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Website performance optimization for nail polish brand

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Happyglam is a small German manufacturer of safe and eco-friendly nail polish. The company’s multicultural team strongly believes that beauty goods should be easy to apply, vegan, dermatologically tested, without toxic ingredients and animal testing. They’ve implemented this philosophy into their products and worked on distributing these unique cosmetics throughout Europe.

Business needs

The client approached us when the website was almost done. However, he was unsatisfied with collaboration with the previous supplier. He needed a website in 4 languages to distribute products in Europe. Also, he would like to optimize the load score of the website page and fix the UI design.

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The website was built by using Shopify Theme Store Brooklyn, so it includes JavaScript code. It reduced page loading time . We suggested the solution of code refactoring. By removing not optimized JavaScript and unused features, we improved website load speed. The next thing was to create separate websites in a few languages and domain switch setup in one place. It allowed us to remove the third-party app Langify and speed up the website even more.


We were happy to work on this project and to know that our solution helped to achieve the client’s goals. To sum up, we refactored the website code, removed needless functionality and third-party applications, and made separate stores in a few languages available in the primary domain. Now Happyglam online store works stably at a high speed. That case showed us how important it was to find a responsible software provider, on the one hand. On the other hand, it taught us how to be ready to fix issues made by others and gain trust.

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