Information Technology Consulting Services

Information Technology Consulting Services

We offer top-tier IT consulting services along with practical strategies and innovative solutions. Optimize technology investment returns and drive innovation with DigitalSuits IT consultancy.

Gain a competitive edge through strategic IT consultancy services

As a prominent IT consulting firm, DigitalSuits offers personalized IT consultation services and business IT support to address your IT-related challenges. Our strategic IT consultations empower your business to advance with highly efficient IT strategies.

Whether you seek to validate concepts, initiate new ventures, enhance existing workflows, explore fresh revenue streams, or harness emerging technologies, our team is your dependable partner. We merge profound industry expertise, advanced technological know-how, and precise attention to your requirements, delivering outcome-driven tech services consulting. Our IT support consultants can assist you in:

  • Enabling business agility through digitalization and technology integration
  • Rationalizing technology expenses and optimizing enterprise processes
  • Adapting your solution to accommodate your company's expansion
  • Aligning your concepts with technology and operational frameworks
Gain a competitive edge through strategic IT consultancy services

Our array of top-notch IT consulting services

IT consulting & planning

Collaborate with a group of committed IT consultants to formulate an IT strategy aimed at aligning your technology with your business requirements.

IT strategy consulting

Ensure your IT resources are aligned with present and future business objectives through expert IT governance, evaluation of the IT environment, and strategic planning.

Technology consulting

Benefit from seamlessly infusing revolutionary digital innovations to drive disruptive evolution in your business model and operations.

Risk management consulting

We prioritize cybersecurity assessment evaluate your risk level and devise a mitigation strategy to minimize and manage your vulnerabilities and threats.

Digital transformation consulting

Enhance your business efficiency through careful planning, prioritization, our IT support consulting, and expert guidance in your digital transformation endeavors.

Business processes and cost optimization

Our IT consultants offer a practical IT budget: they assess the projected costs associated with new technology and help to achieve business objectives while maintaining a minimal budget.

IT operations consulting

We can establish enduring IT capabilities to bolster business strategies through meticulous IT services consulting. By providing change management practices we develop secure infrastructure across domains.

IT service management assessment

Our IT consulting services company performs a thorough assessment of your IT landscape. You'll receive a detailed assessment of critical areas for enhancement with prioritized suggestions.

Empowering clients through strategic IT consultancy

Digital transformation services

Digital transformation services

We provide expert guidance in IT consulting for digital transformation which involves adopting cutting-edge technologies and strategies. Thus we reshape business processes and optimize digital initiatives, ensuring successful integration and growth.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Clients of our IT outsourcing consulting service gain access to customization, digital transformation, UX/UI design, testing, dedicated teams, and SaaS applications. We help to handle all the technical aspects, while our clients focus on their strengths.

Cloud & data migration services

Cloud & data migration services

Enhanced IT infrastructure maintenance costs, scalable resources as needed, and fortified data security. Rapid deployment of cloud applications and seamless migration of applications to the cloud.

Software testing and QA services

Software testing and QA services

We offer businesses expert guidance to ensure your software products are of the best quality. Our effective QA management provides tools and methodologies for building bug-free products.

Versatile IT consulting services across industries

IT strategy advisory

At DigitalSuits, we stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, guaranteeing the delivery of state-of-the-art software solutions. Our information technology consulting services lead you in choosing and implementing the most suitable technologies customized for your business and industry.


  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Computing
  • FinTech
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
IT strategy advisory

Our IT consulting activities are supported by meticulously designed techniques

Evaluation of strategy and business model:

  • The ROI Approach
  • Business and Functional Canvas
  • Organizational Process Assets (OPA)
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)

Technology consultation:

  • Assessing viability in technical, functional, and cost-effective aspects
  • Calculation of NVP, ROI, and IRR

Gathering customer requirements:

  • QFD
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups

Certifications & regulations:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • FDA regulations
  • SOC2
  • SOC3

Addressing problems and goals:

  • McKinsey MECE Method
  • Ishikawa Diagram

Project initiation and planning:

  • Crafting the business case

Enhancing business processes:

  • Value Stream Mapping

Why opt for Digitalsuits for IT support consultancy

Rapid time-to-value

Employing an iterative method for enduring transformative initiatives, we ensure prompt delivery of tangible business benefits right from the outset. Even initial small strides towards a harmonized IT environment can optimize operational costs, such as the burdensome maintenance expenses of outdated IT assets.

Clear-cut charges

Our pricing model adapts to the specific consulting services we provide. A fixed price structure is suitable for time-bound projects with well-defined outcomes, such as feasibility studies, solution prototyping, and market research. For more extensive and dynamic engagements, a Time and material approach is employed.

Value-driven IT strategies

Our IT consulting agency helps businesses through a fast-changing digital landscape and make only intelligent IT investments in sectors with genuine profit opportunities. When building an IT strategy, we clearly articulate the benefits of transformations and often focus on minimizing expenses. We automate workflows, explore new revenue avenues, or enhance service quality.

Facilitated move to enhanced IT

We offer a comprehensive assistance package for IT projects, encompassing planning, design, implementation, and ongoing support for the envisioned changes in your IT strategy. You won't need to juggle multiple teams during your transition towards optimized IT infrastructure or digitally transformed processes.

Our IT consultancy approach


Our IT consultant agency assesses your existing software solutions and their utilization by your staff, to identify workflow and automation issues. Then they evaluate your requirements, examine infrastructure, and offer strategic guidance for the optimal utilization of technology to attain your business objectives.


Our information technology consultants craft an optimal roadmap and strategy to guide your company through the implementation of advanced technology for streamlined operations. Following this, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established for both software and employees.


Effective information technology consulting services require close collaboration between the client and the consulting company. Our experts conduct meticulous analyses of your workflows, monitoring outcomes to detect issues, which are then addressed by our skilled software developers.


Once the initial objectives are achieved, our software engineers and IT consulting advisors provide recommendations for future enhancements and assist in their implementation. We guarantee that your software stays up-to-date, and to maintain software quality metrics, we follow industry trends and adhere to best practices.

Challenges addressed by IT consulting services

Data protection

Cyber threats and data breaches pose significant risks to businesses, as many companies lack the expertise to establish robust cybersecurity measures. IT consultants assess vulnerabilities, recommend security strategies, and implement protective measures to safeguard sensitive data and maintain regulatory compliance.

Cloud transition and integration

Businesses can struggle with cloud transition due to security, data migration, and integration concerns. Information technology consulting services optimize organizations' movement through this process and choose suitable cloud solutions, ensuring data integrity, and achieving a smooth integration with minimal disruption.

Technology strategy alignment

An information technology consulting company possesses extensive expertise in both information technology and business to construct a seamless strategy. Collaborating closely with your team, technology experts craft potent IT strategies to ensure business triumph.

IT infrastructure management

Through information technology consulting businesses achieve infrastructure optimization, and simplify their processes, leading to a reduction in operating costs, improved efficiency, heightened productivity, and increased profits.

Frequently asked questions

IT consultants offer strategic counsel as their main objective is to aid your organization in leveraging technology and IT assets to accomplish strategic business objectives. IT consultants are adept at resolving IT issues. Typical services within the realm of IT consulting for business encompass:

  • Devising IT strategy and formulating plans
  • Conducting evaluations of IT systems
  • Assaying security risks
  • Establishing governance, managing risks, and ensuring compliance
  • Orchestrating cloud migration strategies and data transfers
  • Creating strategies for business continuity and recovery from disasters
  • Developing and managing IT budgets.

At the heart of their role, IT consulting companies are authorities within a specific field. Using what they know and are good at, they create a thorough plan and give suggestions.

Many consultants are specifically enlisted to offer guidance. They examine your business and identify areas that could be improved. In the realm of IT, this manifests as suggesting appropriate types of software and systems to adopt.

Numerous software companies offer IT consulting as part of their software sales packages. This enables a company to tailor recently acquired software to match their specific needs.

Moreover, IT consultants are professionals who specialize in the ongoing upkeep of a company's systems. Their services can be engaged to provide managed IT services, and in some cases, they might even replace an internal IT department entirely with external contractors.

Professional IT consultant services offer essential benefits in today's business landscape. A consultant, defined as an "expert advisor," has gained trust for their niche expertise and external viewpoints. This approach saves time, money, enhances competitiveness, and professionalism. In the evolving IT landscape, these benefits have grown in importance. Maintaining a full-time IT department can be costly and complex. An IT consultant brings specialized knowledge, guiding efficiency improvements and boosting ROI.

  • Core focus: Employees excel when focused on core tasks, while IT distractions have opportunity costs. IT consultants free up valuable time and drive the bottom line.
  • Expertise: Consultants offer specialized skills that internal staff might lack, ensuring success and peace of mind.
  • Fresh perspective: Consultants introduce efficient alternatives based on diverse experiences, fostering growth and efficiency.
  • Cost efficiency: Consultants offer cost-effective solutions without the overheads of full-time staff.
  • Enhanced security: Cybersecurity specialists protect against threats, ensuring data safety and training staff to recognize risks.
  • Productivity: IT experts optimize technology for productivity, managing implementation and maintenance.
  • Experience counts: Consultants draw from prior projects, ensuring effective solutions and timely delivery.
  • Broader knowledge: Small businesses access top-tier expertise without long-term commitments.
  • Retain employees: IT solutions prevent overwhelming employees, enhancing job satisfaction.
  • Streamlined management: IT consultants provide expertise without the complexities of managing IT staff.

What our clients say

Michael Lewis

UK client review


,Claim Technology
“The DigitalSuits team fully devoted themselves to producing a quality final product.”
Their team was responsible for the IT architecture, front- and backend web development work for the platform components, and API implementations. The main app is programmed using Ruby on Rails, and the frontend was developed using React.js. They delivered superior services, assigning only highly-experienced professionals to the project.

David Olkovetsky

USA client review


,Artisan Revere