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Deck of Scarlet

Providing a secure user accounts migration for beauty startup to a new Shopify website


Deck of Scarlet is a US-based beauty startup that produces clean, vegan cosmetics without animal testing. The company encourages women worldwide to be game-changers and rule-breakers. It shows bright, creative make-ups and inspires girls to make their own makeup using brand collection tutorials. Also, it builds a community of brand ambassadors, giving them a new limited edition collection monthly. This is a real opportunity to complement each community member's personality. Besides, it is a marketing tool to attract more people to the brand.

Business needs

The startup founders are very attentive to their customers. They always think about how to deliver the best services and make customers happy. That's why they came to us with a request for a custom feature development while they were working on their new website. They faced the situation when it was needed to save all existing user accounts and provide secure migration to the new website. Otherwise, current user accounts would be lost and clients would have to register again. This is an unacceptable situation for the business and we were eager to solve that issue.


Our team investigated the request and shared ideas for implementation. We should mention that the basic Shopify functionality doesn't cover this query. So our team was forced to offer a custom solution. We developed a secured database migration with saving all credentials and purchase history. We did our best to keep the old website URLs for login even when a new website was located on a new domain. As a result, customers use the new website and don't feel any inconvenience.

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After finishing the project, all current users can use the old domain URL to login by filling out their credentials. All their purchase history is saved and available in accounts. This is a good approach for the business that cares about their customers and does their best for their comfort.

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