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Synsel Techniek

Enhancing performance and enabling flexible content management for a technical staffing company through replatforming

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Successful Storyblok replatforming for Synsel recruitment company



Cooperation model

Fixed price



Partnership period

February 2023 – till now

Improvements plan

Discovery phase, Requirements and Estimation analysis, Software development, Maintenance and Support, development

Team size

Backend developer, full-stack developer, two front-end developers, a part-time PM and a part-time QA


Node.js, React.js, AWS, Remix, Microservices, Containers, Storyblok (CMS), Express.js, Typescript, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Vitest Storybook, TailwindCSS, Cypress

About the client

Synsel Techniek is a technical staffing agency specializing in mechanics and engineers. For the past 10 years, Synsel has been dedicated to finding the best jobs for technicians. The company's roots can be traced back to its involvement in HR activities for DG Press, a prominent high-tech machine builder. This initial engagement shed light on the pervasive challenge faced by companies in sourcing proficient technicians. Their mission is to provide access to the best jobs for mechanics and engineers, ultimately driving growth and success in the industry.

Synsel Techniek

About the product

By matching candidates with companies that align with their goals, Synsel has created a large network of technicians in the industrial automation, machine construction, and industry sectors. Over the years, Synsel has developed specialized business units and a team of dedicated advisors to ensure customized career opportunities for candidates.

Synsel Techniek
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Challenge overview

Before Synsel's remarkable replatforming project, they faced some intriguing challenges. Their website suffered from sluggish loading times, inefficient data retrieval, and scalability limitations, putting a dent in their ability to attract top-notch technical specialists.

A previous version of the website had issues with mobile responsiveness, users and relied on outdated frameworks and technologies. To address these issues and improve their overall performance and user experience, we proposed replatforming. So, we helped Synsel to embark on the improvement process, breathing new life into their digital presence.

Synsel Technie

Our solution

Initially, we focused on enhancing the performance of the system, which yielded impressive results and left a positive impression on the company. As a result of these accomplishments, the Synsel team expressed a desire for additional enhancements to the solution. To address their concerns regarding mobile optimization and leverage new technologies, we proposed a replatforming approach. This solution introduced a powerful combination of microservice architecture and atomic structure of the components that lead to superior user experience, flexible content management, and exceptional performance. As a result, Synsel stood out in the competitive digital landscape.

Synsel Techniek


We presented a comprehensive solution that encompassed the following key elements:

  • Elevating mobile experience: We made mobile experience our top priority. Our objective was crystal clear: to captivate and delight mobile users. We delivered an extraordinary and seamless experience for visitors exploring the site on their beloved smartphones.

  • Performance enhancements: We implemented a range of performance enhancements to optimize system efficiency. By implementing caching mechanisms, we stored frequently accessed data for faster and more efficient delivery. Adopting a microservices architecture ensured enhanced system stability and scalability. Introducing queuing mechanisms enabled us to streamline request distribution within the system and with third-party services.

Synsel Techniek

  • Storyblok CMS: To achieve content management flexibility, we integrated Storyblok CMS into the project. Storyblok empowered our client with a powerful tool to efficiently manage and update content on the website. With its user-friendly interface, they can now effortlessly showcase enticing job opportunities and effectively communicate with their target audience.

  • Elasticsearch and additional caching: Leveraging Elasticsearch as a high-speed storage solution, we significantly improved the search functionality on the website. We also implemented additional caching mechanisms, such as Redis and Varnish cache, to minimize database queries and boost system performance.

  • Remix framework: Harnessing the power of the Remix framework, we optimized data transmission over the network. By reducing unnecessary data transfers, Remix played a crucial role in enhancing loading times and overall system performance.

Synsel Techniek
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