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Elevate retail with our BigCommerce expertise. Merge BigCommerce's power with DigitalSuits development proficiency for a secure online store. Tailored for omnichannel success, our services craft unique shopping experiences, fostering loyalty.

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Our collection of comprehensive BigCommerce development services is carefully designed to give your e-commerce revenue a meaningful boost. We aim to build e-commerce solutions that are not just robust and scalable, but also fortified to ensure your sales flourish.

Our team is filled with experts who truly excel in BigCommerce development. If you hire a dedicated department, they are solely focused on your e-commerce projects. Our skilled professionals thrive on challenges and are genuinely passionate about every detail of BigCommerce web development and design.

From start to finish, we're your dedicated partners in creating a dynamic online presence. At DigitalSuits, we don't just build websites; we craft success-driven experiences.

Crafting success with our BigCommerce development services

Custom BigCommerce development

Our BigCommerce e-commerce development blends creativity and functionality to craft personalized online success. We craft captivating designs and strong back-end solutions for seamless user experiences. Whether you're launching, revamping, or expanding, with our tailored approach you get a digital presence that turns visitors into loyal customers.

Headless BigCommerce development

Energize your online activities with a selection of top-tier vendors. Merge core e-commerce features seamlessly with various CMS, DXP, or unique custom front-end solutions available in the market. Enable sales across multiple channels, be it websites, mobile apps, self-service kiosks, or integrated commerce platforms.

BigCommerce UI/UX design

Elevate your online store with BigCommerce UI/UX design. At the heart of our craft lies the ability to design e-commerce websites that go beyond motivation – they compel customers to shop. Our BigCommerce development experts engineer engaging interfaces that seamlessly navigate customers, delivering a visually conversion-focused journey across all devices.

BigCommerce migration and replatforming

Our BigCommerce migration and replatforming solutions are designed for the seamless transition of your online store to new heights. Every move is strategically mapped to ensure minimal interruptions and maximum enhancements. Our experts flawlessly execute data migration, product transfers, SEO preservation, and meticulous customization.

Performance optimization

We finely tune every element to achieve peak efficiency and lightning-fast responsiveness. Through careful analysis and streamlined processes, our experts elevate your digital platforms to deliver optimal user experiences. From website load times to database queries, we thoughtfully refine elements to ensure swift and seamless interactions.

Ongoing maintenance & support

Ongoing maintenance and support encompass continuous assistance provided to sustain the performance and functionality of your BigCommerce development solutions. Our experts vigilantly monitor, troubleshoot, and fine-tune your systems, ensuring optimal performance. With regular updates and security patches, we ensure the necessary attention and solutions.

BigCommerce mobile app development

Create exciting shopping adventures through our dynamic mobile applications designed to broaden your online store's impact on users. Our BigCommerce development company weaves an experience that's more than just shopping – it's a journey. Irrespective of the device being used, every interaction – from intuitive product exploration to secure checkout – is meticulously crafted for the utmost ease.

BigCommerce testing and quality assurance

BigCommerce testing and quality assurance encompass a methodical journey, where we meticulously assess and validate every facet of your online store's functionality, performance, and user experience. We delve into user flows, dissect checkout processes, and evaluate payment gateways meticulously, crafting an experience that sets new standards.

DigitalSuits is your trusted BigCommerce partner

When you opt for professional BigCommerce development, you're choosing a journey of innovation and expertise. Our skilled team meticulously crafts your online store, aligning it with industry trends and user expectations. In our workshop, we expertly blend captivating designs, seamless functionalities, and ironclad security to forge an e-commerce platform that doesn't just beckon customers – it propels them toward meaningful conversions.

Guided by our unwavering commitment to optimizing user experiences, ensuring seamless mobile interactions, and fine-tuning search engine visibility, our BigCommerce website development company guarantees the thriving success of your online business within the bustling digital arena. Count on us to fashion a bespoke solution that elevates your brand's digital presence and metamorphoses casual visitors into steadfast and loyal advocates.

What makes our BigCommerce development company a smart choice?

Diverse e-commerce mastery

We've assisted a wide range of retailers spanning diverse e-commerce niches in crafting their online stores. As a professional BigCommerce website development agency, we continuously challenge norms, persistently delivering stellar online store development services. You can be confident that your project is in trusted hands.

A personal project manager for each venture

Your triumph is our triumph, and we spare no effort to realize your aspirations. We take immense pride in the adaptability and openness of our procedures and provide a dedicated project manager at no cost. Entrust us with the development tasks, allowing you to concentrate on vital business operations.

Swift and high-quality launch

Bid farewell to the hassles of setting up your BigCommerce store. Our BigCommerce web development agency will swiftly and systematically handle it, ensuring you're up and running for sales ASAP. Whenever you seek design or checkout customization, count on us to be at your service.

A team of BigCommerce experts

Elogic stands as a certified BigCommerce Partner, boasting an extensive ensemble of developers, designers, and architects. If you're seeking a squad with diverse skills that transcend a single individual, simply drop us a message via the contact form.

Flexibility to experience in B2B and B2C BigCommerce store development

Tailored B2C e-commerce solutions on BigCommerce

Drawing on our expertise in BigCommerce design, we thrive in shaping unparalleled retail journeys that deeply connect with your customers, boasting cutting-edge and finely tuned UI/UX. Our commitment goes beyond just the surface – we're driven to elevate both the usability and functionality of your backend. Empowering your team with the means to harness automation and innovative features, we pave the way for your business to grow and scale effortlessly.

Elevate your B2B e-commerce with BigCommerce

BigCommerce evolving businesses to boast a level of flexibility that outshines other SaaS platforms. Tailored to drive quicker and more substantial sales, it is designed to enhance your selling endeavors. Moreover, our mastery ensures an impeccable experience for your business buyers and extends seamlessly to the integration of vital systems like CRM and ERP. In this way, we rep all the information our clients need to service customers and make sales and upsells.

Seamless commerce through BigCommerce website and mobile app development

BigCommerce website development

Through our BigCommerce web development, you are able to cultivate customer trust and loyalty, as a platform that not only showcases your products or services but also creates a special environment with a wide range of posibilities for customer.

Your online store undergoes a thrilling transformation into a dynamic hub, where mere visitors seamlessly evolve into delighted customers. Our BigCommerce website development services become the driving force behind the remarkable growth and resounding success of your business, allowing:

  • Navigating through selecting the appropriate features and functionalities for your ecommerce project.
  • Gaining insights into the most suitable ecommerce framework for your needs.
  • Seamlessly integrating ecommerce into an existing website or website template.

Mastery in professional BigCommerce app development

Elevate your online retail experience with our expert-driven BigCommerce app development services. Having a presence in the app stores adds a layer of credibility, making you more reputable in the eyes of customers. This sense of trust is a pivotal factor in persuading people to choose your brand for their shopping needs.

Infused with our mastery of BigCommerce custom development and mobile app development, we don't just create visually appealing apps – we engineer high-functioning, user-friendly masterpieces. Trust our BigCommerce app development company to transform your BigCommerce store into a captivating mobile experience the drives benefit of:

  • Enhanced mobile user experience
  • Elevated customer loyalty
  • Targeted push notifications
  • Unleashing the power of app stores.

Headless E-commerce Website for Textile Technology Company

Bussiness need: We embarked on a journey to craft a brand-new website for OURAGINS company tailored precisely to their aspirations. They really need some advanced functionalities that would set them apart. To unveil a dynamic and high-speed store, our resounding choice was the BigCommerce platform, the very cornerstone of e-commerce mastery.

Result: From the ground up, we crafted a cutting-edge headless commerce store for Ouragins, seamlessly blending a one-of-a-kind design with a strategic infrastructure to captivate an emerging market. Our smart infrastructure approach ensured seamless operations and updates. Additional features like pre-orders, reviews, and personalized notifications were seamlessly added using various plugins to enhance the user experience. With a headless architecture, Ouragins can offer unique textile products, compete in the market, and sell effortlessly.

Headless BigCommerce Solution for OURA

Bussiness need: Our client Oura aimed to expand its operations across various markets in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Malaysia. Thus the need for separate stores for each market. However, their existing platform posed limitations, especially in accommodating multiple currencies, notably in countries like Malaysia—a key target market. Eager to supercharge content management, product descriptions, and multimedia integration,OURA enthusiastically embraced the transition to BigCommerce. This move liberated marketing boundaries, unleashed diverse payment avenues, and turbocharged workflow efficiency.

Result: Harnessing the power of the BigCommerce API, we seamlessly integrated Headless Architecture into OURA's operations, unveiling a myriad of advantages. This transformation empowers the company to effortlessly oversee multi-location stores while curating unique content tailored to each market. Today, our client enjoy such benefits, as effortless management of stock and orders, access to a plethora of beneficial apps that expedite and streamline operations, and expansive detailed product descriptions.

Kickstart your BigCommerce headless commerce journey from here

Accelerated time-to-Market

Utilize customizable templates and ready-made integrations with trusted CMS platforms, payment gateways, analytics tools, and search solutions to expedite deployment and maximize ROI within your adaptable technology stack.

Enhanced cost-efficiency

Shift your focus to customization instead of ground-up development, resulting in cost savings. Leverage a framework rooted in industry best practices and easily expand to multiple markets while minimizing manual efforts.

Optimized web performance

Leverage storefront's streamlined codebase and versatile approach to construct scalable storefronts with BigCommerce Headless. Elevate conversion rates, optimize web performance, and invigorate customer experiences for a truly dynamic online presence.

Benefits of our BigCommerce e-commerce development


Experience unparalleled reliability with our BigCommerce website development. The platform guarantees an impressive uptime of 99.99% even during the most bustling sale periods, ensuring your online store remains accessible and operational at all times.

Speed redefined

Attain exceptionally rapid page loading speeds with our BigCommerce website development solutions. With a connection time of under 10ms, your customers will enjoy swift and seamless interactions, resulting in an exceptional browsing experience.

Smart cost-efficiency

If you considering e-commerce solutions, it's wise to note that cloud-based options bring remarkable cost benefits. These solutions require approximately four times less investment than traditional on-premise alternatives. Thus you can achieve top-tier performance and functionality while keeping your budget in check.

Efficient deployment and time savings

In the realm of deployment, cloud-based solutions stand out for their swiftness. They require just half the time for implementation when compared to their on-premise counterparts. This not only accelerates your project's timeline but also allows you to start reaping the benefits of your e-commerce platform sooner.

High security

The BigCommerce platform stands as a stalwart defender. With features like PCI Compliance, HTTPS site-wide encryption, and dedicated DDOS mitigation, your e-commerce venture is fortified against potential threats. Rest assured that your customers' information and transactions remain well-protected, enhancing trust and confidence in your online business.

Enhancing the shopping experience

An array of valuable features tailored to enhance user satisfaction makes your customer journey truly exceptional. From faceted search and navigation to streamline product discovery, to a one-page checkout for seamless transactions, and even instant shipping quotes for transparency we create a shopping experience that's engaging, efficient, and ultimately drives conversions.

Frequently asked questions

Let's discover what costs will development plan include:

  • BigCommerce platform: $29.95/month (standard plan) - This is the monthly subscription fee for using the BigCommerce platform, which provides you with the tools and infrastructure to create and manage your online store.
  • Template theme: $150 (one-time cost) - A template theme is a pre-designed layout that you can customize for your store's look and feel. This cost is a one-time payment for purchasing a theme that matches your brand.
  • Domain name: $15/year - A domain name is your website's address. This cost covers the annual fee for registering and maintaining your chosen domain.
  • SSL certificate: Included with BigCommerce plan - An SSL certificate ensures secure data transmission between your website and your customers' browsers. BigCommerce includes this for free with their plans.

Custom features:

  • Product customization Tool: $800 (custom development) - This cost is for developing a tool that allows customers to personalize their jewelry choices, like selecting stone types, sizes, and more.
  • Integration with payment gateways: $200 - This covers the work to integrate various payment gateways (like PayPal, credit card processors) into your online store, so customers can easily make payments.
  • Advanced shipping options: $300 - This cost is for implementing advanced shipping methods, such as different shipping rates based on location, expedited shipping options, etc.

Design and branding:

  • Custom graphics and Logo: $500 - This is for designing a unique logo and graphics that represent your brand and give your store a professional and cohesive look.
  • Visual branding elements: $300 - This covers the creation of consistent branding elements like color schemes, fonts, and styles across your website.

Content creation:

  • Product photography: $400 - This is for professional product photography, capturing high-quality images of your jewelry pieces to showcase them attractively on your website.
  • Copywriting and product descriptions: $300 - This cost is for writing compelling and informative descriptions for your jewelry products, helping customers understand their features and benefits.

Please note that these costs are approximate and can vary based on factors such as the complexity of your project, your location, the specific developers or agencies you work with, and any additional features you might require. It's always recommended to get detailed quotes from professionals based on your specific needs.

Just like crafting a masterpiece requires attention to detail, creating your online store involves multiple elements that come together to provide a seamless and engaging customer experience

The time required for BigCommerce projects can widely vary depending on their complexity and the specific requirements, Such factors like the size of the store, the design intricacies, and the integrations needed may influence timeframes. Here are some examples of different types of BigCommerce projects and their potential timeframes:

Basic store setup: If you're setting up a simple online store with a standard theme, a few products, basic configurations, and no customizations, it might take around 1 to 2 weeks.

Custom theme development: Developing a custom BigCommerce theme involves creating a unique design, implementing responsive layouts, and integrating necessary functionalities. Depending on the complexity of the design and the number of custom features, the project may undergo around 4 to 8 weeks.

Large catalog store: If you have a substantial number of products (1000+), setting up the product listings, categories, attributes, and ensuring proper navigation could take around 4 to 6 weeks.

Multi-channel integration: Integrating your BigCommerce store with various sales channels like Amazon, eBay, or social media platforms might take 4 to 8 weeks, considering the complexities of syncing inventory, and orders, and managing multiple platforms.

Custom functionality: Adding custom features like advanced search, product configurators, subscription models, or complex pricing rules can extend the project timeline. Depending on the complexity, this might take 6 to 12 weeks or more.

Data migration: Migrating a large amount of data from an existing platform to BigCommerce, including products, customers, and orders, could take around 2 to 4 weeks, depending on data complexity and quality.

SEO and performance optimization: Optimizing the store for better search engine visibility and performance might take around 2 to 4 weeks. This includes tasks like setting up SEO metadata, improving page load times, and ensuring mobile responsiveness.

Ongoing maintenance and support: Maintaining the store, updating plugins, ensuring security, and providing ongoing support is a continuous effort. This could be a long-term commitment that extends beyond the initial development phase.

We give you approximate timeframes that may vary because of many factors. Among the main are the development team's experience, collaboration efficiency, unexpected challenges, and the level of customization required. It's essential to discuss all project details before starting and to get a more clear estimation.

BigCommerce distinguishes itself as a superior e-commerce platform due to its rich feature set, scalability, flexibility, transparent pricing, design freedom, and robust SEO capabilities. These advantages make it the preferred choice for businesses seeking a growth-oriented, adaptable e-commerce solution over alternatives like Shopify:

Feature-rich approach: BigCommerce offers a comprehensive suite of built-in features, enhancing scalability and adaptability for growing businesses.

Flexibility with complexity: Although requiring a steeper learning curve, BigCommerce's complexity enables tailored solutions without heavy reliance on third-party apps.

Favorable pricing model: BigCommerce's pricing is based on annual sales volume, eliminating transaction fees and providing adaptable plans for businesses of different sizes.

Design freedom: BigCommerce's responsive and customizable themes offer greater design flexibility, catering to various industries without extensive customization.

SEO prowess: Built-in SEO features, such as optimized URLs and microdata embedding, give BigCommerce a competitive edge in search engine rankings.

What our clients say

Michael Lewis


,Claim Technology
“The DigitalSuits team fully devoted themselves to producing a quality final product.”
Their team was responsible for the IT architecture, front- and backend web development work for the platform components, and API implementations. The main app is programmed using Ruby on Rails, and the frontend was developed using React.js. They delivered superior services, assigning only highly-experienced professionals to the project.

David Olkovetsky


,Artisan Revere
"They're extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards."
We hired DigitalSuits to develop our website in conjunction with our designer. Our goals were to get the site pixel-perfect compared to our designs. DigitalSuits team was able to meet all of the expectations for the project. The company appreciated how well the team took their feedback and was always eager to fix any issues.

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The client had a typical Shopify website that did not meet new business needs. The primary requirement was content management for detailed product descriptions, including video and photo content, SEO for effective website promotion in Search systems, and redesign to improve UI/UX. We focused on these custom features.
Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA

Website Performance Optimization for Happyglam

Our client is a small German manufacturer of safe nail polish. He needed a website in 4 languages to distribute products in Europe. Also, he would like to optimize the load score of the website page and fix the UI design.
Website Performance Optimization for Happyglam

Public Shopify app that secures third-party links case study

Headless e-commerce website development for the Namza skincare brand with Instant Commerce solution.
Public Shopify app that secures third-party links case study
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