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Implementing a Cloud RPA Solution for a modern law firm Laurus

Building a cloud-based platform to streamline law firm operations


London, England

Cooperation model

Dedicated Team



Partnership period

November 2017- February 2020/ July 2021 - February 2022

Improvements plan

Discovery phase, Requirements and estimation analysis, Prototyping and designing, MVP release

Team size

1 QA Engineer, 1 DevOps, 1 PM, 1 Tech consultant, 1 Designer, Frontend ReactJs developer, Backend Ruby on Rails developer,


Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, BPMN Workflow Engine, AWS for hosting and DevOps, PostgreSQL, Google API, Multi Factor authorization

About the client

Laurus is a well-established law firm based in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2004 to provide clients with the highest quality legal services nationwide.

Over the years, Laurus has built a solid reputation for providing clients with personalized and professional legal services. Their team of experienced lawyers has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in property and conveyancing law, family law, estate planning, and administration.

Laurus – about the client

About the product

The company has grown significantly since its establishment, expanding its team and services to cater to clients' diverse legal needs. The firm offers exceptional family law services, such as alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

Moreover, they provide estate planning and administration services to safeguard the legacy and ensure the family's well-being. Laurus firm takes immense pride in delivering personalized legal solutions for first-time buyers and handling complex cases for investors, developers, and commercial lenders.

Laurus – about the product

Challenge overview

Efficiently navigating clients through all legal aspects requires a secure and fast process, which was challenging to achieve using previous manual working processes. As a result, monthly operational expenses were high. The client needed help in collecting and transferring information between their branches. To address these challenges, we introduced a digital model to redesign some old features and implement them in a new app.
Client data was usually collected through email or phone, leading to significant time delays.card image
The manual workflow resulted in extra costs, excessive communication, and labor-intensive and time-consuming operations.card image
The inefficient process had a direct impact on the company's monthly operational expenses, causing them to be notably high.card image
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Our solution

We delved deep into our client's challenges and internal workflow, determined to find a game-changing solution. That's why we introduced digital transformation to the company, paving the way for a new era of productivity and collaboration. And we did just that. Our team developed a cutting-edge cloud-based platform, featuring not one, but two sleek and user-friendly UI applications, and a shared API.

We implemented features to make the document management process convenient. Each of these services is a part of the final product, which aims to automate all customer communications, safely manage customer orders and data, and reduce company costs.

Laurus our solution

During the first stage, our main objective was to create a dashboard to manage real estate deals and securely share documents and information within the operation. The implementation of the dashboard and secure platform allowed team members to access real-time data on the status of deals, enabling them to make informed decisions and take action promptly. Among other benefits are:

  • Significant reduction of manual paperwork
  • Lower regular costs
  • Easy access to necessary data
  • Shorter transaction time

In the second stage, we aimed to offer an efficient account and document management system through the platform. This platform would have user-friendly features and convenient interfaces to provide an optimal user experience such as:

  • Easy access to account information and password modification
  • Capability to upload various document types, assign unique identifiers, and preview/download multiple documents simultaneously
  • Shared document feature for communication and collaboration
  • User-friendly login page with straightforward access and password reset capabilities
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As a trusted provider of cutting-edge software for legal practice, we take pride in offering our clients the best efficiency, organization, and convenience. We enjoyed providing our client with two comprehensive toolsets to streamline their legal management processes. These innovative platforms are tailored to meet the unique needs of legal professionals and clients alike, offering user-friendly interfaces and a wealth of valuable features. Both platforms provide users with efficient and effective tools for legal management and document organization.

Laurus result section

Introducing the dashboard for lawyers

The dashboard for lawyers is an all-inclusive toolset for administering and inspecting properties. Users can navigate multiple pages, narrow their search via ID, address, or creation date, tailor columns, sort functions, and filter capabilities. Lawyers can effortlessly make property additions and showcase detailed information about each property, including linked contacts and organizations. The platform has a user-friendly interface, convenient share and download buttons, making it an indispensable tool for efficient property management.

Streamlining account and document management

The platform for clients delivers various features that permit influential account and document management. Users can access their account information, modify their credentials, and upload multiple documents, including PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. Additionally, the platform assigns unique identifiers to distinguish between documents with identical titles and allows users to preview and download multiple documents simultaneously. Also, the medium has a shared document feature for effortless communication and collaboration, and the login page provides straightforward access and password reset capabilities.