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Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA

Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA


OURA is a US-based company that produces textiles: headwear, air mask, skincare exfoliants, kitchen aprons. The company story and mission inspire us. They do a good thing by helping charities for children with cancer.

Business needs

OURA had a typical Shopify website that did not meet new business needs. The primary requirement was content management for detailed product descriptions, including video and photo content, SEO for effective website promotion in Search systems, and redesign to improve UI/UX. We focused on these custom features.


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Shopify Plus is a multi-channel enterprise platform. It provides custom features, checkout page management, and high-level support. This is the right choice for big e-com websites with over 10,000 transactions per minute.
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Strapi is a Headless CMS that provides API and content management system for corporate or e-commerce websites. It includes a quick setup, easy expansion, integration with AWS services, and email agents. Strapi integrates with Shopify and BigCommerce, maintaining better SEO and content management for websites.
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NodeJS is an open-source runtime environment used for traditional websites, Shopify plugins development, and back-end API services
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ReactJS/Redux is an open-source JavaScript library that helps to manage applications. It can be used with different UI layers and frameworks.
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Gatsby is a React Based Framework for website development using ReactJS. It provides great SEO optimization and dynamic content implementation.
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AWS for hosting and DevOps is the most suitable choice for small and medium-sized enterprises for its compatibility with open-source technologies. AWS provides a lot of useful services to develop and deliver an application as fast as possible.
Headless E-commerce Platform for OURA


Our proposed solution was to continue developing the current website by implementing new integrations to existing services and updating the website with new necessary features. Such kind of optimization would save our client money as there was no need to develop everything from scratch.

We developed a new website and integrated it with the old admin panel. One of the core features was using headless architecture. It means that the client could use website content on various applications keeping custom logic by API. It is a necessary feature if the business strives to sell items on marketplaces or third-party applications. The final result was an e-commerce website integrated with Shopify Plus API that operated stock, shipping, and payment service. It helped the business to use the website as a sales tool for various markets in the US and EU.

The most exciting thing awaited ahead. One of the SEO requirements was to generate website URLs in a specific way. We used a special service for a correct link generation. When the website was ready for production, we faced an issue: previous press releases had links that didn’t work. Thus, a setup of redirect was required. We came up with a solution (proxy serverless function) that automatically redirected users from old links to related new ones. It was extremely important for the business, as it is essential to get many referrals from well-known resources and keep the results from previous PR campaigns.

One more feature successfully implemented on this project was Amazon CloudFront for Frontend deploy. It allowed users to open the website pages fast. Also, that was a cost-effective solution for the client because Amazon supported the service by itself.


We delivered a new website with the vital required features on time and within budget. The client was happy as they had more opportunities to promote their website and sell more items. By implementation of SEO requirements, we empowered the OURA website position in Search Engine and it got more traffic, namely 1000 new users per day and growing.

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