover website design, product catalog management, and seamless app integration, all scalable as your business grows without limits on products or traffic.

SaaS ecommerce solution

BigCommerce platform, a SaaS ecommerce solution, stands out from other platforms in that it handles technical aspects like webshop management. With data stored in the cloud, there's no need for software installations, making it ideal for businesses prioritizing ease of use.

Security and reliability

BigCommerce CMS guarantees your website's security and has dependable hosting, alleviating any worries about managing the technical side of your online store. You can be sure that your store is on a secure ecommerce platform with SSL certification, advanced fraud detection, and defense against DDoS attacks and other threats.

Numerous integration opportunities

BigCommerce provides a wide range of integrations with different software or apps to enhance your online store's capabilities. With these integrations, you can cover essential areas such as payment processing and email marketing. Also, we can seamlessly integrate your existing tools with the BigCommerce platform.

Famous brands using BigCommerce technology

Ben & Jerry's
Tiffany & Co
Harvard Business Review
Yeti Cycles
Solo Stove