Real Estate Software Development Company

Real Estate Software Development Company

Our company, which specializes in real estate software development, provides various services to cater to our customers' needs. Build a custom software solution with our experienced real estate software developers to improve how people buy, rent, sell, and live.

Real estate software development for enhancing efficiency and accelerating workflows

Real estate is the area where the demand for software is essential for automating various functions such as marketing, sales, HR, production, and management. While off-the-shelf apps may offer a partial remedy, they frequently bring about additional challenges. With our real estate development software, you receive a customized solution that tackles your distinct challenges and gets the most out of your operations:

  • Simplify property management
  • Automate the buying and leasing experience
  • Handle relationships with employees, vendors, and clients, and seamlessly integrate with your current enterprise solutions

With years of experience in the real estate industry, we firmly believe that next-generation innovations are transformative for our clients. At DigitalSuits, we provide IoT, big data, and location-based technologies, elevating your company's capabilities to new heights. Whether you're envisioning the creation of BEMS, IWMS, ConTech, or other PropTech solutions, our real estate software development company is here to help you explore the vast technological possibilities.

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Delivering world-class software development services for the real estate industry

Custom real estate software development

Providing real estate software development services, we prioritize crafting customer-centric solutions, ensuring the delivery of exceptional digital products. Our off-the-shelf solutions not only meet specific real estate industry needs and challenges but are also tailored to fulfill our customers' specific business needs.

Real estate CRM and ERP software development

Our real estate CRM software provides a solution by allowing you to categorize and present customer data in a user-friendly format. For companies managing numerous resources, we create an ERP (enterprise resource planning) framework focused on managing a complex web of information and options available to your business.

Property management software (PMS)

Real estate firms are able to handle numerous projects and property management software thanks to the centralization of all related data in one place. We optimize the efficiency of your operations through property management systems and streamline interactions among agencies, homeowners, and tenants.

Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

We offer BEMS the capability for continuous remote monitoring and integrated control of a variety of connected systems. This software perfectly fits the real-time observation of energy consumption, environmental conditions, and more. It also allows to customize hours of operation and set points to optimize both performance and comfort.

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

Cut expenses and enhance business efficiency through implementing IWMS. We ensure high-quality management information, full compliance, and maximized monitoring and control with asset lifecycle management, IoT, smart locks, space management & reservation, floor plans and maps, and occupancy administration.

Property management apps

Streamline tasks that used to take property managers hours or days into just a few minutes. We develop solutions to optimize contract management, rental payment automation, analytics &. custom reports, tax management, API integration with third-party service, billing & invoices that allow you to use many things in one app.

The benefits of real estate software development with DigitalSuits


Get cross-platform development

DigitalSuits is proficient in building intuitive and feature-rich cross-platform solutions, helping you reach a broader audience and enhancing your business capabilities. We ensure the delivery of apps that offer a native-like experience and operate seamlessly across various devices and platforms.


Attain exceptional results

Empower your team to concentrate on high-value tasks, saving both time and resources. Delegate manual tasks to your newly developed software, streamlining operations and boosting your company's efficiency. Reduce time spent on property and listings management, document handling, and client communication.


Improve property management

Optimize property management procedures through effective monitoring of crucial details such as leases, rent payments, maintenance requests, and vacancies. Automation features can send notifications for lease renewals or maintenance schedules, minimizing administrative tasks and ensuring well-managed properties.


Ensure data security

Real estate software solutions frequently integrate strong security measures to safeguard sensitive data. We use encryption, access controls, and secure storage practices to protect both client and business information. Thus, we guarantee all data protection compliance by fostering trust with clients.


Enhance collaboration

Leverage the centralized platform of your newly developed software, enabling real estate professionals, such as agents, brokers, and property managers, to access and update building information, client data, and transaction details from a unified location.


Scale seamlessly

Tailor your custom real estate software development to meet your unique business needs. Easily scale as your agency grows and adjusts to changing market demands. Benefit from the flexibility to incorporate new features, integrate with other systems, and stay ahead of industry trends and competitors.


Boost customer experience

Experience the capabilities of customer relationship management (CRM) with features designed for effective client relationship management. Our real estate software solutions let monitor leads, engage with clients, arrange appointments, and customize interactions.


Get improved analytics

Take advantage of analytics and reporting features in software development for real estate to gain valuable information on market trends, property performance, agent productivity, and client behavior. With these insights, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and foster business growth.

Explore our case studies for the real estate industry

The 24/7 Digital Property Assistant and Management Platform for AskPorter

Business needs: AskPorter approached us with two primary business goals: attracting investment through innovative digital solutions and enhancing the average client bill through internal process optimization. We needed to streamline and help expedite the resolution of users' domestic issues, such as water or gas leaks and waste disposal. The conventional approach to addressing housing and related service problems was time-consuming, primarily managed over the phone, and lacked real-time service requests.

Result: We created a platform enabling every city resident to register a personal account, submit repair requests, and monitor their status. A dedicated representative manages all requests for specific offices, accommodations, and districts, assigning them to specialists for quick problem management. Users can track these processes online quickly and effectively. This results in AskPorter having the planned funding.

The 24_7 Digital Property Assistant and Management Platform for AskPorter

Insurtech Marketplace for Claim Technology

Business needs: Claim Technology concept involves delivering digital transformation services to insurance companies through the platform. The main objectives of the company were: enhancing interaction between clients and insurance companies; expediting data processing; and consequently, lowering the costs associated with administrative tasks.

Result: Our team developed an ecosystem with multiple applications using a shared API We designated product-specific processes as distinct services, seamlessly connectable to the BPMN workflow engine. Moreover, we crafted a user-friendly interface to manage data effortlessly without the need for coding, bringing desired flexibility and compliance with all company business process requirements.

Insurtech Marketplace for Claim Technology

Building a cloud-based platform to streamline law firm operations

Business needs: Manual operations for the law firm Laurus resulted in high monthly operational expenses and an ineffective process. The client is required to re-organize themselves to maintain a competitive edge in the increasingly digitalized legal field and provide automation of every step of collection and transfer of information between branches.

Result: We started working on a digital model that represents a new way of running the organization and combines digital technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated, well-sequenced system, efficiently guiding clients through all legal aspects in a secure and fast manner. Our experts introduced two comprehensive toolsets to streamline legal management processes and meet the unique needs of thier clients alike.

Building a cloud-based platform to streamline law firm operations

Hire a trusted partner for tech-enabled real estate businesses

Building strategic ties

We cultivate enduring partnerships and foster the mutual growth of our development team and your business. Several of our clients have been with us for over 7 years gaining all the benefits of professional software development.

Clear and efficient collaboration

Our real estate software company establishes a transparent process that provides comprehensive visibility into progress and performance at individual, task, and project levels, complete with regular reporting and updates.

Exceptional tech expertise

We generally prioritize the technical skill set of the professional. Collaborate with seasoned professionals boasting over seven years in the software industry alongside the brightest graduates from Europe's premier universities.

Effortless team scaling

You have the flexibility to quickly and effortlessly ramp up or ramp down your development team. If you need to evolve swiftly, we adapt to changes in your team size, ensuring flexibility without compromising on quality or efficiency.

The stages of real estate development

Analysis of requirements

We thoroughly analyze your business, project requirements, and market dynamics to offer a comprehensive scope and budget estimate.

Analysis of requirements

Software project plan

In this stage, we examine user personas, assess technical specifications, and formulate a comprehensive development plan.

Software project plan

Defining software solutions

Our UI-UX design team applies their expertise to ensure the feasibility and alignment with industry standards of your product design.

Defining software solutions

Coding and development

Commencing development, we ensure the delivery of a cost-effective and technically sound solution for you.

Coding and development

Software testing

After the design and development phases, we thoroughly review, test, and optimize every aspect of your platform.

Software testing

Deployment map

After conducting all essential pre-launch checks, we prepared and executed a seamless launch for the project.

Deployment map

Post-release support

We offer continuous maintenance to ensure the product stays current with essential updates, fixes, and modifications.

Post-release support

Effectively navigating real estate software development challenges with DigitalSuits

Security challenge

In real estate, a single error can result in significant financial setbacks for a company. A problematic transaction or data breach has the potential to erode your reputation and result in financial losses for both your business and the concerned customer.card image

Offered solutions

Our focus revolves around enhancing the security of your offerings. At DigitalSuits, we prioritize a top-notch tech stack and rigorous Quality Assurance. We possess expertise in working with diverse encryption frameworks and adeptly integrate additional security features.card image

Challenges in the market

The real estate industry is characterized by a significant factor: numerous companies vie for prominence. This requires a perfect business strategy and competitive advantage of the business to ensure a robust position in the market.card image

Usability issues

Real estate solutions often encompass intricate features, requiring tools to capture numerous data points and frameworks for computing various expenses. Real estate software products with extensive features, unfortunately, pose challenges in terms of user navigation. without primary focus the user experience. card image


Our company is an expert and proficient in effective UI/UX practices. Our skilled designers provide thorough usability testing and analyze your current solutions to identify key design issues. Collaborating with developers, they ensure that your app is not only functional but also user-friendly.card image

Our solutions

DigitalSuits can assist your business in maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Among the prominent features we provide are AI and IoT enhancements. Additionally, you can engage us for idea validation: DigitalSuits supports its clients in gauging the overall feasibility of their business concepts.