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Monitoring System Development

Monitoring System Development for Artificial Intelligent Security App


Our client is a Germany-based company that offers a home security system and enables users to control the system through a single device. Our cooperation started from a small piece of work — developing a website for broadcasting events from a smart home device. After successfully implementing the website, we continued our cooperation and started to build a monitoring dashboard.

Buisness needs

The main goal was to build a monitoring system to track the activity of devices, analyze and complete the connection between devices, the application, and the monitoring system. Advanced functionality, such as face recognition, activation, and de-activation of geolocation, speech, and noise recognition, is highly valued by customers. It makes a security system more competitive on the market among all others. As a result, it leads to boosting the company’s sales and ability to expand to the mass market across Europe and North America.


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AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework used for dynamic web apps. AngularJS allows developers to reduce the amount of code writing by binding data and eliminating parts of the code. It simplifies and structures the JavaScript code.
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ReactJS/Redux is an open-source JavaScript library that helps to manage applications. It can be used with different UI layers and frameworks.
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Material UI is an open-source code that provides optional components for fast web development.
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SCSS is a scripting language that is compiled into CSS. This extension makes CSS well organized and allows developers to read and change it easier, add nested rules and variables.
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WebSockets is a protocol that enables a connection between a client and a web server. It provides faster data exchange, compatibility with HTTP connections, and distribution of full-duplex messages in order to develop interactive apps.
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HTML5 is a markup language used to define and structure the content on web pages. It is used for modern UI website development.
Monitoring System Development


Our team developed a monitoring dashboard that allows users to:

  • track devices and their status
  • review events
  • get information about the device via intelligent alerts wherever the user is
  • view the latest events to make sure everything is okay. Meanwhile, audio and video is recorded and saved for later reviews
  • send and receive notifications for relevant events


As a result, we developed a monitoring system and continued to work on additional features to extend it. During that time, our client successfully completed the venture round and attracted investments.

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