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Data Tracking Shopify App

Public Shopify app  development for real-time client data and order tracking during cart updates, shipping, and checkout

Data Tracking Shopify App


Our client is a Swedish B2B company specializing in implementation of modern technologies to digital communication.

Business needs

The company offered marketing automation services that helped track, analyze, and stimulate purchases. One of its clients had a Shopify-based website and wanted to implement marketing automation service. The reason for that was that Shopify provided a built-in system for processing customer requests upon filling out forms and transferring data to the standard mail generator. Thus, the client didn’t have detailed analytics of customer actions for a while.


We suggested developing a custom plugin that would resolve two major issues: integration of the Shopify web store with marketing automation service and detailed user tracking. The plugin enabled clients’ data and order tracking at the moment of changing the shopping cart items, shipment details, and further checkout information. Each time the initial order info was changed, the corresponding data was sent to the app and then to an email service for further processing and storage. The solution was developed according to GDPR standards. Both the customer’s and Shopify store data could be erased.

Data Tracking Shopify App


The solution completely met the business needs of consumer behavior analysis and purchase stimulation by automated marketing services. The customer website interaction process was adjusted as well as possible and was fully compliant with the required GDPR security standards.

Other success stories

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