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Pattern Brands

Providing optimization of 7 websites and 24/7 support with our Shopify retainer program for Pattern Brands

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Optimizing a retail software operations for a business intelligence platform


New York, USA

Cooperation model

Time and material / Dedicated team / Retainer

IndustryPartnership period

April 2023 – ongoing maintenance and support

Improvements plan

Discovery phase, requirements and estimation analysis, new features development, support and maintenance

Team size

Shopify developer, Project Mаnager, CTO


Shopify, Shopify Plus, Node.js, React.js, HTML, SCSS, Liquid, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Storefront API, Checkout UI Extension, Core Web Vitals Assessment

About the client

Since the company's inception in 2019, Pattern Family has stayed loyal to their passion, continued to enrich people's everyday experiences with timeless home-goods products, cultivated the pleasure of everyday activities, and made them a pleasurable adventure. Pattern Family is a group of brands with a single mission: to enhance the beauty and functionality of every home. You may find several brands and multiple products on the platform crafted to transform ordinary actions into purposeful and pleasurable rituals of daily life, including artisan-crafted home fragrances and scented candles for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

About the client Pattern Brand

About the product

Pattern Family is one of the biggest stores we’ve ever helped to improve. Among a variety of products presented on the platform are elegant furniture pieces, luxurious bedding, stylish dinnerware, innovative kitchen gadgets, decorative accents, functional organizational solutions, and eco-friendly options, all crafted to transform ordinary actions into purposeful and pleasurable rituals of daily life. Immersive design permeates every aspect, and only a headless Shopify Plus could support the top-tier functionality that Pattern Brands sought to achieve. From Miracle's luxurious bedding to Open Space's organizational prowess, Onsen's plush towels, Gir's exceptional cookware, Yield's elegant tableware, Poketo's stylish stationery, and Letterfolk's charming home decor, Pattern Brands offers a seamless blend of quality, functionality, and style to enrich every moment of your day.

About the product Pattern Brand
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Challenges overview

Pattern Brands, a successful American e-commerce business, approached us with the need to optimize performance and address various tasks focused on minimizing hurdles and streamlining the user journey across seven websites presented in the marketplace. Our Shopify retainer program appeared to be the best choice to provide appropriate support and enhancements, so by choosing the most suitable plan, we moved forward. Upon analyzing their interface and backend operations, we identified challenges that required refinement. Our team encountered several hurdles that needed to be overcome to improve the efficiency and functionality of the backend operations:

Challenges overview Pattern Brands

  • Team upscaling: As their workload increased, they needed to upscale their team to meet growing demands.

  • 24/7 support: Providing trouble-free operations for the group of websites required round-the-clock support.

  • Smooth operation during peak sales periods: During events like Black Friday or other promotional periods, Pattern Brands experienced a surge in website traffic and sales volume. This necessitated robust technical support to ensure seamless operations and prevent downtime. Proactive monitoring, quick response times, and scalability were essential to handling increased traffic loads effectively.

  • Custom app issues: They encountered issues with their custom app for product publishing, leading to data inaccuracies and UI inefficiencies.

  • Checkout optimization: We have implemented an upgrade-safe Shopify checkout option to optimize the checkout process, aiming to increase conversion rates.

Challenges overview Pattern Brands

Our solution

The DigitalSuits monthly Shopify retainer program that was proposed for our partner combines support and implementation of comprehensive solutions for all e-commerce needs. It is a great way to optimize operational efficiency by keeping stores running smoothly while saving time and money. By choosing such an option, businesses experience rapid business growth with minimal effort on their part, thanks to real-time updates and expert guidance from DigitalSuits. To address Pattern Family's challenges, we proposed and provided the strategy with several upgrades. Our custom retainer services offer on-request growth strategy meetings, comprehensive CRO audits, real-time communication, and a dedicated team of a Senior Project Manager and a Tech Lead dedicated to your account, ensuring swift issue resolution and zero downtime. As their workload expanded, they needed to scale up their team and hire additional Shopify developers from our team.

In line with the 2023 initiatives outlined by the client, we focused on several key areas:

Our solution Pattern Brands

Completing the Checkout Extensions migration to ensure compatibility and functionality beyond the deprecation of checkout.liquid.

Implementing front-end logs using the DataDog system for error handling and monitoring.

Ensuring ADA compliance for all stores except Onsen, including implementing cookie compliance and privacy measures.

Undertaking general site preparations for potential marketing campaigns and holiday sales events.

Conducting regression testing and checklist development for all sites to maintain quality standards.

One of the challenges we tackled was with a custom app used for product publishing on their site. While the app allowed scheduling product publications, it faced issues with default activities in cases of incorrect data. To resolve this, our Shopify experts upgraded the app and integrated it with Meta fields. After conducting thorough checks and implementing fixes to prevent the entry of incorrect data, we enhanced the app's UI and functionality and introduced validation measures to ensure data accuracy.

Another quite large area of focus was optimizing the Shopify checkout process to enhance conversion rates. We prioritized transferring all supported stores to a new Shopify checkout system and ensured the seamless functioning of all tracking mechanisms. As a result, after transferring several stores to the new checkout system, our client experienced significantly higher conversion rates. However, we continued to address any issues encountered during the checkout process, particularly concerning the completion of the thank-you page.

Additionally, we worked on developing a Datadog application for one of the stores to monitor and track issues and bugs in the working process, with a particular emphasis on ensuring site speed and functionality. We also initiated comprehensive testing for all sites, and now Pattern Brands' desire is completely fulfilled with thorough testing of all processes.

Our solution Pattern Brands


Our effort resulted in several improvements for Pattern Family. We can highlight several key achievements of our retainer support and maintenance realized:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Our enhancements led to significant improvements in backend operations and streamlined business processes that ensure better and more predictable business outcomes.

  • Increased conversions: We successfully optimized the Shopify checkout process for several stores by transferring to a new Shopify checkout system. Now they experience a substantial increase in conversion rates. Such an initiative made sure to enhance their overall sales performance and revenue generation.

  • Improved customer experience: Our efforts to turbocharge site speed, guarantee ADA compliance, and introduce front-end error logs have unleashed a wave of benefits: smoother navigation, lightning-fast loading times, and enhanced accessibility.

Result Pattern Brands

  • Enhanced monitoring and testing: Our team provides comprehensive testing and support around the clock. Even during peak periods of activity such as Black Friday, Pattern Family can be confident that everything runs smoothly. Additionally, our Shopify experts have been working on the app Datadog that will optimize monitoring work progress, track issues and bugs, and give greater visibility and control over their e-commerce platform.

  • Compliance and security: Through our cookie compliance and privacy measures and ensuring ADA compliance across their stores, Pattern Brands now mitigates potential legal risks and maintains a secure and compliant online presence.

Our Shopify retainer team can handle challenges of varying complexity, and with our continuous support and maintenance services, Pattern Family sites now run smoother than ever.

Result Pattern Brands
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