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Developing a public Shopify app that secures third-party links and seamlessly integrates with any Shopify store

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Shopify app extension that helps Shopify merchants to secure links


Santa Monica, California, USA

Cooperation model

Fixed Price



Partnership period

November 2022 - December 2022

Improvements plan

Requirements and Estimation analysis, Product Development, QA testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Product Release including Shopify listing

Team size

Project Manager, a Back-end Developer, a Front-end Developer, a Tech Lead


Shopify CLI, Shopify Polaris, AppBridge, JS

About the client

Snap is a web development company that provides end-to-end website solutions to businesses of all sizes. At Snap, they know that one size does not fit all, which is why they offer personalized website designs that cater to the specific requirements and preferences of each client, ensuring a distinct online identity. From initial design concepts to final product delivery, the Snap team works closely with clients to ensure that the end result is exactly what they envisioned.


About the product

Snap provides website hosting services, ensuring that their client's websites are fast, secure, and reliable. In addition to website development and hosting, Snap also offers ongoing website maintenance and security services. This includes regular updates, performance monitoring, and security scans to ensure that clients' websites are always running smoothly and protected against potential threats.


Challenge overview

The company recognized the need to provide additional support to clients developing their e-commerce websites, particularly small-medium-sized Shopify-based merchants. To address this, they created an app extension called Secure Links, which is designed to handle third-party links and redirections. The demand for this solution was prompted by Shopify's security updates in 2022 to protect online stores from cyber threats. The company made several updates to enhance security measures, including the implementation of the TLS 1.3 encryption protocol to safeguard customer data from interception and eavesdropping. Additionally, the company's customers wanted to ensure that small merchants could comply with new policies. To accommodate this, the company developed an app that enables merchants to insert redirections in accordance with Shopify's guidelines.

The key challenge was to build a public Shopify application that would fit into new Shopify requirements. Our team was ready to help since we’ve got comprehensive experience building Shopify apps of all kinds. It was imperative for our team to come up with a solution that could seamlessly integrate with any Shopify store. Plus, our partner needed to monitor code quality during each development phase.

Seculinks Challenges overview


DigitalSuits’ team proposed an app extension that was completely integrated with any Shopify store and enabled storing, executing, and securing third-party links and redirects and enabling opening in a new tab. card image
To overcome these challenges, we implemented an App Extension that seamlessly integrates with any Shopify theme and allows for secure storage, execution, and redirection of third-party links. This solution was designed with the latest Shopify requirements in mind, ensuring it was highly lightweight and optimized for maximum efficiency. card image
Our solution has already garnered tremendous success, as it was listed in the Shopify app store, and a growing number of Store Owners are installing our app. Our lightweight yet robust solution has proven to be the perfect answer to the challenges faced by small to medium-sized Shopify-based merchants. With our reliable and efficient service, merchants can sit back, relax, and let us handle the heavy lifting. card image
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