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Software Product Discovery

In the product discovery phase, DigitalSuits experts shape the ultimate scope of your solution for its success. Our process is based on the aligned objectives of various business stakeholders, the user journey map, and thorough market research.

Professional product discovery service for your product success

Approximately 53% of businesses intend to boost their investment in IT projects this year. However, a deficiency in well-defined IT project objectives often leads to a 70% failure rate. Prior to engaging a software development team, ensure you possess a clear vision of your project's desired outcome. Commencing with software discovery is an excellent way to initiate this process.

Before transforming your idea into a tangible product, our project discovery firm conducts meticulous analysis and validation. Leverage our software product discovery services to diminish risks, enhance efficiency, cut development costs, and eliminate the need for rework.

Additionally, the team thoroughly validates assumptions and hypotheses from diverse perspectives, including business analysis, UX, and IT architecture. Furthermore, it generates all the necessary deliverables to seamlessly initiate the implementation phase.

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Product discovery services from idea to strategy

Develop a product from scratch

We enable you to gain insight into your upcoming project, assess risks, align your business goals with user needs, and create optimal experiences to fulfill them.

Examine your software

Engaging in product discovery phases usually assists in identifying outdated elements within your system, recognizing the complete potential of the upgrade, and strategizing the process for an optimal outcome.

Perform tech assessment

Our product discovery service is capable of conducting a comprehensive independent audit of your existing systems prior to acquisitions, mergers, or significant technological changes within your company.

Extend your current system

Our experts provide software discovery to examine the existing condition of the system, establish the transformation scope, identify potential bottlenecks and risks, and devise strategies to mitigate them.

Why is the software product discovery phase essential for your business?

The path forward on your software development may seem unclear, necessitating not only creativity but also a strategic approach:

  • You possess a concept for a product but lack the knowledge on how to bring it into reality.
  • You require analytical expertise to clearly outline all the necessary product requirements.
  • You desire a well-planned budget for your project.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the choice of the tech stack for your project.
  • Guidance on team composition is needed.
  • There is a lack of a development plan that will help you eliminate all potential risks.

The expert DigitalSuits team provides software product discovery services and conducts a thorough exploration of business requirements. As a result, you get shaping of the final product by identifying crucial features, creating user stories, anticipating potential technical challenges, and evaluating the feasibility of the project. The software discovery phase contributes to establishing a shared understanding of the project's goals and objectives, making the success of the project inevitable.

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DigitalSuits takes a unique and effective approach to product discovery

Objective analysis

We furnish you with data, facts, and research rather than personal opinions. Our strategy for product discovery software is based on conducting unbiased assessments when venturing into software development.

Vision for the future

During the software product discovery, we take into consideration your specific objectives and cultivate the enduring impact of your product. We care that you do not invest in a solution that will become obsolete tomorrow.

Business interests first

Our product discovery recommendations stem from real-life instances of successful project deliveries. We analyze potential challenges to prevent critical issues and conserve business resources.

Future-focused approach

We take into account your specific goals in product discovery software, ensuring the enduring impact of your product. There's no need to invest in a solution that will lose relevance tomorrow.

Real-world validated product discovery process

Defining challenges

Before delving into idea validation, we pause to articulate the problem statement and establish the goals for your product. Our team assists in shaping your product vision and defining key performance indicators (KPIs).

Roadmap planning

In the product discovery phase, you receive professional guidance on the project's goals and the milestones required to achieve them. It turns your idea into a digital product through a step-by-step instructional process.


This is where the product discovery process can provide even greater value. We help you visualize what the actual product will look like and get a clear vision of the solution through mockups and wireframes, exploring potential features, and more.


Providing product discovery services, we consistently recommend constructing a clickable prototype to check the functionality and usability of your future product. This ensures you gain not only a vision but also a tangible user experience.

Final estimates

Last but certainly not least, the outcomes of the discovery stage are conclusive estimates that encompass essential information. This includes product management requirements as well as estimates for time, budget, and the projected scope of work.

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