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Noah Living

Website migration to Shopify 2.0 for improved capabilities and performance for German furniture manufacturer

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Noah Living is a German furniture manufacturer that produces eco-friendly furniture for conscious consumers. Dario and Hannah, the founders of the business, created a charming young design brand with a mission to combine simple, creative designs with traditional elements to create a new approach to furniture and living. The brand started its journey in March 2020 and has already won the German Design Award twice.

Business needs

Our client was going to expand their business, that’s why they need a cutting-edge, forward-thinking e-commerce store with unlimited scalability. They were focused on getting an easily updated e-commerce solution, more efficient and customizable than before. We decided to create a high-performance store on Shopify 2.0, which is primed and ready to scale and take them around the world by bringing improved capabilities and design without limitations.

The process of making furniture to order comprises several stages. The idea of making it as clear and simple as possible for end customers was primary. Also, there was a need for a secure and precise process of order tracking to help customers place orders and the production receive these orders.

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In a joint project with Noah Living, we implemented their e-commerce solution with such handy improvements as:

  • Intermediate layer. Now the site includes an Airtable app for perfect order processing with Shopify to manage all the data. We used an intermediate layer Integromat for monitoring new orders and redirecting them to Airtable. Now we are working on additional functionality that will detect modules of different variations of a piece of furniture, for example, modules of a sofa and put them into separate cells of the table. The development is still underway.
  • Tracking page. For tracking and getting dynamic data from Airtable, we created a backend application that sends a request to the Airtable API when the user enters the tracking page. With the help of a unique ID, our API takes all the data and returns it to the front-end in the URL parameter. A pre-generated layout keeps this data about delivery lines and other information.
  • Reusable section. To help our client make page sections reusable throughout the site, we migrated their website to Shopify 2.0. It creates slick designs through improved capabilities and performances. After rewriting all the templates and splitting the pages into sections, we gave our client the ability to reuse, swap or hide elements. We empowered the project with immersive features and brought them to life with the power of the headless Shopify by rewriting most of the site components and removing the common styles.
  • Old page updates. To create a wishlist functionality, we updated all the pages to Shopify 2.0, taking into account that a page may contain any section. Styles and functionalities were in one large file, thus we had to separate them and used hardcode to make the logic smarter and changeable without coding. That will help store owners make changes by only applying our instructions and use functionality without overloading user traffic.
  • Creating new pages. The client needed swift changes to the site and some new pages designed to Shopify 2.0 standards. We successfully implemented this task by combining the old functionality of the site with the new pages based on Shopify 2.0. Now, setting and making updates is smoother and more efficient and brings an improved e-commerce experience to get the most out of Shopify.


Now Noah Living reaps the benefits of an advanced store based on Shopify 2.0 that highlights their unique brand and takes them to the next stage of their D2C journey. With efficient content adjustment and improved Shopify capabilities, they can reach new customers more easily than ever. We are proud to have improved and supported the current functionality of the website.

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