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The Best 15 Shopify Communities to Join

The best 15 Shopify Communities to Join

What are Shopify communities?

Joining Shopify communities makes the life of Shopify entrepreneurs easier — getting to know interesting people of different professions, exchange experience, learn proven practices, get advice in a friendly atmosphere, and stay posted with the latest e-commerce related news. As a result, it can give you much more — an opportunity to run your business better! On Shopify communities, you’re able to get plenty of insights on matters that are important for your online store.

I’ve prepared a list of the 15 top Shopify communities to join! Check out the list below.

Top Shopify and e-commerce communities

Official Shopify community

Members: 833,543

Shopify community is the largest official resource with the best online community by far. On the Shopify community forum, there are nearly 900k members and more than 1 million posts!

Shopify merchants, developers, business owners describe their issues, reach out to the whole community and get quick answers from Shopify partners, agencies and experts.

It is a great international community of digital entrepreneurs and Shopify experts that share the same passion for the Shopify platform and are eager to overcome all pitfalls and boost their projects. If you’re just about to join the community, then before posting a question use the search functions, as your question is likely to have already been asked and discussed.

Facebook communities

DROPIFY - Hacking Shopify Dropshipping

Platform: Facebook

Members: 131K

Dropify is a fast-growing community on Facebook where digital entrepreneurs share their experience in running online businesses and building e-commerce stores. This Facebook group includes 131.830 members. It is worth visiting when you are looking for insights about drop-shipping, e-commerce, marketing, or advertisement online.

Shopify Unofficial

Platform: Facebook

Members: 21.4K

Shopify Unofficial is a private Facebook group created only for Shopify users’ support and not associated with Shopify company. This group was founded for Shopify merchants to share opinions, learn new tips, and get quick answers to Shopify-related issues in a friendly tight-knit atmosphere.

Clubhouse communities

A new social media platform, Clubhouse, can be useful for Shopify sellers and entrepreneurs as well. The audio-based app, which is available only for iOS, already has Shopify groups and channels that you can join to listen to live discussions from e-commerce authorities. Here is a short-list of new Shopify groups on Clubhouse that you may like:

Women on Shopify

Platform: Clubhouse

Members: 2,700

Women on Shopify is a fast-growing community for female entrepreneurs who are either just starting their business in e-commerce or continuing this journey. This group aims to exchange experience and knowledge and feel supported within a warm atmosphere of fellow entrepreneurs.

The Shopify Club

Platform: Clubhouse

Members: 1,300

The Shopify Club is another interesting community in the Clubhouse network with nearly 1,500 participants. The group invites Shopify experts and experts from various media channels — Facebook, Instagram, and other social media for panel discussions. In this club, you can learn practical tips on how to start, run, and scale an e-commerce business.

Shopify Live

Platform: Clubhouse

Members: 454

One more Clubhouse Shopify Life Community that holds regular meetings about Shopify. The group aims to gather e-commerce merchants, developers, and agencies at these meetings.

MeetUp communities

Austin Shopify Meetup

Platform: MeetUp

Members: 1,081

Austin Shopify Meetup is a tight-knit community of Shopifiers. Shop owners, developers, and designers come together once a month to share their own digital experience and learn from others. Meetup’s talk shop includes such topics as Shopify, entrepreneurship, marketing, and e-commerce.

This is a warm and friendly community is located in Austin, Texas, but it also provides virtual coworking for entrepreneurs from other locations.

Columbus e-commerce Meetup group

Platform: MeetUp

Members: 1,066

Columbus e-commerce Meetup group is another Meetup community created for digital entrepreneurs, online retailers, Amazon sellers, brick-and-mortar sellers who are willing to start or boost their e-commerce business.

Joining this community, you can find high-profile connections and get niche insights from like-minded people.

This community focuses on educational resources and best practices for online entrepreneurs to help them succeed. It arranges Founder and Expert Series, where business owners talk about their e-commerce journey, and experts reveal their best tips and technical advice. Shopify experts answer questions about tech issues and getting started with Shopify. This meetup provides offline meetings free of charge and even provides food and drinks. Join it if you’re looking for a great place to grow and learn.

Shopify Meetup Columbus

Platform: MeetUp

Members: 1,007

This is an official Shopify Meetup group in Columbus, Ohio. This group is created as a place for all people who want to know more about Shopify or have specific issues regarding this platform. Community organizers welcome all online retailers and owners of online stores whether they are just about to start an e-commerce business or they already have a website. This community is about giving useful content about the best CMS for e-commerce and showing the bright opportunities with it.

The icing on the cake is that this community was founded by Shopify experts that live in Columbus, Ohio, which makes it a great opportunity to network with experienced people and learn from the best.

LinkedIn communities

Shopify Store Owners, Experts, and Developers

Platform: LinkedIn

Members: 4,384

Shopify Store Owners, Experts, and Developers is one of the top e-commerce communities on LinkedIn. It brings Shopify store owners, developers, and experts together. In this group, you can get technical tips and business advice from high professionals as this is a capped community with strong rules. If you’re looking for space where you can join a group of like-minded people, get new concepts and generate ideas — this is a great place to be.

Shopify Women's Network

Platform: LinkedIn

Members: 709

Shopify Women's Networkis a small Shopify women community that is created to empower women to use the platform and network with other entrepreneurs. This is a place of business ladies that are about technologies, app integrations, industry-related trends, and eager to build a strong community. There you can find answers if you sell your own products, are migrating your website from another platform, or providing services for building a successful online store.

Shopify Community

Platform: LinkedIn

Members: 8,422

It is an unofficial Shopify Community that is worth a visit for all Shopify store owners. In this LinkedIn group experts discuss e-commerce related content — the latest trends, do’s and dont’s, and advanced resources to take your business to a new high. If you’re seeking answers to a bunch of questions – how to make a great Shopify store, what are the must-have apps, what are the drawbacks of the platform that you should know about now, and much more — this place is a good one to join.

Reddit communities


Platform: Reddit

Members: 122K

Shopify Subreddit is one of the best digital spaces if you’re about Shopify and need to find quick expert answers. There you can discuss all Shopify-related matters — marketing, integrations, apps, store development. This is a strong and mature community where admins take care of the Shopify forum's policy and rules. Redditors are not allowed to promote stores or services and do advertising. Shopifiers and business owners use it – because they’re sure that they can ask any question and get a lot of insights from people from all over the world.

Review My Shopify Store

Platform: Reddit

Members: 10,100

Review My Shopify Store is an interesting subreddit community that every online store owner will find necessary to join. The point is that this group helps entrepreneurs to understand how good their online stores are. By getting reviews on their Shopify store, participants will get valuable insights and advice on how to make their website better, more attractive, and user-friendly. Redditors can ask for help in the following matters: how to drive more traffic, how to find the right developer, how to build a community around your business, and much more.

Shopify e-commerce Subreddit

Platform: Reddit

Members: 4,600

Here is another active Shopify e-commerce Subreddit with relevant e-commerce content and questions. Using this online e-commerce community, participants can ask everything that concerns them about their online store, get tips, search for mentors and advisors, find out the best ways to advertise, get answers to their technical issues.

This concludes the list of interesting e-commerce communities and the best e-commerce forums, groups, and meetups. I hope you find a suitable community for your purposes here, join it and use it to excel your business. If you still have Shopify-related questions and need advice from Shopify experts right now — contact us by filling the online form or chat with our representative on chatbot.

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