The 24/7 Digital Property Assistant and Management Platform for AskPorter


AskPorter is a messaging platform that uses AI for optimization of various levels of management including property and facilities management, admin, and cost management. It helps to provide better client service and enhance client satisfaction.

Business needs

There were two major business needs: to attract investment based on the implementation of new digital solutions and to increase the clients’ average bill by internal process optimization. The idea that stands behind the digital solution is to simplify, to make it easier, and to faster solve users’ domestic issues, like water or gas leaks, waste disposal, and others. The old way to address the housing and related services’ problems required a lot of time and were managed by the phone (i.e. users didn’t have an option to request and order the service in real-time). The win-win solution for the business and users was to create a service that instantly takes orders and finds the required specialists with online status tracking.