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Building a public Shopify app that allows store owners to monitor affiliates' performance and track conversions

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Our client is an Israeli company that provides affiliate tracking for e-commerce platforms, among them such famous brands as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento. This affiliate marketing platform allows store owners to track conversions made by customers via an influencer tracking link. It helps businesses to see analytics and conversions in the dashboard. The application has a powerful API and tracking scripts that allow having backend and frontend track of user purchases on the e-commerce site.

Business  needs

As the business needs to scale up quickly, the core tasks were to maintain the system, implement new plugins for different e-commerce platforms and add a security layer to encrypt sensitive data. Secondly, we needed to provide long-term DevOps support and maintenance to keep the application working smoothly.


The first suggestion was to develop an infrastructure diagram to have a clear understanding of apps relations and of how to maintain them using DevOps best practices.

After that, we continued developing a new security layer and implemented multiple improvements in the system maintenance. At the final stage, our team added a new reporting system and improved the DB scaling. We enhanced the application with multiple data analysis features and created a new e-commerce integration. Now, we are responsible for maintaining the app.

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We are proud of this work, as we successfully delivered all project tasks, as well as built a reliable and lasting relationship with the client.

As a result, we:

  • Provided high-quality maintenance
  • Used best practices for building software architecture
  • Scaled the application by implementing new features
  • Raised the system to a new level of security by developing a new security layer
  • Keep product development life cycle going by using DevOps best practices

DigitaSuits engineers managed to quickly and successfully empower the client’s application and helped our partner to reach their business goal by adding more functionalities to the affiliate tracking platform. Now the solution meets the business needs and the company can offer and fund a better service experience.

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