Shopify App Extensions Development

Shopify App Extensions Development

Shopify app extensions are the basis for empowering your store with unique features tailored to specific business objectives. The DigitalSuits team is your reliable partner for hassle-free extension development, dedicated to elevating your ecommerce experience.

Diving into Shopify app extensions development services

Shopify app extensions are applicable in almost every field of Shopify development. They allow you to add features to the user interfaces and ensure seamless integration with Shopify themes and apps. Every extension is associated with a particular interface area and plays a specific role in enhancing the Shopify store's functionality.

Note that Shopify extensions are different from Shopify apps; they work in conjunction with the latter as add-ons. App extensions are especially helpful in supplementing apps that require fast and frequent user actions. We gained extensive experience in this field and know exactly which extension best suits any possible situation or business objective.

Diving into Shopify extensions development

Explore Shopify app extensions that can be integrated by our professionals


  • Checkout UI extensions. This type of Shopify extension is intended to add custom functionality at any point of the checkout flow, including the order and shipping stages, as well as Shop Pay. Developers use extension APIs, UI components, and extension targets to fulfill this task.

  • Shopify Functions. Shopify Functions allows customizing checkout functionality in the backend, adding new business logic to the checkout flow. This customization requires code-based solutions that can be compiled via WebAssembly.

  • Post-purchase. Post-purchase Shopify checkout extensions are a great way to add upsell and cross-sell features at the post-purchase stage after an order is confirmed but before a Thank You page. These extensions allow adding content such as Discount code offers and Survey requests.

  • Web pixel. Web pixel extensions are Javascript snippets that collect behavioral data for marketing purposes and sales process optimization. In regions where customer consent is necessary to give user data, tracking is only available after user consent

Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

  • POS UI Extensions. In case your businesses require using Point of Sale (POS) terminals, Shopify POS UI extensions will come in handy for adding custom functionality to POS apps. Choose an area where you would like to add custom features and implement them with the DigitalSuits assistance.

  • POS links. Use POS links to redirect users from the Shopify POS app pages to your app. To accomplish this task, we build a development store, create an app in the Partner Dashboard, and embed your app in Shopify POS.

  • Cart app extension. These extensions are required to manage loyalty programs and discounts via Shopify POS apps. Our team can add cart app extensions to apps to allow Shopify POS users to manage loyalty points and apply discounts to the cart easily.

  • Product recommendations. Adding a product recommendations extension to an app lets users access product recommendations within Shopify POS in the smart grid after a product is added to a cart. They can also view recommendations in a customer profile or product details.

Online store

  • Theme app extensions. Shopify theme extensions allow adding dynamic elements to themes without interacting with liquid templates. Apps built with these extensions don't edit the theme's code, eliminating the risk of breaking changes.

  • Web pixel. Web pixels are applied to an online store to track user behavior on pages. This way, merchants don't need tracking codes for analytics, instead gather data securely.

Customer accounts

  • Customer account UI extensions. Customer accounts store users’ purchase history and order statuses and let them take actions like changing order details. Shopify customer account extensions let adding custom functionality to these fields.

  • Payments extension. With payment extensions in Shopify, you can add payment methods to your offsite or credit-card payment apps to process payment via redirecting customers to app-hosted websites or on the site.

Advantages of implementing Shopify extensions

The variety of app extensions provides a solid foundation for enhancing your store's capabilities, improving user experience and customer satisfaction, and boosting conversions. Check out some examples of immediate results you may achieve by implementing extensions:

  • Custom pickup options with multiple shipping locations increase conversions and customer loyalty by providing more convenient delivery methods.
  • Upsell features implemented with post-purchase extensions improve customer retention after ordering a product and drive more sales.
  • By supplementing a Thank you page with personalized suggested product bundles, you can improve the sales conversion rate by up to 10-30%.
  • With alternative payment options, customers are more likely to purchase from you, reducing cart abandonment rates.
  • Web pixel extensions applied in an online store and at the checkout give you plenty of information about user behavior to adjust your store's features to user preferences.
Advantages of implementing Shopify Extensions

Why choose DigitalSuits for Shopify app extension development

Out-of-the-box solutions

Thinking creatively is one of our mottos, as there is no one solution for all needs. We're always looking for new approaches to development and seek the most optimal way to implement Shopify extensions and new features.

Improved performance

Along with creating non-standard solutions, we adhere to Shopify guidelines and technical documentation to keep projects stable and highly performing. Our team strives to optimize project functionality at every stage.

Clear and transparent workflow

We elaborated a clear workflow to make the development process hassle-free and transparent for you. Such an approach guarantees a smooth development process and gives you opportunities to add changes at any point.

In-time development

You can rely on us to meet the following deadlines. We're dedicated to your success both in providing top-notch development products and getting them done just in time, as we know how much time matters for business.

Common challenges and our solutions


Ensure compatibility

To keep extensions relevant to Shopify's regular updates and improvements, we develop adjustable code that is easily adapted to changes. We also always monitor updates and test our developments with new Shopify versions.


Ensure security and privacy

To secure customer data and adhere to data protection requirements, we implement proven security measures, conduct regular security audits, and keep track of the latest privacy regulations to align our solutions with them.


Overcome technical limitations

When building new Shopify extensions, technical limitations may arise, such as limited APIs or restricted access to some fields and platform functionality. To overcome these, our developers develop creative solutions and non-standard tools.


Resolve errors

Testing and debugging are next to last stages and crucial for ensuring a smooth user experience. We follow a testing frame covering all parts of the extension's functionality and use advanced testing approaches to resolve issues quickly.


Handle integration issues

API limitations sometimes cause problems when integrating with third-party services. We plan integrations and include tools that can help extend existing capabilities to involve desired third-party services without impacting extension functionality.


Get extension approved

Shopify has strict guidelines for approving extensions before they can be published. We're familiar with these criteria and have a track record of preparing extension documentation and user guides and communicating with the Shopify team during the approval process.

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