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Shopify and BigCommerce app development

E-commerce applications software development using the power of Shopify and BigCommerce allows extend e-store functionality and build unique tools that will attract and retain your users.Shopify and BigCommerce app development

ERP systems setup

We provide safe integration between ERP systems and e-commerce platforms or applications. This synchronization helps businesses to have a holistic view on the processes and improve decision-making across the enterprise. ERP systems setup

Creative UI/UX design

Our experts have a solid background and a creative approach that allows them to gain a complete understanding of the goals and strengths of your product. Our specialists will develop convenient, interface-friendly solutions. Creative UI/UX design

Wholesale channel integration for merchants

We will provide individual e-commerce software solution development with Shopify Plus or BigCommerce that will work and synchronize with wholesale channels. You will be able to monitor traffic and requests for wholesale customers and orders through the admin panel.Wholesale channel integration for merchants

Headless architecture development

If you find your e-store functionality too limited for your project, we offer headless solutions. We create a system that can work simultaneously with several distribution channels and doesn’t need to be linked to a specific output.Headless architecture development

E-commerce website development

For building data-driven and scalable e-commerce stores, we will develop, customize and expand the functionality of your website. Using top-notch technologies, our engineering team develops personalized solutions that will enhance your current web performance and attract new customers to your e-store.E-commerce website development

Site speed optimization

Building an online store on e-commerce platforms is the standard of correctness and responsiveness to user activity. The loading speed of the resource, catalog and individual blocks will always satisfy your customers. Site speed optimization

Third-party app integrations

We provide clear integrations with third-party apps, marketing software, inventory and order management platforms, ERPs, and any other platforms to meet the needs of your management system. Third-party app integrations

Ongoing support and consulting

Your online store is not a product, but a service that needs to be constantly improved. We provide our clients with consulting and resource support to keep your business running without stopping. Ongoing support and consulting

Replatforming and data migration

We know how to help you if you are looking for ways to switch from any other e-commerce platform to Shopify/Shopify Plus or BigCommerce. We ensure fast and secure data migration from any platform. Replatforming and data migration

Multi-language & currency store development

As e-commerce software developers, we know how to enable e-store selling in multiple currencies and languages. This feature is highly important for businesses that break into new markets. With this service, your end customers will be able to shop and pay in their currency and preferred language. Multi-language & currency store development

Mobile-first design implementation

We will adapt the design in a way that is convenient for the user. Most of the web traffic comes from mobile devices, and almost all users prefer websites that are optimized for mobile gadgets. Mobile-first design implementation

Subscription implementation

The e-commerce subscription service model is rated by McKinsey as a $ 12 billion to $ 15 billion industry. We know firsthand how subscription service models are, so we can help you implement this tool in your e-commerce business. We are official partners of RechargePayments and cooperate with BoldCommerce.Subscription implementation

Small-sized companies:

E-commerce software development enables small-sized businesses to keep pace with retail competitors. The vital thing here is to build a solid online presence and organize delivery service to make sure that consumers are able to buy products online. The most popular issues for small businesses that are going online are payment service, delivery service, stock service, easy content management, and marketing services. All these roadblocks can be solved through technologies.

Building a fast and modern website is necessary for e-commerce companies. If your business requires a cost-effective solution for website development from scratch based on a decent UI/UX design or an upgrade of an outdated one, we offer in-budget ready-made solutions. To build a well working online store that will convert your leads into clients, attract and retain them, it is necessary to introduce cloud-based solutions, provide your website with full automation, and set up integrations with popular payment services and platforms.

Medium-sized business:

E-commerce strategies allow medium-sized companies to make the most of digital competition and the changing environment. The only way to scale the business up and to grab a significant share of the market is to become established in the online market.

There is a wide range of useful tools on the tech market that can optimize business processes significantly. We offer key e-commerce services for growing companies that will help to leverage the supply chain and logistics management, provide worry-free checkouts, automate processes, and provide an option-friendly product range for consumers. We ensure vital integrations with payment gateways and build connected spaces with marketing tools and SEO services. We also develop Shopify-based solutions for e-commerce businesses that help to manage and sell the same items to different markets worldwide. These software development e-commerce solutions allow business owners to manage the warehouse inventory control in each country separately as well as to optimize taxes, shipping and delivery, and currency individually for each market. Thus, we build the necessary tech ecosystem for the business to enable game-changing decisions.

The scope of main technologies we use

The scope of main technologies we use
Shopify is an e-commerce platform that includes a full cycle of product or inventory management — from shipping and delivery to content management and payments. The platform is a cloud-based solution, which means all data is safe and there are no technicalities related to the development and hosting of an online store. Also, Shopify is marketing-friendly, as it offers SEO features and e-commerce analytics. This is the best decision for a quick start for an online business.
The scope of main technologies we use
Shopify Plus is a multi-channel enterprise platform. It provides custom features, checkout page management, and high-level support. This is the right choice for big e-com websites with over 10,000 transactions per minute.
The scope of main technologies we use
BigCommerce is a cloud e-commerce platform. It provides all possibilities to create e-commerce websites quickly without deployment and hosting. It includes in-built products, logistic management, payment services, and custom integrations which make this platform a good alternative to Shopify.
The scope of main technologies we use
Strapi is a Headless CMS that provides API and content management system for corporate or e-commerce websites. It includes a quick setup, easy expansion, integration with AWS services, and email agents. Strapi integrates with Shopify and BigCommerce, maintaining better SEO and content management for websites.
The scope of main technologies we use
Gatsby is a React Based Framework for website development using ReactJS. It provides great SEO optimization and dynamic content implementation.
The scope of main technologies we use
ReactJS is a library for UI creation based on the components. It enables the development of responsive UI and single-page applications.

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David Olkovetsky
"We were 100% aligned that DigitalSuits was the best agency for us. Their team is extremely responsive and always tries to help."
We hired DigitalSuits to develop our website in conjunction with our designer. Our goals were to get the site pixel-perfect compared to our designs. We also needed some help ensuring that our site logic was correct for a variety of things like add-on products, variants. The site needed to be responsive for mobile and flexible in a variety of ways. Our store was built in Shopify. DigitalSuits are a pleasure to work with. Leadership is involved in every step of the process. They're also extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards. They'll keep making changes until you're satisfied.

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