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The trend for online shopping has been booming since 2015 and shows no signs of cooling off soon. Consumers have multiple channels to shop at their disposal anytime, anywhere. E-commerce strategies are a necessity for businesses of all types and sizes. Thus, those will take advantage and stay competitive who develop their online presence.

Small-sized companies:

E-commerce enables small-sized businesses to keep pace with retail competitors. The vital thing here is to build a solid online presence and organize delivery service to make sure that consumers are able to buy products online. The most popular issues for small businesses that are going online are payment service, delivery service, stock service, easy content management, and marketing services. All these roadblocks can be solved through technologies.

Building a fast and modern website is necessary for e-commerce companies. If your business requires a cost-effective solution for website development from scratch based on a decent UI/UX design or an upgrade of an outdated one, we offer in-budget ready-made solutions. To build a well working online store that will convert your leads into clients, attract and retain them, it is necessary to introduce cloud-based solutions, provide your website with full automation, and set up integrations with popular payment services and platforms.

Medium-sized business:

E-commerce strategies allow medium-sized companies to make the most of digital competition and the changing environment. The only way to scale the business up and to grab a significant share of the market is to become established in the online market.

There is a wide range of useful tools on the tech market that can optimize business processes significantly. We offer key e-commerce services for growing companies that will help to leverage the supply chain and logistics management, provide worry-free checkouts, automate processes, and provide an option-friendly product range for consumers. We ensure vital integrations with payment gateways and build connected spaces with marketing tools and SEO services.

We also develop Shopify-based solutions for E-commerce businesses that help to manage and sell the same items to different markets (the USA and Europe). These solutions allow business owners to manage the warehouse inventory control in each country separately as well as to optimize taxes, shipping and delivery, and currency individually for each market. Thus, we build the necessary tech ecosystem for the business to enable game-changing decisions.


To build a scalable and profitable online store with a long life we mostly use Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce technologies.

Shopify and BigCommerce are the most popular, reliable, and all-inclusive cloud-based solutions in the e-commerce tech industry. These multichannel platforms are designed for small and medium businesses, as they can place, on average, about 50,000 products. These solutions enable uploading and managing your store items without hassles of website speed and security. Using these cloud software, you can manage your sales channels, increase marketing presence, including social media, mobile, and web. Another valuable element is maintenance and support.

These tools are used for launching and scaling an online business. They provide integrations with all vital services such as digital marketing, SEO optimization, and payment systems. Our expert team is eager to dive deep into your project and make an analysis of your current e-commerce store. We do tech consulting and help our clients to sort out what crucial features, solutions, ready-made platforms, or custom software to choose from to meet your business goals and scale your business.

The Scope of Main Technologies We Use

The Scope of Main Technologies We UseThe Scope of Main Technologies We Use
Shopify is an e-commerce platform that includes a full cycle of product or inventory management — from shipping and delivery to content management and payments. The platform is a cloud-based solution, which means all data is safe and there are no technicalities related to the development and hosting of an online store. Also, Shopify is marketing-friendly, as it offers SEO features and e-commerce analytics. This is the best decision for a quick start for an online business.
The Scope of Main Technologies We UseThe Scope of Main Technologies We Use
Shopify Plus is a multi-channel enterprise platform. It provides custom features, checkout page management, and high-level support. This is the right choice for big e-com websites with over 10,000 transactions per minute.
The Scope of Main Technologies We UseThe Scope of Main Technologies We Use
BigCommerce is a cloud e-commerce platform. It provides all possibilities to create e-commerce websites quickly without deployment and hosting. It includes in-built products, logistic management, payment services, and custom integrations which make this platform a good alternative to Shopify.
The Scope of Main Technologies We UseThe Scope of Main Technologies We Use
Strapi is a CMS that provides API and content management system for corporate or e-commerce websites. It includes a quick setup, easy expansion, integration with AWS services, and email agents. Strapi integrates with Shopify, maintaining better SEO and content management for websites.
The Scope of Main Technologies We UseThe Scope of Main Technologies We Use
Gatsby is a React Based Framework for website development using ReactJS. It provides great SEO optimization and dynamic content implementation.
The Scope of Main Technologies We UseThe Scope of Main Technologies We Use
ReactJS is a library for UI creation based on the components. It enables the development of responsive UI and single-page applications.

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