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New Shopify-based Website for Sanctuary


Sanctuary is a US-based beauty startup. It is a perfume manufacturer with different varieties of fragrances named after animal species. The mission of the company is not only to achieve business success but also to protect threatened animal species. After you buy a perfume with the name of an endangered animal, the company donates 20 % of every purchase to the protection of the fragrances’ namesake.

Business needs

The main client objective was to create a website that will help to achieve two primary goals — amazing customer experience and the ability to donate money to charity funds. With the new website, visitors could easily buy perfumes, learn about the product and leave feedback. In turn, Sanctuary could attract audience’s attention to global environmental issues, extend the product sales network, and raise significant funds for animal protection.


We developed a Shopify Plus store and met our customer’s expectations by creating a user-friendly interface. The site provides the high-speed loading of content rich pages, which is key to keep a good dialogue with the customers and be on the top in search engine rankings.

Moreover, our client wanted to grab visitors’ attention when they looked through the e-store. To achieve it, our team added a unique design tool to the interface design — a special line that appears when the shopper scrolls the screen. We successfully developed it and applied new logic for the line drawing. Now it attracts the client’s attention throughout the process of moving through the site and creates a special user experience. The website pages reflect the quality of the brand and perform well on all screen extensions, allowing for a more logical visual distribution of information.


Now Sanctuary has a Shopify Plus store that captures the essence of the brand and gives the opportunity to communicate with visitors better. We developed an attractive and flexible website which helps Sanctuary to boost their D2C journey. Our client reaps the benefits, as now there are:

  • Improved interface design for more logical visual distribution
  • Increased recurring revenue
  • A possibility to scale the launch of new products

The project was done within a budget and satisfied all the client’s requirements. Also, we’re proud that we managed to deliver the project within a tough time frame of 1.5 months, as it was highly important for our client.

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