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Shopify support and maintenance services

Make your Shopify store work at full capacity with expert maintenance. Take advantage of the 24/7 support dedicated to your progress.

Handle any issue with Shopify store maintenance service

Why spend hours adding new features or fixing issues in your Shopify store if there's a fully equipped maintenance team at your fingertips? Get the full spectrum of maintenance services for your Shopify endeavors to feel at ease adding changes or making updates. DigitalSuits' Shopify experts know every possible issue you could face and how to handle it most effectively.

Handle any issue with Shopify store maintenance service

Figure out if you need Shopify maintenance services

The Shopify site maintenance team is another name for your store’s security, fast load speed, and hassle-free implementation of updates. Even more, having a Shopify maintenance agency on your side, gives you confidence over any arising challenge and saves you time innovating your store.

Figure out if you need Shopify maintenance services

Shopify support and maintenance services we provide

Adding new functionality

We implement new features and custom solutions, integrate native and third-party apps, ensure the scalability of your project, and more.

Store improvements

At DigitalSuits, we recommend the most optimal solutions for your project regarding functionality, performance, and designs.

Plugin and theme updates

Feel confident to get your theme and plugins updated in-time, eliminating the risk of crashes or losing data.

Speed & performance optimization

We carefully identify issues preventing high loading speed and implement solutions to boost your store's performance.

Bug fixes & troubleshooting

With us, you can be sure that any issue is resolved promptly and your store works smoothly.

Third-party app integration support

We ensure seamless integration with third-party systems like ERPs and CRMs for enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

Code audit

Our support services include code audits and refactoring to improve the internal structure of your codebase, its readability, and maintainability.

24/7 support