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What does digital transformation mean and involve?

Digital transformation is no longer optional. We are firmly enrooted in the digital age, and it is time to integrate smart digital technologies into all business processes to leverage business. Create value and new services for your consumers and stakeholders. Innovate and unite across the team to acquire the capabilities to win and adapt to changing markets.

External circumstances and business needs for digital transformation

  • Small business:

Digital transformation for small businesses is essential. If the business is not in Google — it does not exist. What does digital transformation mean to small businesses? Being involved in digitalization, small businesses highly need to take all the little steps forward that create customer-centric competencies and bring cost-effective solutions. Digital transformation is needed to get comprehensive customer insights. Go deeper, understand your client. Make an omnichannel presence on the market. Develop digital marketing. Go digital with a reliable partner. We recommend in-budget solutions that are relevant to clients’ business goals and infrastructure. We develop decent e-commerce websites with modern UI/UX design based on top-notch content management systems, create integrations with services and payment systems, connect with email services, and create chatbots. Furthermore, by making websites accessible we ensure all users are able to interact with them. We also provide POS solutions that enable mortar-and-brick stores to sync across your business. We offer multi-currency solutions for an increase in clients’ cross-border sales. All these features allow managing a fully functional website without the need of hiring developers in the future.

  • Medium-sized business:

Digital transformation is imperative for medium-sized companies. Companies’ ability to evolve and to increase customer value is all about technology now. Being competitive and successful means rethinking all old operating models, increase agility, and being in touch with customers like never before. Rebuild your business eco-system with the help of a reliable IT supporter. Leverage your business strategy with technologies like Cloud solutions and customized software with add-on integrations to personalize the customer experience.

We implement digital transformation into our clients’ business in 2 ways:

  • We introduce new solutions to the current technical processes. Having a specification, we implement the necessary features into the client’s service or product.

  • We upgrade existing systems to the next level or create a new one from scratch. We make systems fast working, do thoughtful and modern UI/UX design for platforms and websites, and provide a high level of data security. By using Cloud solutions, we ensure cost optimization, including hosting costs.

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