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DigitalSuits is Rated as One of the Top Custom Software Development Companies by iTRate

Top custom software development service

We're happy to announce our high rates in the iTRate list of top custom software development companies. This achievement inspires us to move forward with helping businesses reach their goals by developing outstanding software solutions. This award is a mark of recognition of our company's reliability among small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and agencies. People from various industries rated us highly as they found our team the best fit for implementing their business ideas.

What solutions we offer

  • Tailored solutions for specific industries This custom solution addresses the unique requirements of particular industries or markets, such as finance, retail, healthcare, and beyond. While working on such development products, we consider specific business objectives and craft solutions that match these objectives and bring value to a particular project. 

  • Resource management software This software optimizes, manages, and schedules your project resources. Examples include customer relationship management (CRM) and operational management tools explicitly tailored to your business and industry.

  • Technology-centric solutions If there is a core technology you use for your projects, we provide custom solutions adjusted to your tech stack. However, note that this approach requires further updates as newer technologies emerge.

  • Cross-platform development With custom software development, you can extend the variety of platforms your project can run on seamlessly and simultaneously, including desktop, mobile, and cloud-based platforms.

What methodologies we use

  • Waterfall: In project management, we rely on the traditional Waterfall methodology to handle small and medium-scale projects. This methodology's core is a sequence of linear development phases from the beginning to the end of your project.

  • Agile: We opt for the Agile methodology for startups and pioneering ventures, which involves intensive collaboration between project teams and stakeholders. The agile methodology framework consists of dynamic development phases, sprints, that ensure flexible and self-organizing collaboration.

  • Scrum: Within Agile development, we frequently adopt the Scrum framework to improve the self-management of the development teams and their adaptation to project changes.

  • DevOps: We implement the DevOps methodology in larger projects that require seamless communication and collaboration between software development and operational teams. It's an effective method for rapid and reliable deployment and innovation that automates manual tasks.

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